Wednesday, August 11, 2010

19 weeks 3 days!!!

Just got back from the doctor's office for our monthly checkup.  Everything was looking great.  Baby bean's heartbeat was strong at 140 and my uterus measured right on track.  I am up 5 lbs from last month- 4 total for the pregnancy.  My blood pressure was 118/68.

I had four questions for Dr P and amazingly I remembered them all and got them all answered.
1.  I keep waking up on my back.  Am I hurting the baby?!
-No, laying flat on your back is only a problem at the very end of pregnancy if you have problems with your blood pressure.  My BP and urine have been fine so he said don't worry about it... just try to sleep on my side and if I wake up on my back, roll over.

2.  Weight gain. I know I was very heavy to start with, are you worried about it? It's not that I'm eating because I can, I'm eating because I'm hungry.
-He said he was actually really happy with the fact that I have only gained 4lbs total and said even more than that would have been fine.  He said if I'm hungry I should eat, just try to make good decisions.  I will be keeping with this plan except for the fact that E and I just went to ColdStone for ice cream... It's a once a month thing!

3.  Is it safe to go to a chiropractor?  My hips and lower back are starting to get uncomfortable. I'm not to the point of needing to go yet but may need to soon.
-Yes, as long as they obvioulsy don't take any xrays, don't do any major twisting and are legitimate chiropractors.

4.  I am still terrified to have sex because of bleeding... What do I do?
-He said if I bleed then we know it's just a sensitive cervix since I haven't had bleeding since the last time we had sex (over a month ago!).  He said that if it's office hours to call them and I will come to his office and not have to go to the ER (Wahoo to no $400 bill!).  IF it's after hours but before hospital visiting hours are over and it's after this Sunday-when I'll be 20 weeks- then I go to L&D at the hospital; if it's after visiting hours I'll have to go through the ER but won't be seen, they'll just take me upstairs.  So I think this means E and I will try to have sex next Tuesday before 5pm so if there's a problem we'll just go see Dr P!  Ahh, the joys of scheduled sex (again)!!!

Next visit is scheduled for Septmeber 8th and it will be the big anatomy scan!  Four weeks after that will be the wonderfully dreaded glucose test.  I think I have one more monthly visit after that and then I get seen every two weeks until the last month.  Where is time going?!!?!

I think I am going to cancel the followup ultrasound with the peri on the 7th.  I am worried that insurance will not pay for two scans in two days and Dr P will be checking my placenta on the 8th so there's no reason really to go to the peri.


  1. Wow, this seems to be flying by for you! If I think it's going fast, I can only imagine how fast it seems to you! Glad everything is looking good for ya.

  2. I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!! When did that happen????

    Sounds like a great appointment!

  3. Yay for almost 20 weeks, doesn't 20 just sound SO awesome?!? And I'm so happy you asked about the back question, cause I totally wake up on my back throughout the night!! And its good to know I don't have to panic every time!

  4. Wow...almost 20 weeks. I was reading this post and thinking to myself - wasn't is just last month she announced she was pregnant? Now if my pregnancy could go this quickly...that would be reat! :)

  5. LMAO at timed sex! I've outrightly boycotted sex until the second trimester at least. Then I'll see how I feel! For something conceived through sex, it doesn't seem to be something that works well after it is there!

    Anyhow... did someone say almost 20 WEEKS??? Where has the time gone?? Far out!!

    So is the glucose tolerance test compulsory for you?? Or you at risk of gestation diabetes. I know over here you can decline to have it... but things are so different at your end of the world!

    Glad to hear bub is humming along! :-D


  6. GS- I don't know how "mandatory" it is but I know that they do it for every pregnancy around 28 weeks (earlier if you're high risk or showing sugar in your urine) so I've never questioned it. I have thought that they would have sugguested me to do it earlier than 28 weeks because of the PCOS and me being overweight but unless I start showing any sympotoms I guess I'm good to go-and hopefully will be the rest of the pregnancy!

  7. I'm so glad everything is going well! And yes...that knocking feeling...isn't it great?? I also have problems with waking up on my back. It freaks me out every time! But good to know I shouldn't worry...just roll onto my side and go back to sleep :)