Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Name Game

E and I have been set on a boys name since we first started dating.  Girls names have always been up in the air.  Once we heard it was probably a girl we have only agreed on a few.

The problem was the first name we chose is that it starts with an A and so does our last name.  Her initials would be AA and the first thing I think of is alcoholics anonymous.  I know there will be a middle initial there but still I cannot get that out of my head. 

The second name we both absolutely love.  It is very classy and I had a delivery dream two nights ago and it was her name.  We were watching the local news last night and it was talking about baby name trends and even though on the websites this name is in the 80's or 90's for most popular for 2009 it IS THE NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR NAME FOR A BABY GIRL IN DALLAS/FORT WORTH RIGHT NOW!  I don't want her having to go by a nickname or having to always go by "Name A" because there are 4 girls in her class with the same name.  When I was in school there were always at least two Ashleys or Jessicas in each class and I knew I never wanted to go with that popular of a name.

Today I brought up another name that I really liked and didn't look it up before I told it to E.  He said hands down it is his favorite and he's not budging- our baby will be named this name.  I just looked it up and it's in the top 30 for popularity last year. However I just looked it up on the Social Security Administration for the state of Texas and it isn't nearly as popular here which is obviously a reliable source so maybe it will be this name!

I just can't imagine giving her (if the ultrasound shows boy then we're all set) a name and then regretting it later.  It's forever and such a big decision!


  1. We are opposite. We've always had our girl name since when we were dating, but boys have always been up in the air. We finally settled on a boy name (first and middle), and the girl one, well, we had it already. Unless things change, we are ready! :) Good luck! Name deciding is hard!

  2. Definitely don't go with the super popular name in your area. Even if the current name is in the top 30, it's not top 30 in your area. Sounds good to me!

    Also, we have ONE boy name, and 3 girl names. We are really happy to not be having boy twins. That second boy would never have had a name.

  3. As a girl with the initials AA, I'll tell you they're not a bad initials to have!!!!

    Our girl name is #1 most popular in the US, but I love it too much not to use it. SO I'll just shorten it. Can you make the popular one into a nickname?

  4. Ok first of all I'm jealous that you and DH have even agreed on a single name! haha. My DH and I have yet to agree on any names. It's getting crazy. He wants the Jessica and Ashley and Mark and Justin names. I'm with you, I don't want our kid to have two other kids with the same name in their classrooms.