Wednesday, July 7, 2010

14 weeks 3 Days!!!

Appointment went great.  Dr P said that he got the full report back from the ER radiologist and there was just a tiny piece of placenta over my cervix but that's normal at this stage because the uterus is still so small there's nowhere else for it really to go.  Baby bean's heartbeat was at 149 and he said that was "a perfect little girl heart rate" haha. 4 weeks from now would be August 4th but we're going to be out of town so ::gasp:: I asked if we could push it back one week from that to August 11th.  I still cannot believe I prolonged the appointment but I know they won't see me earlier.  The good news is I'll be 19wks 4days at that appointment and 4 weeks from that is 23wks 4days which is ALMOST 24 weeks so hopefully he'll just do the big anatomy ultrasound then.

So, the place I posted the link for earlier did an ultrasound on a friend at 17 weeks and told her she was having a boy.  3 weeks later, and then again 4 weeks after that she had an ultrasound at her doctor's office both confirming GIRL.  So now I'm a bit apprehensive about using them.  Another place I've heard great things about states on their website they'll meet any other place's rate so I may use them.

I also asked him about why heavier women are more likely to have to have C-Sections because a lot of people of been posting on the message boards about it.  He said that it's because when you're big you have a lot of extra tissue almost everywhere and it will sometimes block the birth canal.  He said there's no way to tell if there will be a problem until you're in labor and to not worry because he's vaginally delivered a baby to a lady who was over 400lbs.

Now for your entertainment- last night's dream. It was Real Housewives of NYC wrapped into House.  I was Bethenny's matron of honor at her wedding and then somehow I ended up at the hospital and we all had scarlet fever and they needed to do something to my brain.  Luckily E's alarm clock went of so my brain was left intact.  I also had a dream that he and I had a major fight and I had to ask him 3 or 4 times about if we were fighting or not because it was so vivid!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything is where it should be! :)

    Oh and there's an award for you at my blog!