Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TMI...advice please

So I know pregnancy brings a LOT of discharge but today I noticed it was (get ready for it...) kind of yellow/green tinged- almost like snot.  There is no obvious odor (I will NOT sniff my toilet paper) and I don't have any itch or anything like that but I feel like I MAY have a bit of a urinary tract infection maybe.  I am peeing a LOT and never feel like I am able to fully empty my bladder and I always feel like I need to go more.  I figured it was just pregnacy peeing but now that I had that discharge I'm thinking it might be more.  So I think I already answered my own question and I will go ahead and call the Dr tomorrow.  They may tell me that since there is no smell or discomfort to wait until my appointment next Thursday but all first time moms over react so they should expect me to be calling- right?

**Update** Also, I don't know if it's because I'm paying extra attention or what but I'm slightly crampy.  Nothing sharp just there.  Now I'm freaking myself out.  Please be ok in there baby bean!

Maybe they will go ahead and see me and Dr P will be awesome like Pre-heated Oven's doctor and go ahead and do a quick little ultrasound to check and make sure baby bean is ok!

Any thoughts on how to get an ultrasound out of the deal?


  1. Hi Sam,

    UTI usually shouldn't give you urethra discharge. You may also experience a burning pain when you wee or find that your wee smells rather strong and off coloured. They are very common during pregnancy and can be controlled well with oral ABs.

    As far as the discharge goes... are we talking about green/ EWCM? Is it thick gobs of green or more like EWCM streaked with green/yellow. The latter again is not uncommon for pregnancy and is often the first sign for some women. Sometimes it can go a bit off colour for a day or so if some bacteria make its way in but it is generally harmless. If you start to stink, get burning, itching or pain... then time of be very concerned. Also if it becomes more voluminious and thick.


  2. It's thicker than EWCM and a solid color and a pretty big glob. Almost like really thick snot- it looked kinda gummy?

  3. Keep an eye on it... If it is just an isolated even and you've got no other symptoms the infection most likely limited to your urinary tract.

  4. OMG I have the same thing. I read that it's normal to have discharge, mine is thick and yellow as well. But I need to take three showers a day because I do get itchy...ahhhh they things that we have to go through. Call your doctor tomorrow.

  5. Eek! So sorry you had a freak out there! I would want to see my dr. RIGHT AWAY too. I'm sure it's ok, all my pregnancy books say there will be lots & lots of discharge. And hopefully your dr. will be awesome and give you that u/s to put your mind at ease.
    And thanks for the shout-out! I'm sure your dr. will be just as awesome as mine :). Keep us updated!!

  6. I would call & ask - maybe he can advise you over the phone?

  7. I have been slightly crampy the past few days as well. From what I have read, though...this is completely normal in the 13th week due to the amount of stretching going on in our uterus, prepping us for the 2nd tri!!!