Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a day...

and it isn't even noon yet. 

I have gotten into this REALLY bad habit of checking my phone when I wake up for one of my many pee breaks overnight because I can't go straight back to sleep and early this morning I have a facebook email saying I have a comment on my picture (of baby bean at 6wks) that says "Can't wait!!! :) We're planning on being preggo by the end of summer!"  I got so MAD!  Well to tell you the truth dear friend, we were planning on being preggo about 8 months ago and it didn't happen but since your first child was a "Whoops! I'm pregnant, let's get married!" I'm sure you will be able to easily plan this one.  I know that I don't have much room to talk because we got pregnant after only 6 months of trying but I don't see how people can be so blind to the fact that sometimes it takes time!

In other good news facebook related, the response to me "coming out" as pregnant was amazing!  I got a few "what?!?! you're pregnant? how'd you keep a secret so long!" and a lot of sweet well wishes telling me I'm meant to be a mom.  I also got a message from a friend from high school asking if I would share how long it took for us to get pregnant.  I have not ever mentioned our struggles on facebook but I think it has been pretty obvious I have been ready for quite some time.  Anyway, she said she and her husband haven't used birth control since April '09 and still aren't pregnant.  She is going to a dr this month though to hopefully get some answers.  I'm glad she messaged me because now hopefully I can give her some extra support as she starts her journey.

AND LASTLY- UGGGGGGGH! We keep our air set on 74 during the day and 72 while we're sleeping.  I woke up to pee and had already kicked the sheet off of me and was still much hotter than normal but I could hear the a/c unit running so I figured it was just hormones.  I went to check the thermostat to make sure E hadn't changed it when he left for work and while it was still set at 72, it was reading the room was 79!  So I turned it off and am sitting as still as possible with all of the fans on but it is still hot.  THIS IS TEXAS.  Thankfully the high today is only supposed to be 96 or so rather than over 100 but still.  Yikes!  I really hope that it is an easy (read CHEAP) fix and that the air is blowing cold again by bedtime but can easily see this being a full out 5k+ repair.  Keep your fingers crossed.  E gets home at 3 and will start checking then. 


  1. yikes, hope the AC unit is a quick cheap fix!! And yay for coming out on fb!! So glad you got such a wonderful response to the news, yay!!

  2. Aw man - the heat going out in winter or the air going out in the summer is never a good thing! I hope it's an easy fix. I'm glad your coming out responses went well! :)

  3. Glad the "coming out" went well!
    I don't know if I even will announce it on FB when the time comes...we'll have to see!

  4. Sorry you had a tough day. And sorry you couldn't find me on facebook! Email me at: and I'll give you my full name so we can be fb friends! :)