Sunday, June 20, 2010

12 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 12 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a PLUM to a PEACH!

Total Weight Gain: I feel like after vacation I gained 5 lbs but according to the scale at home I'm still the same

Maternity Clothes:  Nothing new.  The maternity bathing suits were super comfy last week though!

Sleep: ::Knock on wood:: I am not feeling AS exhuasted through the day but I did enjoy quite a few little naps while on vacation.  For the past few weeks now I have been having CRAZY dreams that make me wake up and question if they were real or not.  Last night's dream was that baby bean was really TWO babies a boy and a girl but we didn't know it was going to be twins so the poor little girl had to wear boy clothes!

Gender:  Well we won't know for sure for another 6 weeks or so.  Intelligender said boy BUT the faq's on the website said that many women with PCOS will get a FALSE BOY RESULT so I'm even less sure of what I was before.  I have days where I think girl and then days of thinking boy.  We will be thrilled either way.  Like I said, I figured it will be a girl because we already have boy stuff in mind!

Movement: I'm hoping we'll see baby bean dancing away on the ultrasound!

Food Cravings: Long John Silvers!  I know it's horribly unhealhty but I think I was craving it before I got pregnant and now everytime I see a commerical my mouth waters!  The closest one is 30 minutes away so mom and I went the other night and it was just as good as I was expecting!  YUM!

What I Miss: I guess sleeping through the night still.  Between dreams and bathroom trips I'm not getting more than a couple hours at a time

What I'm looking forward to: NT Scan TOMORROW!  Also, only one more week until we're officially in the second trimester!

Milestones- 12 weeks sounds like a huge milestone even though we technically have another week until the second trimester.  Also, tomorrow I'll be announcing on facebook as long as everything goes well with our scan.  Oh!  And E got his first official Father's Day present!  A while ago he had mentioned he wanted a shelf in the babies room and to have overalls hanging on it (he's a huge fan of overalls- I think they're cute on babies and kids-and maybe really old men- but no older than about 5!) so I went and got a shelf and overalls.  I REALLY wanted to get him a box of blue jean diapers but the only ones I could find were size 5 and that's huge!


  1. Woo HOO!!!! 12 weeks! Congrats mommy!! Keep that little peach growing, and eat Long John's if you want. It is yummy from what I Have a great day! j

  2. Yay for 12weeks. That's quite the milestone! Wishing you all sorts of good thoughts for your NT scan. Mine's the day after yours. :)

  3. Peachy, peachy update! Moving right along, my friend. The overall idea is so a pic!

  4. Congratulations on the first MAJOR milestone! :-) Glad everything is going well. xxx

  5. Yay! 12 weeks, that is so very exciting! The thing about Long John Silvers made me gag a little. Guess every pregnant woman is different!

  6. Yay for 12 weeks, I seriously can't even believe we've made it this far already!! Can't wait to hear about your NT scan, mine is tomorrow and I'm just so excited to see the little bean after 3 weeks!!

  7. Congrats on 12 weeks - crazy how fast time has gone!