Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dr P's nurse makes me want a new Dr

I have the worst headache from crying all day.  I KNOW it's not good for baby and I have been trying to calm down but I've been weepy ever since she called in the vag cream.

I called back and left a voicemail (I was relieved she didn't answer) at 1:42 saying I didn't feel comfortable using the prescription without being seen and that the cramping was giving me anxeity. 

She called back at 4:43 saying
1. He wouldn't have prescribed it if it weren't safe for me and baby... WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!  I told her I knew that but I didn't want to take it if I didn't need it.

2.  If I was cramping I needed to be on bed rest. I said when they're only when I pee?!?!

3.  She then continued to tell me that I could have come in earlier for a urine culture but I never told her I thought it was bladder/urinary tract related.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

She said I could go ahead and come in for a pee culture if I could be there by 5... ugh, the dr's office is at least 15 minutes away on a good day and the whole highway is closed down to one lane because of construction so I don't think so.  I was crying on the phone with her and she didn't get my concern- at all.  She said tomorrow I can go to my primary care and get a pee test since Dr P's office is closed tomorrow and that my primary can prescribe whatever antibiotic if I do have one and to take the vag cream as well and to not bother with urgent care because they won't check the baby's heartbeat.

I love love LOVE Dr P but this is like the 3rd time his nurse has really made me mad and unfortunately he only has one nurse so I always have to deal with her.  I should have just called the front desk lady and asked her to schedule me to come in today and skipped the nurse all together.

So my plan- I am not going to use the vag cream seeing as I have no other symptoms and haven't had any discharge (off colored or not) today.  I will only go for a pee test tomorrow if the cramping worsens or any other symptoms come up.  I am going to start researching dopplers that will work on bigger women.  I am going to tell Dr P next Wednesday how much his nurse upset me and made me strongly consider transferring (I'm sure he won't care but still) to a different practice.  I am going to avoid calling her at all costs in the future.  I will quit freaking out over nothing so I don't cry for hours and stress my poor baby bean out.  I will try to not spend too much money on my retail therapy this evening.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

My doctor is too relaxed...

I don't even get to go in and pee in a cup let alone check on the baby.  I called this morning to let the nurse know I was having the icky discharge along with some mild cramping; she said she'd ask Dr P and call me back.  She just called back saying he called me in a prescription for some gel.  WHAT?!  First of all what if it isn't even a damn infection and second of all I'm worried about the baby.  I don't want to shove some cream up my wooha if it's normal discharge.  Ugh. At least I was able to hang up before I busted out crying.  I really like my Dr I just wish he was a little more concerned sometimes.  I don't want to NOT use the medicene and it turn out into a raging infection but I don't want to use it if I really don't need it.  I guess I could call my family practice doctor and see if I can come in for a pee test but then he may want to prescribe something different.  I COULD call Dr P's office back but I'd be crying too hard on the phone to be understood and then I'd piss them off if I insited on a visit.  One of my friends warned me that he is very relaxed about everything but he is the only doctor I would even think about using that delivers at the hospital we want and if we went to a different hospital it'd be over an hour away and that makes me nervous for delivery time.

J just texted me telling me to go buy a doppler.  I'm too fat (seriously) for the ones they sell at the stores and I'd need to buy an expensive one off the internet to be able to hear the baby now and it would be here only a day or two before my appointment next Wednesday anyway.

While on J- last month (10 2.5mg Fe.mara pills and hcg trigger) obviously didn't work.  This month they changed it to 2 pills a night cd3-8 and she went in today for a scan and she had one at 16mm and a few around 10mm.  Her dr said that the med rep had just been in so he had some samples of injectibles and gave her two viles of Br.avelle, one for tonight and one for tomorrow, and then she will go in on Friday for another scan to see if that helped any and hopefully trigger with two or three really good follies.

Oh, HAPPY 100TH POST TO ME!!! I was hoping to be a little more upbeat or do something special but Dr P really just bummed me out.

Tonight my BFF and I are going shopping for her cousin's baby shower.  I agreed to co-host because she'd never thrown a shower before and wanted help.  This way she'll have it all under her belt when she throws mine- haha!  It will be at a church-not my house- so I'm expecting things to be relatively stress free so that will be good.  I guess while I'm in town I'll pick up the prescription for my vag-goo...

I think if I still feel worried tomorrow I'll go to urgent care (a walk in clinic that takes insurance and costs what a normal dr visit costs rather than an ER trip) and see if they'll do a urine test because Dr P's office is closed Thursday- THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!! Dr P's office will get a notice saying I went but I'll just tell them that I was having too much anxeity to wait until they were back open on Friday.  I wonder if they do ultrasounds there though.  I know they do xrays so you'd think they'd have an ultrasound machine too...?  If they don't have an ultrasound machine I'm pretty sure they at least have a doppler.

So I guess I'll wait to use the goo until I go in tomorrow and see if I actually have an infection?

***EDIT*** After I finally quit crying I convinced myself (with the support of Mom, J and bff) to call his nurse back. I (with a shaky cry voice) left a message saying I'm worried about taking the meds IF it's not an infection and that the cramping is giving me a lot of anxeity. I'm expecting her to call back and say the meds will be fine either way and that the cramping coupled with the discharge is indicating an infection and I'll be ok with that but I need more of an answer other than "we called in meds".  I was really worried about making them mad by calling back in but everyone assured me it's their job to see me and many first time moms probably do this and that's why I'm paying them so we will see.  I doubt they'll have me come in because they close in 3 hours and she may not even check the messages until they close but I needed to call back.  I think if she tells me everything is ok maybe I'll skip the clinic tomorrow.  I'm not sure yet.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TMI...advice please

So I know pregnancy brings a LOT of discharge but today I noticed it was (get ready for it...) kind of yellow/green tinged- almost like snot.  There is no obvious odor (I will NOT sniff my toilet paper) and I don't have any itch or anything like that but I feel like I MAY have a bit of a urinary tract infection maybe.  I am peeing a LOT and never feel like I am able to fully empty my bladder and I always feel like I need to go more.  I figured it was just pregnacy peeing but now that I had that discharge I'm thinking it might be more.  So I think I already answered my own question and I will go ahead and call the Dr tomorrow.  They may tell me that since there is no smell or discomfort to wait until my appointment next Thursday but all first time moms over react so they should expect me to be calling- right?

**Update** Also, I don't know if it's because I'm paying extra attention or what but I'm slightly crampy.  Nothing sharp just there.  Now I'm freaking myself out.  Please be ok in there baby bean!

Maybe they will go ahead and see me and Dr P will be awesome like Pre-heated Oven's doctor and go ahead and do a quick little ultrasound to check and make sure baby bean is ok!

Any thoughts on how to get an ultrasound out of the deal?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

13 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 13 weeks! HELLO SECOND TRIMESTER!!!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a PEACH to a LEMON!  I'm slightly confused though because most peaches I've eaten are bigger than a lemon... Oh well, no matter what baby is about 3 inches long and weighs over an ounce now!

Total Weight Gain: Every morning I weigh at home and I'm always within one pound of my starting weight. So I guess still the same which is great.  My body has plenty reserve to grow baby bean!

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new.

Sleep: Still waking up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom.  The books say this may get better now that we're moving onto the second trimester but now my problem is I am having a really hard time getting comfortable enough to fall back asleep.  I have never been a stomach sleeper so that's no problem but I cannot lay on my right side because it makes my ovary cramp bad (the dr swears it's ok) and I try not to sleep on my back so my left side is getting warn out... I know they say that's the best position anyway though.
Gender: We're sticking with the peri's prediction of 95% sure GIRL!  Still not buying anything until we have our gender ultrasound in August though.
Movement: She was ALL over the place during the ultrasound but I still can't feel anything.  It's crazy to know you have a baby in there moving so much but you can't feel a thing!

Food Cravings: CHERRIES!  I bought a 2lb bag from the store the other day and it didn't last long.  I think all fruit just sounds great.  I had some cantaloupe tonight that was one of the best tasting things I've ever eaten!

What I Miss: Sleeping but it's all worth it!

What I'm looking forward to:  Another week and a half until our next appointment and then next appointment after that will be the gender scan!
Milestones- SECOND TRIMESTER!!!  I also finally "came out" on facebook last week!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Spinning, spinning, spinning!

EDIT::: We just went to E's parents' and I took my blood pressure twice about 30 minutes apart.  The first time it was 108/65 and the second time it was 98/60 so I don't know what in the world is going on.

I woke up this morning with a slight headache but went ahead and got ready for work.  Once I got to work I began to get dizzy and it just kept getting worse and worse.  There was one point where I was resting my head in my hands so that I felt like I wasn't going to topple over.  As you know I'm a 911 dispatcher and work for the Sheriff's Office and our office is actually in the jail so I walked down to medical thinking maybe my blood pressure was low because I had taken it a few time at E's parents' and it was around 100/60 (I'm a strictly 120/80 gal) so I thought maybe that was the problem.  The nurse took it and it was 170/88!!!  I asked if I could have a stroke and she assured me it was way too low for that but I should call my dr.  I called Dr P's office and they wanted me to come in and his nurse rechecked it and got 130/70.  That's a little higher than it should be but she said it was probably due to the stress of the earlier reading (which she assumes they just took wrong because it was only 30 minutes prior) and wasn't enough to make me dizzy.  She assured me that being dizzy is normal at this stage because of the change in blood volume and that I should just take the rest of the day off and rest.  SHE DIDN'T EVEN OFFER TO LISTEN TO THE BABY!  Ugh!  I should have insisited... I mean I was already there, why couldn't they pull out the doppler! 

I came home and took a DIVINE two and a half hour nap but now that I'm up I'm still as dizzy as ever.  A few years ago I had on and off spells of severe vertigo but haven't had any problems with it since I got my tonsils out a year and a half ago and this wasn't vertigo dizzy it just feels like straight up light headed dizzy.

Anyone have any cures?  I am loading up on water but that's all I can think to do.  I have to go back to work tomorrow but I don't know how I'm going to deal with it when I feel like I just stepped off a carnival ride.

I also feel like my neck needs to pop so maybe I can see a chiropractor... Is that safe at any stage during pregnancy?  I will ask Dr P before I make an appointment but what do you thinkg?

I really don't need to use anymore sick time either because I need to save all of it for when baby bean comes this Decemeber (yah I know we're due January but I have a feeling it'll be around the 27th!)...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's cooling off!

The temperature climbed to 85 degrees and then a storm popped up out of nowhere.  I opened the windows and thanks to the wind and rain it cooled the house off to 80.  E came home and turned the unit back on and it started blowing cool air right away.  Evidently, things "froze up" and that's why it wasn't cooling earlier.  What a relief!  I was convinced we were about to have to shell out thousands of dollars on a brand new unit.  We're not in the clear yet- it could happen again but so far so good!

Oh, and I took your advise and went to Etsy for bedding (I've bought small things from there but never anything major like this) and found a lady who I think would be able to make it and her bedding is anywhere from $199 to $359 so hoepfully I can work with her on making my dream bedding for around $250!

This is one of her sets that's only $219.99.  I don't think I want the monogram on the bedding but I think the pillow is adorable and if it's a girl I really think I want to do the pink and either brown or black and white cow print!
I actually like this skirt better- the other was too busy!

What a day...

and it isn't even noon yet. 

I have gotten into this REALLY bad habit of checking my phone when I wake up for one of my many pee breaks overnight because I can't go straight back to sleep and early this morning I have a facebook email saying I have a comment on my picture (of baby bean at 6wks) that says "Can't wait!!! :) We're planning on being preggo by the end of summer!"  I got so MAD!  Well to tell you the truth dear friend, we were planning on being preggo about 8 months ago and it didn't happen but since your first child was a "Whoops! I'm pregnant, let's get married!" I'm sure you will be able to easily plan this one.  I know that I don't have much room to talk because we got pregnant after only 6 months of trying but I don't see how people can be so blind to the fact that sometimes it takes time!

In other good news facebook related, the response to me "coming out" as pregnant was amazing!  I got a few "what?!?! you're pregnant? how'd you keep a secret so long!" and a lot of sweet well wishes telling me I'm meant to be a mom.  I also got a message from a friend from high school asking if I would share how long it took for us to get pregnant.  I have not ever mentioned our struggles on facebook but I think it has been pretty obvious I have been ready for quite some time.  Anyway, she said she and her husband haven't used birth control since April '09 and still aren't pregnant.  She is going to a dr this month though to hopefully get some answers.  I'm glad she messaged me because now hopefully I can give her some extra support as she starts her journey.

AND LASTLY- UGGGGGGGH! We keep our air set on 74 during the day and 72 while we're sleeping.  I woke up to pee and had already kicked the sheet off of me and was still much hotter than normal but I could hear the a/c unit running so I figured it was just hormones.  I went to check the thermostat to make sure E hadn't changed it when he left for work and while it was still set at 72, it was reading the room was 79!  So I turned it off and am sitting as still as possible with all of the fans on but it is still hot.  THIS IS TEXAS.  Thankfully the high today is only supposed to be 96 or so rather than over 100 but still.  Yikes!  I really hope that it is an easy (read CHEAP) fix and that the air is blowing cold again by bedtime but can easily see this being a full out 5k+ repair.  Keep your fingers crossed.  E gets home at 3 and will start checking then. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I know I said I'm not going to buy any bedding (or anything else) until we know for sure what baby bean is around 18 weeks after the gender scan BUT I have been looking hard at girl nursery sets since we already found a boy one(oh and since Dr is 95% sure baby bean is a GIRL!).  I found this one and E LOVES it.


Well loveD it until I told him what it costs.... $555!  What?!?!  It's custom handmade from a boutique but still that's a LOT for bedding!  It's pretty much out of the question because I cringed at the bedding that was $300 let alone half a grand but I cannot find anything that I like even half as much as this.

Does anyone sew?!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dr is 95% sure that our baby is...

...A GIRL!!!

Unfortunately he didn't print off ANY of the ultrasound pictures and I am so upset about that but we have lots of great news to report.  First of all the ultrasound was ON TOP OF MY BELLY!  I went into the room and the nurse told me to lay down and I said "with my pants on?!?!" It's so amazing that our bean is big enough to be seen through all of my tummy!  I can't believe how high it was either-the scan was done about halfway between my belly button and panty line! 

We finally HEARD (and saw) the heartbeat at a wonder 153 beats per minute!

Most importantly, the scan didn't show any abnormalities in the baby's formation or organ systems.  The Nuchal space between the neck was well within limits and the doctor didn't see any indications of problems.  He showed us her arms and hands, (which E asked if she was clapping because she was moving so much!) belly, back, legs and feet.  The hands were the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  I REALLY wish I had a picture to show you!  He got to her legs and asked if we wanted to know what we were having and he said... GIRL!  I asked how sure and he said 95%!  I was worried E would be upset but I have never seen him smile as big as he was!  We're not going to buy anything until we confirm at 18 weeks but we are both so excited!

Also-  Baby bean is measuring to be due on 12/25 rather than 1/2 putting us at 13weeks!  He said that my due date most likely will not be recalculated just that baby is growing well!  E is 6'0 and I'm 5'9 so that's not surprising to me.  E is glad because he is still pushing for this baby to be born by 11:59pm on 12/31 so the numbers are showing in his favor!

We will not be buying anything pink or making nursery plans (although I am looking!) until we have our next scan at 18 weeks.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

12 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 12 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a PLUM to a PEACH!

Total Weight Gain: I feel like after vacation I gained 5 lbs but according to the scale at home I'm still the same

Maternity Clothes:  Nothing new.  The maternity bathing suits were super comfy last week though!

Sleep: ::Knock on wood:: I am not feeling AS exhuasted through the day but I did enjoy quite a few little naps while on vacation.  For the past few weeks now I have been having CRAZY dreams that make me wake up and question if they were real or not.  Last night's dream was that baby bean was really TWO babies a boy and a girl but we didn't know it was going to be twins so the poor little girl had to wear boy clothes!

Gender:  Well we won't know for sure for another 6 weeks or so.  Intelligender said boy BUT the faq's on the website said that many women with PCOS will get a FALSE BOY RESULT so I'm even less sure of what I was before.  I have days where I think girl and then days of thinking boy.  We will be thrilled either way.  Like I said, I figured it will be a girl because we already have boy stuff in mind!

Movement: I'm hoping we'll see baby bean dancing away on the ultrasound!

Food Cravings: Long John Silvers!  I know it's horribly unhealhty but I think I was craving it before I got pregnant and now everytime I see a commerical my mouth waters!  The closest one is 30 minutes away so mom and I went the other night and it was just as good as I was expecting!  YUM!

What I Miss: I guess sleeping through the night still.  Between dreams and bathroom trips I'm not getting more than a couple hours at a time

What I'm looking forward to: NT Scan TOMORROW!  Also, only one more week until we're officially in the second trimester!

Milestones- 12 weeks sounds like a huge milestone even though we technically have another week until the second trimester.  Also, tomorrow I'll be announcing on facebook as long as everything goes well with our scan.  Oh!  And E got his first official Father's Day present!  A while ago he had mentioned he wanted a shelf in the babies room and to have overalls hanging on it (he's a huge fan of overalls- I think they're cute on babies and kids-and maybe really old men- but no older than about 5!) so I went and got a shelf and overalls.  I REALLY wanted to get him a box of blue jean diapers but the only ones I could find were size 5 and that's huge!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Intelligender says...


It says BOY!  Sorry for the picture quality... still no camera cord, so just my phone!  I woke up once at 1:30 and then not again until 4:30 and I tried to stay in bed as long as I could and only made it until about 4:45.  You pee in a cup then pull up 20cc into a syringe, push it slowly into the test cup and then swirl for 10 seconds and let it set for 5 minutes.  The girl result is a orangish yellow and boy is... well, you see!

E and I have ALWAYS said we want a boy first.  I know I will be thrilled with either but a boy sounds so wonderful!  I'm not going to count on the test because like I said it is only a 50/50 chance but we'll see if it was right in about 6 weeks!  We already have a boy name picked out (but won't announce it until we find out the gender) and have already chosen the boy nursery.  I figured baby bean is a girl because we can't find bedding we love or both agree on a name!


Some days I feel "boy" and others I feel "girl" so we'll see.  If you have $30 to spend I think it's fun to try out!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back!

And I cannot find my camera cord.. ANYWHERE!  We had a great time although waking up at daybreak to go fishing isn't the most relaxing but I took many cat naps throughout the day!  We caught a LOT of fish and only had one day of bad weather.  I didn't sleep well at all at night though because it was so hot I really wanted to make sure I stayed hydrated and drank a LOT of water throughout the day and then on top of that our bed was like a V and I kept rolling to the middle!

As soon as I find my cord I'll upload some pictures but here's one from my phone of the biggest catch.  A 12lb blue catfish!

Tomorrow morning I will be taking the In.telligender test to see if it says boy or girl.  I know it's pretty much a 50/50 chance on being right and wives tales may be just as accurate.  I had said I wasn't going to take it but E's cousin's wife took it and it said girl and she is having a girl and I have a few more friends and friends of friends that have gotten the right answer (actually don't know of any it was wrong for) so I figured it will be fun to see what it says.  I am NOT going to go out and start buying pink or blue because of it but I'm still looking forward to seeing what it says.  The only problem is it says first morning urine and when you wake up every few hours I don't know what really counts as the first one.  I will probably go to the bathroom once and then try to put it off as long as I can and then go with the next one.

J tested on Tuesday and got a BFN but she isn't supposed to start until Sunday so MAYBE it was just too early.  She will test again either tomorrow or Saturday and I really hope she gets her BFP.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

11 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 11 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a LIME to a PLUM! That's two inches tall!!!

Total Weight Gain: Officially .6 lbs. Wahoo!

Maternity Clothes: One of my best friend's is having a garage sale this weekend and she gave me a trashbag FULL of clothes!  I went through a few so I could take them on my trip and I am IN love!  I'm also impressed that I fit  in them.  I found another cute maternity swim suit to take on the trip as well as some capris!

Sleep: Working night shift about killed me but I was so tired I only woke up once for the bathroom so that was nice.  But last night I was up 3 times.  At least I'm able to go to bed pretty quickly after getting up now.  Pretty soon my uterus is supposed to be pushing away from my bladder so I should get some relief but it is totally worth it for my baby bean!

Movement: About a month or so away probably...maybe a little longer

Food Cravings: I'm still getting my afternoon queasyness but that's about it.  No major cravings or anything to report this week.

What I Miss: Being able to have carefree sex. I am so scared I'm going to spot afterwards.  Poor E.

What I'm looking forward to: Baby related- WE ARE SO CLOSE TO THE 2ND TRIMESTER!  Also,Vacation!!! It's not really baby related but I'm going to enjoy the carefree week with my family!

Milestones- Hearing our sweet bean's heartbeat on the doppler!!!!

We're leaving in a few hours to go stay at a cabin for our yearly fishing trip and will not be back until Thursday afternoon so I will catch up on your blogs then.  Thank goodness Dr P assured me it was safe to ride on the boat and swim in the lake. I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 weeks 3 days!

Today's appointment went really well.  I was disappointed when the nurse sat us in a room with no ultrasound machine but we got to hear the beautiful heartbeat on the doppler!  I was starting to get nervous and Dr P told me to calm down and he was about to have it and then "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"  It sounded like a panting puppy!  The heartrate wouldn't register on the doppler readout because it was quiet due to my "fluff" (read fat) but he said it was perfect.  He also told me we're having a boy because I haven't been sick; Eric's eyes lit up!  We'll be thrilled either way but a boy sounds wonderful!

I go for my Nuchal Translucency Screening in a week and a half on Monday the 21st and we'll finally get to see our little bean again!  I will be 12 weeks 1 day.  I have to go to a perinatologist for it because Dr P doesn't do the scan at his office but from what I hear the doctor is fantastic and you get AMAZING ultrasound pictures.  I can't wait!  I am thinking I may make the big announcement on facebook that we're expecting after that.  Any ideas?

I am finally home from dog sitting so I promise to start commenting your blogs again, I've been reading just haven't had much time to comment.

I wish I had an ultrasound picture to post but I'm sure I will overload you with them after the NT scan!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I should've stayed in bed!

My mom and stepdad went to meet J and her husband in Galveston this week for a short vacation so I'm dogsitting for Mom.  She has two dogs- a 60 lb bassett hound and an 80 something pound catahoula cattle dog.  The catahoula is a BIT crazy and doesn't like being left alone.  He will literally tear the house down (the first, and only, time they left him along for more than a few minutes he pulled down the blinds from all the windows in the house and broke countless items) so both pups have to stay outside.  Oh, and he'll jump the fence so he wears a shock collar.  He sounds pretty awful, but he is the sweetest dog other than his crazy seperation anxeity.  SO ANYWAY- I go to put them outside today and notice that his shock collar is somehow in pieces on the back porch.  I try to call my mom and everyone but they'd already left out on a boat for deep sea fishing so I couldn't get ahold of them so I just put them both outside and hoped for the best. Luckily I went and checked on the dogs on my break and they were both fine and still in the backyard.  Not lucky- I rolled the heck out of my ankle and it is STILL throbbing 3 hours later even after ice.  Thank goodness E is wonderful and went over there when he got off work so all is good.  I have to work overtime tomorrow and I pray that he stays in the fence tomorrow as well.  I'm off Wednesday though and they should be home by Wednesday evening.

The other downer is I'm having enough problems sleeping and being at their house and sharing a full sized bed with 140 pounds of dog did not work so I ended up on the couch and was up almost all night long!  I miss my king sized bed with my husband and two little dogs!  Only two more nights of this though, I can deal.  Mom is dogsitting for us next week too so I shouldn't gripe!

And the last HORRIBLE thing of the day is when I got a 911 call of a frantic man telling me his wife is 10 weeks pregnant bleeding heavily and passing a lot of clots. I am 10 weeks pregnant.  I hate that.  I really hope she and her baby are okay.  Sigh....

Good news is baby appointment in less than 48 hours!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

10 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 10 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a PRUNE to a LIME! A lime seems REALLY big!

Total Weight Gain: Will know officially this Wednesday but I think I'm right about the same

Maternity Clothes: I bought my wonderful maternity bathing suit this week but won't wear it until our vacation next week.

Sleep: About the same as last week.  I have tried to not drink anything after supper expect for a sip of water to take my vitamin (which probably isn't good because aren't you supposed to drink a full glass with it?) so most of the time I've been able to manage only waking up twice.  I sure took advantage of napping during the day last week though!

Movement: Still a little while from being able to feel it

Food Cravings: HELLO "MORNING SICKNESS"!  I thought if I made it to 9 weeks without any problems I was in the clear but I guess that isn't the case.  Starting at about lunch time I get super queasy and nothing takes the feeling away.  I don't/can't get sick I just feel like I'm about to.  I think I may buy some preggie pops and see if they help out any.  I also have been CRAVING lemon water... Not a bad craving to have at all!

What I Miss: Being able to brush my teeth without gagging!

What I'm looking forward to: Our appointment on Wedensday where we should be able to hear the heartbeat!

Milestones: 10 weeks- THAT'S DOUBLE DIGITS!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update on J

I guess 10 pills of Fe.mara at once do work.  J went in today 7 days after taking her 10 2.5mg pills for a follie scan.  She has two 16mm follies, one at 14mm, one at 12mm, and a few more under 10.  They took bloodwork and pending results she will trigger between tonight and Friday.  I guess it's a slipperly slope waiting for the 16mm to grow a bit more but not getting too many big ones.  She's accepted the thought of twins but it really worried of 3 or more. I'll update as soon as she gives me the blood results.

Her dr called and told her to trigger tomorrow night (she didn't give me any of the bloodwork levels- I don't even know if he gave them to her) but she doesn't have to go in tomorrow for monitoring.  He isn't worried about multiples (well more than 2 anyway) so after tomorrow she waits for two weeks and then will call with A POSITIVE HOME PREGNANCY TEST or when her period starts.  So it looks like our babies will be about 2 months apart unless she has twins and then they will be closer to a month apart!  Too bad she lives 400 miles away!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Congratulations Baby Race!!!

First and most importantly, congrats are in order to my dear friend over at The Baby Race who got the best thing ever this morning- a digital test reading "PREGNANT!"  and a beautiful beta number.  I am SO happy for you!

I first have to mention how my first week of maternity jeans went.  If you haven't ever read her blog, The Baby Race also has a fashion blog and her fashion sense is amazing.  Well, get ready to cringe my dear friend... before I bought the jeans I had been wearing WIND PANTS with my work polo shirt to work on the weekends!  Hahahahah I think it's pretty ridiculous even but it was so comfortable and it's the weekend!  Haha so now I do not have to worry about that anymore because of the wonderful pants!  The panel is a little low to be worn with plain t-shirts but it seems to be fine with everything else.  I call the pants my "buffet eating pair" because they're so comfy and strechy.  I'll even admit that when i'm looking in the mirror I pooch my tummy out and put my hands on my lower back to see how I'll look later :D.

Today I went shopping for a bathing suit and what an adventure that was!  First I went to Old Navy and tried on a few.  The one that fit the best made me look like nothing less than a prostitue on the main strip.  Evidently their bathing suits don't work well with pregnant boobs.  I then went to Target and grabbed two suits and tried them on.  The first one fit great so I took it off to look at the price tag and surprise- IT'S MATERNITY!  It was in the regular section so I didn't expect it to be but it felt great, looked good, and will work next year as well.  It's solid black and is kinda scrunched up around the belly but you can pull it down to cover your legs if you want!  I was looking for a picture on the target website but it's not there so you'll have to wait until our vacation in two weeks.

Well E and I are off to eat at Chili's.  The only problem is right now everything sounds good from a chicken ceaser pita to a burger to chicken crispers... choices to make!