Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dr P's nurse makes me want a new Dr

I have the worst headache from crying all day.  I KNOW it's not good for baby and I have been trying to calm down but I've been weepy ever since she called in the vag cream.

I called back and left a voicemail (I was relieved she didn't answer) at 1:42 saying I didn't feel comfortable using the prescription without being seen and that the cramping was giving me anxeity. 

She called back at 4:43 saying
1. He wouldn't have prescribed it if it weren't safe for me and baby... WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!  I told her I knew that but I didn't want to take it if I didn't need it.

2.  If I was cramping I needed to be on bed rest. I said when they're only when I pee?!?!

3.  She then continued to tell me that I could have come in earlier for a urine culture but I never told her I thought it was bladder/urinary tract related.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

She said I could go ahead and come in for a pee culture if I could be there by 5... ugh, the dr's office is at least 15 minutes away on a good day and the whole highway is closed down to one lane because of construction so I don't think so.  I was crying on the phone with her and she didn't get my concern- at all.  She said tomorrow I can go to my primary care and get a pee test since Dr P's office is closed tomorrow and that my primary can prescribe whatever antibiotic if I do have one and to take the vag cream as well and to not bother with urgent care because they won't check the baby's heartbeat.

I love love LOVE Dr P but this is like the 3rd time his nurse has really made me mad and unfortunately he only has one nurse so I always have to deal with her.  I should have just called the front desk lady and asked her to schedule me to come in today and skipped the nurse all together.

So my plan- I am not going to use the vag cream seeing as I have no other symptoms and haven't had any discharge (off colored or not) today.  I will only go for a pee test tomorrow if the cramping worsens or any other symptoms come up.  I am going to start researching dopplers that will work on bigger women.  I am going to tell Dr P next Wednesday how much his nurse upset me and made me strongly consider transferring (I'm sure he won't care but still) to a different practice.  I am going to avoid calling her at all costs in the future.  I will quit freaking out over nothing so I don't cry for hours and stress my poor baby bean out.  I will try to not spend too much money on my retail therapy this evening.

Thank you for listening to my rant.


  1. (((SAM))) :-(

    It sounds very much like UTI and you'll need to get something to clear it up as it generally doesn't tend to do that of its own accord. Definately worth going to your GP.

    Now as far as nurse bitch goes... If this is the 3rd time you've had a bad interaction with her then it may be worth putting in a complaint. Chances are you are not the first and won't be the last to have problems and if he isn't alerted to the issue of her poor patient care skills then nothing will change. It may also be worth changing doctor's office if he doesn't care enough to do anything. This is your pregnancy and you deserve to be cared for... especially seeing you are paying for their services. The last thing you need to is be left feeling unheard and stressed.

  2. Oh, hon, what an annoying situation. I'm sure it's not serious, but it's obviously something you're worried about and the doctor's office should be more responsive to that. Just rest and try to go in tomorrow. *hugs*

  3. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I'm the queen of UTI's, so I can understand the tears and frustration you must be going through - especially since you're not even all that sure of what's going on down there.

    To be honest, and I'll shut up about this if it's not helping, I haven't been all that impressed with your doc since he claimed you wouldn't ovulate on the cycle that you actually conceived. Maybe it is worth seeing another doctor.

    Hang in there. I'm sure the bean is fine - probably just partying a little too hard and already making a little mischief for Mama.

  4. In my experience the best docs often have the worst staff....She should be more understanding to a pregant woman's anxiety. I'm sure everything will be ok. Congrats on your 101st post!

  5. My doc has one nurse who I cannot stand - way back before DH & I were married she lectured me on having sex without condoms (I was on B/C) because "No one would love me like I love myself and I have to watch out for me"

    Basically telling me to expect then BF to go out and cheat on me and give me an STD. Are you f'ing serious lady? I asked my doctor to do his best to make sure I was not seen by her again. Ugh!

    I'm sorry you had to go through all that and hopefully it's nothing at all. Just normal cramping and CM!

  6. I'm so sorry you're dealing with any of this. Totally not what you need right now. You would think a nurse would WANT to try and help you and not just turn you away, ugh!! I think the doppler would be great, cause then at least you could know your bean is a-okay when other weirdo stuff pops up. The other day I had a pain in my chest and I instantly thought, omg is the baby okay. I mean not even in the same area of my body, its just where my head goes now. Let us know if you find one a good one, I got mine at bellybeats and it was expensive but it seems like a good one!