Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Congratulations Baby Race!!!

First and most importantly, congrats are in order to my dear friend over at The Baby Race who got the best thing ever this morning- a digital test reading "PREGNANT!"  and a beautiful beta number.  I am SO happy for you!

I first have to mention how my first week of maternity jeans went.  If you haven't ever read her blog, The Baby Race also has a fashion blog and her fashion sense is amazing.  Well, get ready to cringe my dear friend... before I bought the jeans I had been wearing WIND PANTS with my work polo shirt to work on the weekends!  Hahahahah I think it's pretty ridiculous even but it was so comfortable and it's the weekend!  Haha so now I do not have to worry about that anymore because of the wonderful pants!  The panel is a little low to be worn with plain t-shirts but it seems to be fine with everything else.  I call the pants my "buffet eating pair" because they're so comfy and strechy.  I'll even admit that when i'm looking in the mirror I pooch my tummy out and put my hands on my lower back to see how I'll look later :D.

Today I went shopping for a bathing suit and what an adventure that was!  First I went to Old Navy and tried on a few.  The one that fit the best made me look like nothing less than a prostitue on the main strip.  Evidently their bathing suits don't work well with pregnant boobs.  I then went to Target and grabbed two suits and tried them on.  The first one fit great so I took it off to look at the price tag and surprise- IT'S MATERNITY!  It was in the regular section so I didn't expect it to be but it felt great, looked good, and will work next year as well.  It's solid black and is kinda scrunched up around the belly but you can pull it down to cover your legs if you want!  I was looking for a picture on the target website but it's not there so you'll have to wait until our vacation in two weeks.

Well E and I are off to eat at Chili's.  The only problem is right now everything sounds good from a chicken ceaser pita to a burger to chicken crispers... choices to make!


  1. hahaha, I'm glad you're finally out of those windpants!!! :) Very excited about your swimsuit. Take a pic and post it! It sounds a lot like the miraclesuit I bought for Miami, which worked like a charm and will be the only suit I wear for the rest of my life :)

    Thanks for the congrats, I still can't believe this is real!

  2. What a good problem to have. Have fun on vacation!