Sunday, August 8, 2010

19 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 19 weeks! Technically we're 1/2 way to term since term is considered 37 weeks- WOW!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size a MANGO to a CANTALOUPE! What?!  That seems huge!  Baby should be around 10.5oz by now!

Total Weight Gain: Well, last week I was thinking 5lbs for the month but according to the home scale I'm up 8lbs from the start of pregnancy.  Sure, 8lbs for 19 weeks doesn't sound bad... until you realize it's NINE pounds in the past 5 weeks.  Ouch!  I am going to ask Dr P about it on Wednesday. It's not the "oh, I'm pregnant I can eat anything" it's "I just ate an hour ago, how is my stomach already growling again?!?!" 

Maternity Clothes: Almost exclusively.  For work we wear polo shirts and I bet  I only have about a month or two left in them.  Yesterday I wore a regular t-shirt with jeans and it was too short so I think we're sticking to maternity tops.  I think I need to go shopping this week!

Sleep: I only woke up once Thursday night and it was fantastic but the past two nights I was back to my normal waking up every few hours.  I've also started to notice that my hips are really sore when I wake up from laying on my sides.  I alternate my boppy pregnancy pillow and two king sized pillows between my knees but it's still making for restless nights.  It's fine with me though, gives me a better excuse to get a nap in!

Gender: BOY!!! We will get another ultrasound in a month to see again and as long as it's still a little guy I'll be announcing the name then.  It's not a very common name though so I will probably not be saying it on here just incase someone googles it but I will still share it with you somehow! 

Movement: Daily! Still not as much as I would like but I think now he's standing straight up.  Since the movement started it had been on my lower left, towards my hip.  Midweek it changed to the middle of my lower belly.  It is still pretty faint but each day it is a little stronger and a little more frequent!

Food Cravings: Hot fudge.  Evidently you can't really order just hot fudge so I got a 99 cent sundae from sonic last night and gave the ice cream to the dogs and ate the fudge and nuts.  I don't eat like that daily but I had been craving it since last week and I finally gave in.  I'm still eating a ton of fruit, carrots, cucumbers and rice pudding with cinnamon (it seems to keep me full for a while) as well as water with lemon!

What I Miss: This week has been really good so I'm going with NOTHING!

What I'm looking forward to:  E being able to feel a kick! I am on baby center's "plus sized and pregnant" message board and most overweight women said their spouse could feel the baby from the outside around 24 weeks so we're only a month away. Also, we have an appointment on Wednesday and I'm excited to hear his heartbeat!

Milestones: People touching my belly! I know a LOT of pregnant women don't like it but I love it!   It makes me feel like my pregnancy is obvious to them.  No strangers or anything just family, friends, and coworkers :D  


I finally ordered a camera cord from amazon.  The cord was $4.50; the shipping was $4.99.  As soon as it gets in I will have lots of pictures to share! 
Oh! I think you should all go see my wonderful friend Paige and wish her well during her two week wait.  She had two beautiful embies transferred on Friday and I cannot wait to see her BFP and follow her pregnancy!


  1. Yayyy 19 weeks!!! We went for a sonogram on friday and wow they grow so fast!! My baby is huge from the last time we saw him. Can't wait to see belly pictures =)

  2. Wow!The half way point! SO cool! I know one thing...that sundae of fudge and nuts sounds delicious.LOL

  3. Awwwe, love the bump pic!!! Congrats on 19 weeks, and doesn't a canteloupe sound huge?!? Love it!

  4. Congrats on 19 weeks! That is amazing!

  5. Congratulations on 19 weeks! It's awesome! Your bump is sooo adorable! :)