Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best Husband In The World!!!

At night I wake up like clockwork to pee.  11:30pm, 2:30am, and 5:30am.  It doesn't bother me at all because I know it means my little bean is producing hormones to make my kidneys work in overdrive as well as my uterus is growing and smushing my bladder. The problem (please don't think I'm complaining, I'm just setting up this story to tell you how great E is) is it has been taking me 30-45 minutes to fall back asleep each time.  I know I don't have anything near a baby bump yet but I'm still pretty bloated and my boobs are so sore it makes it pretty difficult to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep.  Yes, I know it will only get worse!

Ok, so last night I was so tired we went to bed at 8pm; it was still bright outside!  Anyway, I'm about to lay down and E said before I turned off the light he needed to give me something and he pulled this out!
He said he knew I was having a hard time sleeping and thought this may help.  He said it was going to be my Mother's Day present but he didn't want me to toss and turn all week!!!  I of course busted out crying and then we layed in bed (with me spooning my amazing pillow) and talked about nurseries and baby names and everything.  I am so blessed to be experiencing this with such an amazing man.  I cannot wait to see him with his child!!!

I don't know if it was all in my head but last night I was able to fall back asleep immediately and today I took a great nap on the couch- all with the help of my great pillow.  It was $50 at Target but I would have paid twice that!

I still haven't gotten sick although W's parents did some landscaping over the weekend and I nearly lost my breakfast walking to the door because it reeked of dog poo.  They said there was no manure but I promise you there is something.. Eck!

Oh... so when I went bra shopping a few weeks ago I told you my shock to find out I was really DDD rather than a double... Today I went to Motherhood because I'm busting out of my brand new bra (luckily I only took the tag off of one so I can return the other one now) and tried on some... I now wear a F.  F as in are you FREAKING kidding me?!  I'm not even two months along!!! At least the rest of the boob is starting to catch up to those expanding nipples.  The new one is a LITTLE big but I'm sure it'll be filled in the next few months!

Oh- so my tracker up top says 6wks and 5days yet my how big is baby says 7wks... They both have my due date set the same so I'm really confused.  Any explanations?  I really think after our appointment next week we'll be pushing back the due date closer to 12/30 though...


  1. You lucky girl! And a New Year's Baby! Wow!

  2. Your hubby is soooo nice!!! I also go to the bathroom 3 times a night. But I love it!! I go back to sleep right away though..I don't turn on any of the lights so it's easier to fall asleep try it maybe it helps.

    How exciting a New Years or Christmas baby!!!

  3. OMG! It does seem we are progressing right beside each other! I think I need one of those pillows! I pretty much sleep walk to the bathroom every night....LOL

    Hooray for Holiday Babies!!

  4. They round up on those tickers - totally confusing but no worries. That's so awesome of your husband! I have heard lots of great things about those pillows too!

  5. Awwww what a sweet thing for your H to do! You need to start posting belly pics!!!!

  6. You're hubby is the BEST! Awwww, what a sweet story!
    And you are hilarious....F, are you FREAKING kidding me? I lol'd. I cannot imagine being that big, I'm only an A or B cup, but when I was pregnant (for those glorious couple of weeks) my bras became tight almost immediately!

  7. Hahah Ashley! I can pooch my tummy out now and look about 7 months pregnant but when I'm standing up normal there is NO WHERE NEAR A BUMP! (well a baby bump at least!) I figure if my bump still isn't showing at about 16 weeks I'll just start wearing maternity shirts that will make me look pregnant!

  8. How sweet of your hubby!

    My Bday is new years eve so it is definitely a good one!