Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayers needed for a friend

E's best friend T is married to J *not my sister J though!*.  When they first got married (I think about 5 years ago) they found out they were pregnant a few months later but miscarried around 12 weeks.  J then got on birth control until they decided they were ready to start trying for a baby and that was last summer.  J got pregnant a few months later but a week or so after telling us they stopped by and I noticed she was smoking again and she told me she had miscarried a few days before at about 7 or 8 weeks.  Since then they have been trying but she is thinking there is a problem becuase they aren't conceiving.  Her doctor isn't willing to test her for issues though until she loses weight and quits smoking.

Her husband called me about an hour ago and told me she had just been taken into surgery.  She had some severe belly pain today and I'm not sure if she went to the doctor or ER but she either has an ectopic pregnancy or has some sort of ovarian or tubal(?) cyst that has ruptured.  In addition to the pain her abdomen was full of blood and fluid.  They're sceptical on if it is an ectopic pregnancy because she would only be about 8-10 days post ovulation so it's surprising it would be causing so much damage already.

So please pray for J that they are able to save her tube and she makes it safely through surgery.  I hope that she and T are ok and that they soon get some answers and are able to add to their family.

T is supposed to call or text when she gets out of surgery and let me know what they found out and I'll be sure to update you. 

Thanks for the prayers!

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