Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update on J and MOVEMENT!!!

J is about to experience her first IUI. *Actually she just texted me saying it is done, she's just laying down for a few minutes before leaving!* This will be her 3rd medicated cycle and while her insurance covers $10,000 on fertility treatments that was quickly used up with the hsg, ultrasounds, and testing so she told the doctor she was ready to be more aggressive this time.  This cycle she did fe.mara and gonal injections.  Yesterday's ultrasound showed 1 follicle at 20, and two 17s so she did a trigger yesterday and is at the doctor's office now.  I really hope this works for her.  I want her to be pregnant so badly and I feel like (understandably) she's really starting to resent the fact that all it took for me was one round of cl.omid.  I just don't want her to resent our baby- her nephew.  She has said that if this time doesn't work they're taking a break for emotional and money reasons and will start back up in a few months.  She's a first grade teacher and all you teachers know that right now is the  perfect times to get pregnant because that makes a late april/early may due date so you'd get maternity leave PLUS all summer home with your baby.  Fingers crossed for J!

In other news- I'VE FELT BABY BEAN MOVE EVERY DAY for almost a week now!  I first realized it was really him and not gas on Monday night when E and I were going to bed.  It's very low on my left side (which makes sense because at the ultrasound last week his head was at my right hip and his legs at my left hip) and normally just a few nudges at a time but I love it! I feel him mainly at night as I'm falling asleep but also a few times during the day.  If I'm sitting and I lean over I think it squishes him because he'll normally move a lot. Yesterday was also crazy busy at work and I shouted a bad word and he kicked me the hardest I've felt yet.  I guess my little man doesn't like dirty wordies!  I know, it was probably my stress but I like the gentlman theory better!

I'm getting ready to go throw a baby shower with my BFF for her niece.  BFF has never thrown a shower by herself (she and a few girls did my bridal showers together) so I offered to help.  It's not nearly as crazy as when I threw hers by myself but even just grocery shopping for it last night made me tired!  We're having it at a church so there isn't really much setting up to do so hopefully it won't be too tiring.  E told me he'll FINALLY take me to see Eclipse tonight if I'm not to pooped!  You can count on that.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Shopping!

So I had a great weekend off (even better that I went to work yesterday and saw on my time sheet that they were days off WITH PAY without having to use any of my comp/sick/holiday time!) and E and I went shopping for baby on Sunday.  It was mainly supposed to be baby looking but we saw some great deals on clothes that we couldn't pass up.

First we went to Buy Buy Baby. The store is set up just like Bed Bath and Beyond and you can actually use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons there on SOME of the items (none of the big stuff though like furniture, clothes or diapers) so that was neat.  The strollers are all out so you can try them out and we were still pretty sure we wanted the Chicco Cortina travel system because it was our favorite out of everything they had and it gets good reviews.  The two complaints on it are #1 the carrier does not fit in a grocery cart.  I know it's a safety thing but I have never heard of problems with carriers in carts and I can't imagine trying to do a week's worth of grocery shopping with either the carrier taking up most of the main basket or pushing a grocery cart while pulling a stroller.  The other gripe on it is that tall/long babies out grow the seat VERY quickly.  There's no way to tell if our child will be long but I'm 5'9 and E is 6'0 so chances are he will be.  Also, it's VERY heavy.

We then went to Babies R Us. They had a few different strollers and we saw a Baby Trend stroller that wasn't at Buy Buy Baby or the store I looked at a few weeks ago.  The stroller is a 3 wheel jogging type but it actually is so much easier to steer.  It is so much lighter (the stroller and the carrier) and it's really easy to fold up and reopen.  When I watched W his travel system was Baby Trend (although not this style) and I really liked his carrier.  The color is a little different than how it shows up in this picture- ITS BRIGHT GREEN but E loves it and normally he doesn't speak his mind on things and he told me that he wanted this one- for sure.  So our mind is made up.  Unfortunately it's a new style so there aren't many reviews on it but the other Baby Trend systems have great reviews.


We also found the pack and play and swing we want.  They're by Graco and the pattern is Laguna.  I was going to do pictures but am a bit too lazy right now.  I had said I want gender neutral on all baby gear that way we can use it for all of our children regardless of boy or girl and the travel system will work but I couldn't find a pack and play I really liked other than this one.  Then I thought it doesn't matter what color it is... it and the swing will stay in our house so who cares!

On our way home (after stopping at Jamba Juice for smoothies!) we went to a large outlet mall.  First we went to The Children's Place.  Everything we bought was either on sale for $1.99 or $2.99!  I bought a few things for E's cousin's baby but we spent $33 dollars.  I calculated the cost based on the tags and had we spent full price on everything, without tax it would have been $136.50 for everything!!!

We then went to Carter's.  Everything was an additional  20% off from the ticketed price.  E picked out most everything and got bigger sizes because he said everyone will be buying us tiny stuff but I got a newborn and a 3 month sleeper.  Each item was originally $9-$14 a piece.  We spent $43!  Without tax it would have been $149 had we paid ticket price!

The newborn sleeper on the bottom right says "Snugglesaurus" and look at the feet! THERE ARE DINO TOES!!!

Sorry for picture quality... I have an Otterbox on my iPhone and it makes the not so good picture quality even worse.  One day soon I'll give up on my camera cord reappearing and buy a new one.

I know we shouldn't buy many things now because we will get a lot at the shower but E was really into it and I couldn't resist the sales.  I told him we're done buying for a while and he is absolutely fine with that!

I am still worried that at the 24 week ultrasound they're going to tell us girl again.  I would still be thrilled to death with a little girl but we just bought all of that and have our nursery bedding down to two choices (that will be a different post on a different day) and have the name all but in stone.  I have looked at a lot of boy/girl ultrasounds and don't see it switching but I still wonder. 

Once we have our next ultrasound at 24 weeks- well I'm going to the Peri to check on my placenta again at 23 wks 2days- we will be registering.  I never thought I'd say this but time is really speeding up!  I used to think my second trimester would never come and now here we are almost halfway through my pregnancy.  17 weeks!

I am still so nervous something is going to happen to him and this pregnancy isn't going to make it to term but I am trying to get over that. 

OH, AND I AM ALMOST POSITIVE I FELT HIM MOVING LAST NIGHT!!!  E and I had just layed down and I felt a LOT of fluttering.  I know it wasn't gas so it had to be him! I cannot wait for it to get more often and stronger!

***They called yesterday with the results from the second part of my first trimester screening and based on my blood the chance for Downs or Trisomy 18 are 1:10,000 and chance for a spinal tube defect is 1:13,000.  The Jewish screening should be back by mid next week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

17 weeks!!! *And first belly pic*

How Far Along: 17 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of an ONION to a SWEET POTATO!!! At the ultrasound last week our little man was measuring 6in long and 6oz!

Total Weight Gain: I'm thinking +1 or 2 but our scale is so worthless.  It's like the biggest loser scale these days.  You step on and it goes up and down and up and down.  It's still ending up the same amount I've been at this whole time but based on how much I've been eating I'm sure I've gained a few pounds.
Maternity Clothes: My mother in law bought me a pair of maternity shorts and they are SO much better than last year's "too big" shorts that are no longer too big in the waist.  As for those shirts I bought last week at target- old navy had an additional 50% off clearance priced items last week so I got 6 shirts, a pair of sweat pants, a dress, and some baby clothes for a friend for $30.  Needless to say I took back the target shirts. I also bought a gorgeous dress yesterday that was marked down from 90 to 27 for my shower even though it's months away

Sleep: Waking up 2 or 3 times to go to the bathroom.  I cannot lay on my right side for long because my ovary cramps really bad so I try to spend all night on my left side but keep waking up on my back.  If I do wake up still on my side my arm is normally asleep.

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!!!! I'm really nervous they'll say girl at the 24 week ultrasound just because we've already switched once but I think the ultrasound speaks for itself.

Movement: I realllllllly hope I'll feel him moving this week.  Both Dr P and the peri said it will be more like 20 weeks but I know quite a few people due around me and they're already feeling their baby move.

Food Cravings: I had a Wetzel Dog yesterday and it was wonderful!  It's from a pretzel shop in a mall that's about 45 minutes away and it's a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel.  I know, so healthy but I couldn't resist.  I also have been craving Wing Stop like crazy but ours is no longer in town so no such luck.  There's one about 30 minutes away and I have seriously thought about driving down there for their french fries dipped in ranch and lemon pepper and hot wings!!!

What I Miss: Sex still.  We might try the day before my next visit

What I'm looking forward to: My belly getting bigger and feeling my little guy move!

Milestones: Finding out the sex! Also someone other than family touched my belly for the first time so that's got to mean I'm showing a little bit- right!?

Here's my 17 week "belly bump." I still think I look fat but people swear I'm showing so I'll let you be the judge of it.  Lovely iPhone quality because I have yet to find my cord or buy a new one.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Only 163 more days until maternity leave (or less)

I cannot stand by job.  I like what I do but not who I do it for.  I've been with this department for a little over a year and a half (have been dispatching for over 4 years) and have been burnt out basically since I got there.  With it being a governmental agency there are so many rules and chain of command and a whole lot of nonsense.  Our actual office is inside the county jail and they're currently remodeling.  Today there was a very strong paint odor and one of my coworkers said I needed to ask what kind and make sure it was ok for baby.  From everything I've read, latex paint is fine; oil based and obviously lead are not.  We asked and surprise surprise they were using oil based.  I had already been there for 6 hours when we found out and was starting to get a bad headache and lightheaded so I told my supervisor I needed to know if I would be penalized for leaving what was a hazardous working environment... she calls her supervisor (remember chain of command) who says I can go home but have to use sick leave!  I called HR and they said that in a "normal" position you would not have to use personal time to leave a hazardous work environment and the employeer would have to pay you because you were not leavin by choice but since we are a governmental agency under an elected official the rules didn't apply.  This was when I started crying.  I didn't want to do anything to hurt the baby but I didn't want to have to use all my time off in case I need it later in pregnancy!  After my boss saw my reaction she went to the assistant cheif (3rd from the top) who told her the same thing... evidently he talked to the Sheriff (#1) afterwards and called her back saying that I was to go home for 2 days until the painting was done and the ventilation returned.  I have yet to find out if I have to use sick leave or not but I was so ready to leave I grabbed my stuff and ran.

I've been having some dull cramping tonight but I'm hoping it's just round ligament or nerves.  Please baby be okay.  I did read that most of the problems from paint or other toxins mainly only happen during the first trimester but if it was bad enough to make me feel sick what would it do to the baby?!  Of course I think of the worse case.  I hope I'm wrong and everything with baby (and me) is ok.

I am NOT going to be working there after baby comes and have thought about leaving sooner but the insurance there is really good and the longer I work there (it's good money) the more we can save and the longer I can stay at home full time after baby without having to get a part time job.  If it comes to the point where it causes too much stress or anything else I will be leaving.

Thanks for listening to my rant!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

95% chance girl...

Changed to 99.9% sure BOY!!!

Today was my follow up blood draw for my first trimester screening.  Cystic Fybrosis, Fragile X, and the other one (it was 4 letters) came back negative so I will not have to be retested for those for any of our next babies.  My Downs chance is 1 in 240.  I was alarmed by that but she said you aren't considered abnormal or high risk unless you are 1 in 50 or less.  Trisomy 18 is 1 in 1000 or 1 in 10000 I can't remember for sure. 

So as the nurse was taking my blood (it will tell me again what my chances are for Downs and Trisomy 18 as well as doing the Jewish panel because my father is Jewish) she asked if there had been any changes since last visit.  Remember, this is not my OB, it's a perinatoligst's office because my doctor doesn't do the NT ultrasound.  I told her about the bleeding and ER and how the ER said it was complete previa but the follow up ultrasound the next day showed it was fine but I was still having a lot of anxeity worrying about it.  She then plain as day said "Well would you like an ultrasound today?!" WHAT?!?! OF COURSE I WOULD!!!  I asked her if it would be covered by insurance and she said yes and if for some reason they didn't cover it at first to appeal it and say it was a follow up to the bleeding. 

E didn't come with me because I told him it would be blood only and he didn't need to come.  Luckily he was getting off work and he only works about 10 minutes away from this doctor's office.  The nurse said it would probably be a little while since I wasn't on the schedule but she would make a DVD of the ultrasound just incase he didn't make it in time!!!  E got there and about 5 minutes later the tech came in.  She told me that my placenta is low lying but it isn't touching any part of my cervix.  She measured baby and spent a lot of time showing us each part of the baby but baby wouldn't stay still for pictures so none of them turned out too great.  We told her that the doctor had said 95% sure girl but that was at 12 weeks and she went to the legs.  Baby was sitting firmly indian style and wouldn't budge!  She said that when the doctor came in he'd push a little harder and try to get baby to move.

Baby measured at 16 wks 4 days (we're 16 wks 2 days) and the heartbeat was 150.

The doctor came in (a different one than what we saw last time) and spent a lot of time on my placenta.  There were these pockets on it and he said they call them stretch marks.  The way he explained them is that they're looser tissue and blood will pool in them.  Most likely one had burst and that's what caused the bleeding.  He said that they are fairly common and should not have any effect on the baby or its growth but would like to do another ultrasound in 6-8 weeks!!!  He went down to baby's legs and while they were no longer crossed, baby was kneeling against my back as if praying.  He was able to get baby to move and told us to get ready because he was about to have it in view.  He froze the frame and I kept thinking that I didn't see "three lines"... he then said, there's the penis and typed BOY on the screen!!! E said "WHAT?!?!" and the tech bursted out laughing and said she knew we didnt' realize it was a boy! 

At 12 weeks the boy/girl parts are still so underdeveloped it is so hard for anyone to tell and that's why it looked like girl.  They said we can go out and buy all we want now because they don't see it changing!  I'm still worried at 24 week anatomy scan they'll say girl! 

So now we are NOT going to do the 3D scan since we already found out.  I called Dr P's office and left a message saying why they did the ultrasound- my anexity- so they won't be confused when they get the ultrasound report.  The only thing is the peri made my follow up for in 7 weeks which is right when I'll be going in for my 24 week scan with Dr P.  I'm not going to turn down 2 ultrasounds in a week though!!!

Straight on view of baby!

Profile- head on right, ribs and chest on left

Sweet wittle arm, hand ,and fingers!

BOY PARTS!!!! Bottom on left, leg on top, boy parts, leg on bottom!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

16 weeks!

How Far Along: 16 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of an AVOCADO to an ONION! Over 5 inches and nearing 6 ounces.  Wahoo, grow baby, grow!

Total Weight Gain: I've given up on the home scale. I'm always within a pound or two (plus or minus) from the last time I weighed and it's always heavier than the doctor's scale.  I'm eating like crazy though so it will not surprise me in the least if I have gained a few pounds when we go in for our 19 week visit.

Maternity Clothes: Yes please!  They are so much more comfortable although my "too big" shorts from last year are still fitting nicely.  I bought some plain t-shirts from target and I'm going to have cute phrases sewn onto them like "expecting" or "bun in the oven"...yes, I'm one of those people.

Sleep: Still waking up on average 3 times a night.  I don't understand where it's coming from but I pee more than I ever have in my life!  I am starting to get nervous though because I keep waking up on my back and not my sides.  I fall asleep on my side and I guess I can't really control the rest.

Gender: We decided that we ARE going to do the 3D gender scan and I'm going to schedule it for July 29th!  I will be 18wks 4days so hopefully baby will let us know boy or girl for sure!

Movement: I have thought I have felt something a few times this week but am still thinking it's gas. We are getting close though!

Food Cravings: Pretty much anything.  I am constantly hungry.  I will eat (although it is normally a small amount) and then my stomach will growl an hour later.  I am trying my best to snack healthy but when you eat all day there's only so much healthy food in the house!

What I Miss: Sex. It has been since our ER scare on the 1st and even though Dr P said it would be fine and I probably wouldn't bleed I am still terrified.  Poor E.  I told him this is good practice for after the baby when nothing is allowed for 6 weeks.  I figure we may take the leap one day during office hours so I can go up to Dr P's office if there is a problem rather than having to deal with the ER again.

What I'm looking forward to: WE FIND OUT WHAT WE'RE HAVING IN 11 DAYS!!!

Milestones- My bump! I was going to post a picture today and guess what-still no camera cord. I suppose I'll buy one on ebay.  It's not so much that I'm "showing" but I can no longer suck in so now my lower tummy is rounded- even more so with maternity clothes on!  I also have discovered round ligament pain.  At least I think that's what it is.  I'm having a constant dull ache and I think that's what it has to be.  It's not so dull when I go from sitting to standing!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Name Game

E and I have been set on a boys name since we first started dating.  Girls names have always been up in the air.  Once we heard it was probably a girl we have only agreed on a few.

The problem was the first name we chose is that it starts with an A and so does our last name.  Her initials would be AA and the first thing I think of is alcoholics anonymous.  I know there will be a middle initial there but still I cannot get that out of my head. 

The second name we both absolutely love.  It is very classy and I had a delivery dream two nights ago and it was her name.  We were watching the local news last night and it was talking about baby name trends and even though on the websites this name is in the 80's or 90's for most popular for 2009 it IS THE NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR NAME FOR A BABY GIRL IN DALLAS/FORT WORTH RIGHT NOW!  I don't want her having to go by a nickname or having to always go by "Name A" because there are 4 girls in her class with the same name.  When I was in school there were always at least two Ashleys or Jessicas in each class and I knew I never wanted to go with that popular of a name.

Today I brought up another name that I really liked and didn't look it up before I told it to E.  He said hands down it is his favorite and he's not budging- our baby will be named this name.  I just looked it up and it's in the top 30 for popularity last year. However I just looked it up on the Social Security Administration for the state of Texas and it isn't nearly as popular here which is obviously a reliable source so maybe it will be this name!

I just can't imagine giving her (if the ultrasound shows boy then we're all set) a name and then regretting it later.  It's forever and such a big decision!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

15 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 15 weeks!
How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of an ORANGE to an AVOCADO! I swear that these people don't know their fruit because some of this seems way out of order to me.  Regardless, we're looking at 4 1/2in and 3.5oz!!!

Total Weight Gain: I think going to the doctor in the morning is better. I had "gained" 2lbs since last Friday but I think it was just because I had eated two meals already whereas on Friday I had only eaten once.  I'm still -1 for the pregnancy gain.

Maternity Clothes: A, I am so sorry but I'm in my jogging pants today.  They are so comfy and my maternity jeans stretch out after a day of wearing them and I didn't have time to wash them.  I need to buy another pair.

Sleep: I had one amazing night where I just woke up once but now I'm having even crazier dreams that are keeping me up.  I'm still waking up every few hours to pee but I'll take that over throwing up any day!

Gender: I'm still going with girl but will be thrilled if we get a surprise at the next appointment it changes to boy.  We find out one month from today!!!

Movement: I asked Dr P when I should expect it and he said I probably won't realize it's baby until closer to 20 weeks. I'm ready!


What I Miss: Nothing. I'm loving my baby bean and all it brings with it!

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the sex IN ONE MONTH!

Milestones- Peopl asking me about the pregnancy since everyone knows about it now.  It's neat :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My First Blogger Award!!!


Thank you so much to wonderful Coco at Wishing, Hoping, Thinking, and Praying for nominating me for my very first award!  If you don't follow her blog- you should!

The Rules for Acceptance of this Award are fairly simple:

*Thank the blogger who bestowed the Award on you.
*Sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in five (5) words.
*Pass the Award on to 10 deserving bloggers.

Only 5 words?!  Well as you know I don't really make anything short but we'll start from the first post-
TTC (I didn't want to take up 3 words), Pregnancy!, Worries, Support, and Happiness. I am so lucky to have "met" so many of you lovely ladies through the blog world.  The only thing I'd change about the award is you are ALL deserving but I guess here are my 10-some of my first blog buddies.  You ladies are ALL amazing (including those of you who aren't listed) and I love everyone's blogs!
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14 weeks 3 Days!!!

Appointment went great.  Dr P said that he got the full report back from the ER radiologist and there was just a tiny piece of placenta over my cervix but that's normal at this stage because the uterus is still so small there's nowhere else for it really to go.  Baby bean's heartbeat was at 149 and he said that was "a perfect little girl heart rate" haha. 4 weeks from now would be August 4th but we're going to be out of town so ::gasp:: I asked if we could push it back one week from that to August 11th.  I still cannot believe I prolonged the appointment but I know they won't see me earlier.  The good news is I'll be 19wks 4days at that appointment and 4 weeks from that is 23wks 4days which is ALMOST 24 weeks so hopefully he'll just do the big anatomy ultrasound then.

So, the place I posted the link for earlier did an ultrasound on a friend at 17 weeks and told her she was having a boy.  3 weeks later, and then again 4 weeks after that she had an ultrasound at her doctor's office both confirming GIRL.  So now I'm a bit apprehensive about using them.  Another place I've heard great things about states on their website they'll meet any other place's rate so I may use them.

I also asked him about why heavier women are more likely to have to have C-Sections because a lot of people of been posting on the message boards about it.  He said that it's because when you're big you have a lot of extra tissue almost everywhere and it will sometimes block the birth canal.  He said there's no way to tell if there will be a problem until you're in labor and to not worry because he's vaginally delivered a baby to a lady who was over 400lbs.

Now for your entertainment- last night's dream. It was Real Housewives of NYC wrapped into House.  I was Bethenny's matron of honor at her wedding and then somehow I ended up at the hospital and we all had scarlet fever and they needed to do something to my brain.  Luckily E's alarm clock went of so my brain was left intact.  I also had a dream that he and I had a major fight and I had to ask him 3 or 4 times about if we were fighting or not because it was so vivid!

To 3D or not...

Dr P does the big anatomy scan at 24 weeks.  Straight up- that's too long for me to wait to find out boy or girl for sure.  Those of you that wait until birth to find out are so much more patient than I could ever imagine!  Anyway, he offers a "sneek peek" at 18-20 weeks where you pay $100 out of pocket (since it isn't medically necessary) and go in for the ultrasound and he goes straight to the legs, says boy or girl and prints a picture and you're on your way.  Yesterday a lady posted this link for 3D/4D Ultrasound on the January babycenter message board.

For $75- It is a 15 minute long ultrasound, they determine gender, give you 4 pictures (2 black and white, 2 3D/4D), and you can get a video of the ultrasound or a CD of still pictures for $25 or $40 for both.

So basically a whole lot more bang for your buck.  They'll do it as early as 15 weeks but I think I'd still wait until close 18 weeks.  Actually I'd like to do it Thursday July 29th so I'd be 17wks 4days (we're going out of town the next week) to make sure we get a good chance of seeing it.  The only thing that's keeping me for signing up is I'm worried since they're not a doctor it will be wrong but especially with 3D I don't see how you could be wrong...

Input please!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Aww and update on J

Eric brought home the craddle/bassinet that he slept in 28 years ago.  His brother slept in it 26 years ago and his cousin 14 years ago.  It's pretty neat because he was 14 when he cousin was born and she will be 14 when our baby is born.  Anyway, it was full of pink baby gifts so I HOPE that it's still a little girl otherwise we may have to regift!  I would LOVE to put a picture up but I still cannot find my camera cord.  I think I'll go ahead and order one online tomorrow.  They're only a few dollars so it's no big deal but I'm sure I'll find my cord a few hours after buying a new one.  It has a long white lacy skirt around it that I may change but I haven't decided yet.  If I get bedding made I'll probably go ahead and get a matching insert for it.

So J did femera and the two shots and went in for another ultrasound on Friday and she had an 18, 2 at 17,a 16, a 15 and a 9.  They called that afternoon saying her levels weren't ready (not sure what levels- I don't think they told her either) and wanted her to do one more shot that night and then trigger the next night.  She triggered last night and woke up this morning with a very uncomfortable stomach.  From what I have read I'm pretty sure she has some case of OHSS.  She said her stomach is so bloated and puffy it hurts to bend over and she has a low grade fever.  She called the RE but never got a call back.  I told her to go to the ER but she swears it isn't bad enough.  We will see what happens.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

14 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 14 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a LEMON to an ORANGE!  Not those huge ones that don't have seeds- but the normal ones :)  OUR baby is probably bigger since s/he's measuring over a week ahead but we'll stick to the average.

Total Weight Gain: Well at Dr P's office I was down 3.8 lbs from last month but I had previously gained .6lbs so I guess -3.2 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Unfortunately the bag full of maternity clothes I was given is full of shirts that are already almost too short but I'm still enjoying them.  I will have to shop for new ones as soon as the bump expands.

Sleep: I don't know if it was the exhaustion from the ER or if the antibiotics are kicking in but I slept for 4 hours at a time on Thursday and Friday night but last night I was back to waking up every 2 hours or so to go to the bathroom. Oh well, I'm really good and navigating in the dark now!

Gender: Dr P called baby MYRTLE so I'm still going with girl.  Baby bean, if you're a boy I'm sorry I keep referring to you as "she" or "her."

Movement: Once again, the ultrasound showed TONS of movement but I'm still not feeling anything

Food Cravings: Yesterday I was on facebook and there was an advertisement for donuts and poor E drove to the donut shop in the rain to get me one.  I couldn't help it.  I am still loving fruit- the more jucy the better!  This week has been nectarines, raspberries and watermelon!

What I Miss: Having nothing on the TP when I wipe but it's ALMOST all gone

What I'm looking forward to: Getting to hear our bean's heartbeat on Wednesday.

Milestones- I guess our first (and hopefully only) frantic trip to the ER.  Thankfully everything was fine but still.  I hope that's the last time we go!

Are you kidding me moment-  I COMPLTELY forgot to share this... E and I were walking through Target and saw these near the breast pumps.  Are you serious?!?! Maybe it's because I'm not a drinker but E enjoys his adult beverages and even he thought this was crazy!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby and I are both ok!

Whew! What a relief!  Let me begin with if I needed to stay in bed for 6 months for our child I would do it!

You ladies are absolutely amazing and I cannot begin to express how much your thoughts, well wishes and prayers mean to me.  It is beyond my belief how much support you have given me and I thank you so much for it.  Thank you.

We got in to see Dr P this morning at 9:15.  My blood pressure was great at 118/68.  They put me in the ultrasound room which made SO excited.  Dr P went over all of the ER ultrasound pictures, reports and blood results and started the ultrasound and kinda laughed.  He said "they told you that you have a complete previa?" and then went on to tell me that they need a new ER doctor or radiologist.  He said pretty much any pregnant woman who goes in with bleeding but a healthy baby is told she has previa and at this stage the uterus is still so small basically everyone has some previa.  He showed me baby bean first and that the heartbeat was good and strong and then went on to show us the placenta. The placenta is behind the baby- towards my back...not under the baby.  What a relief.  He said that the bleeding was probably from irritation from the UTI and E hitting the cervix during sex.  He said we can try it again and it will probably be fine but I don't think so... maybe in a month or two or eight.  I still go in next Wednesday for my normal monthly appointment for a doppler heartbeat check and uterus measurement.

So we're good to go.  I just have today and tomorrow off work to rest and then back to normal on Sunday.  He said that I have no restrictions otherwise and should expect things to continue "normally."

He went to the baby's legs and asked if the peri told us what we were having and we said girl and he said he couldn't tell because the position and it's still "too early" for the machine he was using but he then continued to say "Look at Myrtle jumping all around!" 

Once he left the room E jumped up and gave me the biggest hug.  He wouldn't tell me how concerned he was about last night but that made it very obvious.  I love him so much.

And I present to you our Baby Bean... 13 weeks 5days measuring a whopping 15 weeks!

Baby Bean is ok

After 5 hours we are finally home.  The short version- baby bean is fine right now measuring at 14wks 6days and heartrate of 156.  I have a complete placenta previa and am considered high risk from here on out.

So we got to the ER and after they checked me in I needed to pee and they told me to go ahead and pee in a cup and there was a clot.  Not like a period clot- but still a clot.  Once they took me back we had a graduate nurse who stuck me twice and still didn't hit a vein and they finally got blood work after a different nurse came in and tried.  Radiology came and got me for an ultrasound and the tech told me he wasn't able to tell me anything- good or bad!  The only thing he said during the scan was "how far along are you SUPPOSED to be?" so I instantly freaked thinking supposed to be rather than am which means baby is gone.  The ultrasound took quite some time and I could tell he also did my ovaries and measured a LOT but I couldn't read his face at all.  After I got back to the room the doctor finally came in and told me that the baby was just fine and measured 14wks 6days and the heartrate was good at 156 beats per minute.  He said that I have a COMPLETE placenta previa and that the placenta is completely covering the entire opening to my cervix.  While most placentas grow towards the top of the uterus mine decided it'd go right to the very bottom.  He said I will have to be on complete pelvic rest- absolutely no sex or vaginal exams and no heavy lifting.  In some cases the placenta will migrate higher in the uterus but in cases as severe as mine they normally don't move much if any.  I may have to go on bedrest and I will have to have a c-section and baby bean may have to come a little early but should be ok.  I will stay on bedrest for the next 6 months if it will get me a healthy baby!

I am off work until at least Sunday and I call Dr P at 8am in the morning.  I will not speak with stupid medical assistant-  I am just going to speak with the super sweet receptionist and let her know that I was in the ER and have been diagnosed with complete placenta previa and that I also have a UTI and need to see Dr P ASAP. 

Thank you so much for all of the thoughts and prayers... keep them coming that we have no further complications! 

I will update as soon as I know further!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So I thought since it wasn't a vaginal infection and just a UTI it'd be safe to have sex.  We just did and there was red blood on E when he pulled out.  I wiped and there was red blood.  I took a shower and there is still red blood.  I don't think it's flowing but it's still there.  I pray I just tore something. I hope to God I didn't just kill my baby. 

Please pray.

We're headed to the hospital now.  I don't have the blogger app on my phone but I will update with comments on this post while we are there as soon as we know anything.

Please be okay baby bean.

I was right, she was wrong.

I was right- three wasted words as my mother says!  I called my primary care doctor's office this morning and they told me he was on vacation until Tuesday and my heart sunk.  I asked if I could see his partner and she said no (I started to panic) but I could see his nurse practioner!  They "squeezed" me in so I had to wait for longer than normal but I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy- funniest thing ever.  So anyway, I peed in a cup and the NP came in and told me that I had a urinary tract infection (DING DING DING!) but it was still luckily pretty mild.  I did have an increased amount of white blood cells but no blood yet so we caught it pretty early and an oral antibiotic will clear it up.  She talked to me about my pregnancy and expressed how excited she was (E goes to the same practice so they know him) for us.  She prescribed Au.gmentin and double checked in her desk reference and then again with the other doctor to make sure it was safe for pregnancy which I really appreciated and then hugged and congratulated me again.  She also said anytime I'm having problems with Dr P's nurse to call and she will see me!

So moral of the story- trust your body.

Oh and Dr P's nurse isn't even a nurse- she's a dang medical assitant.  I knew this all along but I just thought about it yesterday and it made me more mad.  I'm going to tell him on Wednesday about my frustration with her and how I was right and would have taken the wrong med for a vag infection I didn't even have and let a UTI get worse and worse.

E and I went to town to get my prescription filled (and I asked the pharmacist if it was safe for pregnancy too) and shopped a bit while waiting.  I know I said no buying until the next ultrasound but we found something and E made me get it.  If baby bean turns out to be a boy I'll give it to E's cousin's wife M (the nice one) because she found out her little bean is a girl.