Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was right, she was wrong.

I was right- three wasted words as my mother says!  I called my primary care doctor's office this morning and they told me he was on vacation until Tuesday and my heart sunk.  I asked if I could see his partner and she said no (I started to panic) but I could see his nurse practioner!  They "squeezed" me in so I had to wait for longer than normal but I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy- funniest thing ever.  So anyway, I peed in a cup and the NP came in and told me that I had a urinary tract infection (DING DING DING!) but it was still luckily pretty mild.  I did have an increased amount of white blood cells but no blood yet so we caught it pretty early and an oral antibiotic will clear it up.  She talked to me about my pregnancy and expressed how excited she was (E goes to the same practice so they know him) for us.  She prescribed Au.gmentin and double checked in her desk reference and then again with the other doctor to make sure it was safe for pregnancy which I really appreciated and then hugged and congratulated me again.  She also said anytime I'm having problems with Dr P's nurse to call and she will see me!

So moral of the story- trust your body.

Oh and Dr P's nurse isn't even a nurse- she's a dang medical assitant.  I knew this all along but I just thought about it yesterday and it made me more mad.  I'm going to tell him on Wednesday about my frustration with her and how I was right and would have taken the wrong med for a vag infection I didn't even have and let a UTI get worse and worse.

E and I went to town to get my prescription filled (and I asked the pharmacist if it was safe for pregnancy too) and shopped a bit while waiting.  I know I said no buying until the next ultrasound but we found something and E made me get it.  If baby bean turns out to be a boy I'll give it to E's cousin's wife M (the nice one) because she found out her little bean is a girl.

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