Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update on J and MOVEMENT!!!

J is about to experience her first IUI. *Actually she just texted me saying it is done, she's just laying down for a few minutes before leaving!* This will be her 3rd medicated cycle and while her insurance covers $10,000 on fertility treatments that was quickly used up with the hsg, ultrasounds, and testing so she told the doctor she was ready to be more aggressive this time.  This cycle she did fe.mara and gonal injections.  Yesterday's ultrasound showed 1 follicle at 20, and two 17s so she did a trigger yesterday and is at the doctor's office now.  I really hope this works for her.  I want her to be pregnant so badly and I feel like (understandably) she's really starting to resent the fact that all it took for me was one round of cl.omid.  I just don't want her to resent our baby- her nephew.  She has said that if this time doesn't work they're taking a break for emotional and money reasons and will start back up in a few months.  She's a first grade teacher and all you teachers know that right now is the  perfect times to get pregnant because that makes a late april/early may due date so you'd get maternity leave PLUS all summer home with your baby.  Fingers crossed for J!

In other news- I'VE FELT BABY BEAN MOVE EVERY DAY for almost a week now!  I first realized it was really him and not gas on Monday night when E and I were going to bed.  It's very low on my left side (which makes sense because at the ultrasound last week his head was at my right hip and his legs at my left hip) and normally just a few nudges at a time but I love it! I feel him mainly at night as I'm falling asleep but also a few times during the day.  If I'm sitting and I lean over I think it squishes him because he'll normally move a lot. Yesterday was also crazy busy at work and I shouted a bad word and he kicked me the hardest I've felt yet.  I guess my little man doesn't like dirty wordies!  I know, it was probably my stress but I like the gentlman theory better!

I'm getting ready to go throw a baby shower with my BFF for her niece.  BFF has never thrown a shower by herself (she and a few girls did my bridal showers together) so I offered to help.  It's not nearly as crazy as when I threw hers by myself but even just grocery shopping for it last night made me tired!  We're having it at a church so there isn't really much setting up to do so hopefully it won't be too tiring.  E told me he'll FINALLY take me to see Eclipse tonight if I'm not to pooped!  You can count on that.


  1. Movement! That's great!! :)
    I wish J lots of luck.

  2. Hey Sam,

    As you know Clomid hasn't been the gold shiney key to success for me either. Occsionally I feel the pang when I wonder why it didn't work for me. My sister fell pregnant accidentally with my nephew the same month we started trying. As much as that hurt, it has never manifested to anything horrible or resentful towards baby R and I ADORE him. What I resent is how easily his existence came about and I don't resent my sister for that either. That frustration is about me. I really believe it will not be any different for your sister... it is not about you, or your bub... it is about the process and what she is going through to get to the end. Don't lessen your pregnancy and don't think that is devalues your own journey either. Just be aware of the reasons for what she is feeling and be patient if the odd spack attack occurs and all will be well.

    BTW, lovely to hear you are starting to feel movement!! THat must be an absolutely beautiful feeling.


  3. That is so cool about the movement. I can't wait to see how it feels one day! I can't imagine what you are feeling! :):)