Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My doctor is too relaxed...

I don't even get to go in and pee in a cup let alone check on the baby.  I called this morning to let the nurse know I was having the icky discharge along with some mild cramping; she said she'd ask Dr P and call me back.  She just called back saying he called me in a prescription for some gel.  WHAT?!  First of all what if it isn't even a damn infection and second of all I'm worried about the baby.  I don't want to shove some cream up my wooha if it's normal discharge.  Ugh. At least I was able to hang up before I busted out crying.  I really like my Dr I just wish he was a little more concerned sometimes.  I don't want to NOT use the medicene and it turn out into a raging infection but I don't want to use it if I really don't need it.  I guess I could call my family practice doctor and see if I can come in for a pee test but then he may want to prescribe something different.  I COULD call Dr P's office back but I'd be crying too hard on the phone to be understood and then I'd piss them off if I insited on a visit.  One of my friends warned me that he is very relaxed about everything but he is the only doctor I would even think about using that delivers at the hospital we want and if we went to a different hospital it'd be over an hour away and that makes me nervous for delivery time.

J just texted me telling me to go buy a doppler.  I'm too fat (seriously) for the ones they sell at the stores and I'd need to buy an expensive one off the internet to be able to hear the baby now and it would be here only a day or two before my appointment next Wednesday anyway.

While on J- last month (10 2.5mg Fe.mara pills and hcg trigger) obviously didn't work.  This month they changed it to 2 pills a night cd3-8 and she went in today for a scan and she had one at 16mm and a few around 10mm.  Her dr said that the med rep had just been in so he had some samples of injectibles and gave her two viles of Br.avelle, one for tonight and one for tomorrow, and then she will go in on Friday for another scan to see if that helped any and hopefully trigger with two or three really good follies.

Oh, HAPPY 100TH POST TO ME!!! I was hoping to be a little more upbeat or do something special but Dr P really just bummed me out.

Tonight my BFF and I are going shopping for her cousin's baby shower.  I agreed to co-host because she'd never thrown a shower before and wanted help.  This way she'll have it all under her belt when she throws mine- haha!  It will be at a church-not my house- so I'm expecting things to be relatively stress free so that will be good.  I guess while I'm in town I'll pick up the prescription for my vag-goo...

I think if I still feel worried tomorrow I'll go to urgent care (a walk in clinic that takes insurance and costs what a normal dr visit costs rather than an ER trip) and see if they'll do a urine test because Dr P's office is closed Thursday- THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!! Dr P's office will get a notice saying I went but I'll just tell them that I was having too much anxeity to wait until they were back open on Friday.  I wonder if they do ultrasounds there though.  I know they do xrays so you'd think they'd have an ultrasound machine too...?  If they don't have an ultrasound machine I'm pretty sure they at least have a doppler.

So I guess I'll wait to use the goo until I go in tomorrow and see if I actually have an infection?

***EDIT*** After I finally quit crying I convinced myself (with the support of Mom, J and bff) to call his nurse back. I (with a shaky cry voice) left a message saying I'm worried about taking the meds IF it's not an infection and that the cramping is giving me a lot of anxeity. I'm expecting her to call back and say the meds will be fine either way and that the cramping coupled with the discharge is indicating an infection and I'll be ok with that but I need more of an answer other than "we called in meds".  I was really worried about making them mad by calling back in but everyone assured me it's their job to see me and many first time moms probably do this and that's why I'm paying them so we will see.  I doubt they'll have me come in because they close in 3 hours and she may not even check the messages until they close but I needed to call back.  I think if she tells me everything is ok maybe I'll skip the clinic tomorrow.  I'm not sure yet.


  1. (((Samantha)) I'm sure everything is okay.

    Hopefully she calls back soon!

  2. I'm just catching up, but I say if you're not totally settled than just call back. I'm sure you're not the first person to do so, so don't even give it a second thought. I don't see why they don't always just respond with, why don't you come in and we'll check you out. Sometimes all we need is a little peace of mind, ugh. Hoping she calls back very soon!