Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby and I are both ok!

Whew! What a relief!  Let me begin with if I needed to stay in bed for 6 months for our child I would do it!

You ladies are absolutely amazing and I cannot begin to express how much your thoughts, well wishes and prayers mean to me.  It is beyond my belief how much support you have given me and I thank you so much for it.  Thank you.

We got in to see Dr P this morning at 9:15.  My blood pressure was great at 118/68.  They put me in the ultrasound room which made SO excited.  Dr P went over all of the ER ultrasound pictures, reports and blood results and started the ultrasound and kinda laughed.  He said "they told you that you have a complete previa?" and then went on to tell me that they need a new ER doctor or radiologist.  He said pretty much any pregnant woman who goes in with bleeding but a healthy baby is told she has previa and at this stage the uterus is still so small basically everyone has some previa.  He showed me baby bean first and that the heartbeat was good and strong and then went on to show us the placenta. The placenta is behind the baby- towards my back...not under the baby.  What a relief.  He said that the bleeding was probably from irritation from the UTI and E hitting the cervix during sex.  He said we can try it again and it will probably be fine but I don't think so... maybe in a month or two or eight.  I still go in next Wednesday for my normal monthly appointment for a doppler heartbeat check and uterus measurement.

So we're good to go.  I just have today and tomorrow off work to rest and then back to normal on Sunday.  He said that I have no restrictions otherwise and should expect things to continue "normally."

He went to the baby's legs and asked if the peri told us what we were having and we said girl and he said he couldn't tell because the position and it's still "too early" for the machine he was using but he then continued to say "Look at Myrtle jumping all around!" 

Once he left the room E jumped up and gave me the biggest hug.  He wouldn't tell me how concerned he was about last night but that made it very obvious.  I love him so much.

And I present to you our Baby Bean... 13 weeks 5days measuring a whopping 15 weeks!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm so relieved for you.

  2. SO happy to read that everyone is ok and that it's not previa!! I can't imagine how scary that must have been!
    That is such a cute pic of your baby!

  3. Glad it's not previa - my doctor said the same thing to my sister who had the same issue - and went in to the ER for the same reason. I think because they're not OBGYN's they just have standard answers.

  4. Good to hear!! My ob always says that er docs have no idea what they're talking about with ob stuff.

  5. So glad everything is okay!

  6. Beautiful baby, I'm so glad that everything is fine.

  7. (((SAM))) Well that is definately even better news. :-) LOL I can totally understand you wanting to go celebate until Myrtle (lol) is born. Although you can use it induce labour sometimes if you want her? to be a 2010 baby. ;-) Just sayin.....

    Rest up and enjoy! xxxx

  8. Reading this update totally made my day! And the ultrasound picture of your Baby Bean was the icing on the cake!! I'm so relieved that everything is ok. It sucks you had to go through that emotional rollercoaster but at least you know your Bean is safe and sound!

    I will continue to send my thoughts and prayers that everything continues nice and smoothly! xoxo