Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ode to the Granny Panties

I've never been a fancy pantie gal... I'd wear a thong if the bottoms required one but I rarely wear pants or a skirt that would me that necessary.  I have an entire drawer full of sexy panties that I got during my personal shower before the wedding (18 months ago) and almost everything still has tags on it.  Anyway cotton bikinis are my favorite.  Last week I decided to invest (hah) in some cheapie hanes no ride up cotton bikini briefs that are a size bigger than what I was wearing any oh my goodness they are fantastic!!!  They're still slightly big on the tush but the lack of any pressure anywhere is so fantastic!  I am so happy with them I just had to blog about it.  Moral of the story: if you wear cute undies for the sake of being cute, get over it and go get some comfy cottons! You'll love it!

Hahahaha TMI! While speaking panty talk... HOW THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KEEP "GROOMING"?!  Seriously though... I'm terrified of waxing my woohoo but I still like to keep things under control... The other day I tried to shave while in the tub and that was a no go.  Yesterday I tried again while in the shower and cannot see anything!  Not to mention my hairgrowth rate has at least doubled this is going to make for a scary situation.  Thank goodness there's no planned internal exams for a few months but I have to figure something out.  E may have to bite the bullet and help me out or I'll invest in a full length mirror maybe. ALSO- SERIOUS QUESTION HERE- Are you supposed to shave everything before labor?  Please fill me in if you know!  There are so many little questions I have about stuff that no one talks about.  One day I'll fill you in on my horror of pooping all over the bed while pushing... you know, they say push like you're constipated.  I'm going to start keeping enemas with my come 37 weeks.  Ok sorry for the gross out.

If you're still reading way to go!  Annnnnyway good news! As I have complained about it MANY times at work my current schedule was Friday-Monday.  It is being changed to Wednesday-Saturday so I will have Sundays off! I am SO excited!  I am so excited to get to start to going to church regularly now as well as getting to have a day off with E.  I have two more weekends on the old schedule and then starting the second week of September I switch.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!


  1. Sam... you are stressing WAAAAY to much.

    Anyone who works in the labour ward has seen it all from hairy ginas that are largely indistinguishable from someone's head to both bowel and urinary incontinence. If the latter two happens, you won't even know and the evidence will be cleaned up before you have a chance to get an idea. It is also THAT commmon... literally.

    Another thing, unless you're planning the easy ticket out with an epi, you will get to the transition phase of labour (the most painful) and from that point on you WILL stop caring. :-)

    P.S. My comment screening word was "pandicat" - irony? LOL!

  2. Agreed with the previous poster - you're stressing too much! ;) The least of my worries (okay, not the LEAST) is how groomed I am down there. Sure, I keep up, but it isn't exactly easy, and I'm not doing it regularly - when I feel like it. When it comes to delivery - I've heard you can do it or they do it for you?! Either way...WHO CARES? :) They've seen it all, doll! :)

  3. I'm with you, girl! My new favorite advice for friends who are ttc is going to be to start grooming without looking! It's so hard!

    But I do know that when it gets to *that* point in labor, everyone says you really don't care. Doesn't matter to me...I still need to keep things up in the meantime!

    Oh, and if/when you get to the point of outgrowing those panties, I highly recommend the bikinis (I'm an over-the-belly-girl!) from Old Navy. They're so incredibly comfy and I can't stand anything cutting me off at the belly or riding below my belly so they are my absolute dream! :)

  4. I wondered a few months ago how I would keep it neat down there, if I were pregnant, not being able to see anything. I'm glad I bit the bullet and started I just gotta get pregnant.LOL

    Oh, I love granny panties.LOL I wear them all the time, except when I wear the cute sets I have. All that room and comfort rocks big time!