Friday, June 25, 2010

Spinning, spinning, spinning!

EDIT::: We just went to E's parents' and I took my blood pressure twice about 30 minutes apart.  The first time it was 108/65 and the second time it was 98/60 so I don't know what in the world is going on.

I woke up this morning with a slight headache but went ahead and got ready for work.  Once I got to work I began to get dizzy and it just kept getting worse and worse.  There was one point where I was resting my head in my hands so that I felt like I wasn't going to topple over.  As you know I'm a 911 dispatcher and work for the Sheriff's Office and our office is actually in the jail so I walked down to medical thinking maybe my blood pressure was low because I had taken it a few time at E's parents' and it was around 100/60 (I'm a strictly 120/80 gal) so I thought maybe that was the problem.  The nurse took it and it was 170/88!!!  I asked if I could have a stroke and she assured me it was way too low for that but I should call my dr.  I called Dr P's office and they wanted me to come in and his nurse rechecked it and got 130/70.  That's a little higher than it should be but she said it was probably due to the stress of the earlier reading (which she assumes they just took wrong because it was only 30 minutes prior) and wasn't enough to make me dizzy.  She assured me that being dizzy is normal at this stage because of the change in blood volume and that I should just take the rest of the day off and rest.  SHE DIDN'T EVEN OFFER TO LISTEN TO THE BABY!  Ugh!  I should have insisited... I mean I was already there, why couldn't they pull out the doppler! 

I came home and took a DIVINE two and a half hour nap but now that I'm up I'm still as dizzy as ever.  A few years ago I had on and off spells of severe vertigo but haven't had any problems with it since I got my tonsils out a year and a half ago and this wasn't vertigo dizzy it just feels like straight up light headed dizzy.

Anyone have any cures?  I am loading up on water but that's all I can think to do.  I have to go back to work tomorrow but I don't know how I'm going to deal with it when I feel like I just stepped off a carnival ride.

I also feel like my neck needs to pop so maybe I can see a chiropractor... Is that safe at any stage during pregnancy?  I will ask Dr P before I make an appointment but what do you thinkg?

I really don't need to use anymore sick time either because I need to save all of it for when baby bean comes this Decemeber (yah I know we're due January but I have a feeling it'll be around the 27th!)...


  1. Wow I'm so sorry, I hope you get better soon. You should take your blood pressure everyday to make sure it doesn't happen again. Keep drinking water. I only get super dizzy in the am but I think that's because I get up from bed too fast. Feel better. Big Hug!

  2. Sorry! Got my first dizzy spell today and almost passed out at the grocery store. I had vertigo before pregnancy too though, so I'm not sure it's related. Unfortunately, I don't know anything that cures it, other than waiting for it to pass, and avoiding known triggers. I think heat is bad for it too. I almost never get it when it's cool. So don't get too hot. Hope it goes away soon.

  3. Hey Sam,

    It really depends on the reason for you are dizzy. If you've got like an ear infection (you don't necessarily need pain for that) then some antiobiotics and rest are going to be the way to go. In terms of vertigo though there are medications available which basically dumb down the senses but I don't see the doc prescribing it for a one off. If you've got a lot of nausea and what not going on however, they may be willing to give you Stemetil or another similar which is known to quite effective in managing symptoms of that origin.

    Food for thought... bloog presssure can change rapidly despite what your doctor says. Paramedic here that sees it all the time!! If you are feeling sick, nuaseas and stressed there is every chance you may have been sitting at the 170 mark and that is not healthy for baby. You want to reserve your sick leave but you need to look after yourself!