Monday, June 7, 2010

I should've stayed in bed!

My mom and stepdad went to meet J and her husband in Galveston this week for a short vacation so I'm dogsitting for Mom.  She has two dogs- a 60 lb bassett hound and an 80 something pound catahoula cattle dog.  The catahoula is a BIT crazy and doesn't like being left alone.  He will literally tear the house down (the first, and only, time they left him along for more than a few minutes he pulled down the blinds from all the windows in the house and broke countless items) so both pups have to stay outside.  Oh, and he'll jump the fence so he wears a shock collar.  He sounds pretty awful, but he is the sweetest dog other than his crazy seperation anxeity.  SO ANYWAY- I go to put them outside today and notice that his shock collar is somehow in pieces on the back porch.  I try to call my mom and everyone but they'd already left out on a boat for deep sea fishing so I couldn't get ahold of them so I just put them both outside and hoped for the best. Luckily I went and checked on the dogs on my break and they were both fine and still in the backyard.  Not lucky- I rolled the heck out of my ankle and it is STILL throbbing 3 hours later even after ice.  Thank goodness E is wonderful and went over there when he got off work so all is good.  I have to work overtime tomorrow and I pray that he stays in the fence tomorrow as well.  I'm off Wednesday though and they should be home by Wednesday evening.

The other downer is I'm having enough problems sleeping and being at their house and sharing a full sized bed with 140 pounds of dog did not work so I ended up on the couch and was up almost all night long!  I miss my king sized bed with my husband and two little dogs!  Only two more nights of this though, I can deal.  Mom is dogsitting for us next week too so I shouldn't gripe!

And the last HORRIBLE thing of the day is when I got a 911 call of a frantic man telling me his wife is 10 weeks pregnant bleeding heavily and passing a lot of clots. I am 10 weeks pregnant.  I hate that.  I really hope she and her baby are okay.  Sigh....

Good news is baby appointment in less than 48 hours!!!


  1. Awww, poor thing!! None of that sounds too fun...especially getting that call, so awful!! Well I can't wait for your appt, jealous mine next one isn't until a week from Thursday. I hope I can stay sane enough til then!!

  2. The dog will most likely not jump the fence. Shock collars are a behavioral method of training, which means he has come to associate escaping with being shocked, not the collar with being shocked so I wouldn't worry about it. Hope your ankle feels better!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, what a really cruddy day. You're right, you should have stayed in bed but it sounds like you couldn't even have done that!!

    Yay for your next appointment. Mine is two weeks from tomorrow (NT scan) and i think it's going to take a lifetime to get here...

  4. Yikes! Sorry about the ankle and everything else. Take it easy and heal up.