Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 weeks!!!(again) and Funny E Story

How Far Along: 7 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a BLUEBERRY to a RASPBERRY!

Total Weight Gain: Strong and steady at my pre-baby weight.  Dr P didn't say what he wanted me to not go over during the pregnany either. I am still trying my hardest to watch what I eat

Maternity Clothes: I'm not wearing them yet but I went to Target and was looking at the regular clearance clothes and they had a TON of maternity shirts for $4 each!  I got 3 long sleeved shirts, one in white, gray and then pink and then I got 3 more dressier shirts, black, pink and then purple.  I am really excited to get a bump in a few months to wear them!!!

Stretch Marks: No new ones- I think I'll leave this out until I start getting a bump from now on.

Sleep: Working nights the past two days REALLY messed things up but I was so tired I slept for about 4 hours at a time this morning!  I still can nap at the drop of a hat!

Movement: None felt but seeing the heartbeat was AMAZING knowing our little bean is growing in there!

Food Cravings: Still peanut butter!  This week I ate watermelon and oranges like crazy too!

What I Miss: My over the counter prenatals!  Dr P switched me to prescription ones and they are twice the size (and cost) as the ones I was taking.  I am not kidding- these things are huge! So much so that E asked if I was supposed to swallow them or use them somewhere else... Hahahaha.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  So many things! Our next appointment at 10 weeks, getting a bump, being able to feel our sweet baby, getting to find out boy or girl... it goes on and on.

Milestones: Seeing the heartbeat!  It was the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen in my life!  
Ok funny story time!  So we all remember how E got a bit nervous when we went in for that internal scan and he saw the wand so I figured this appointment would no big deal since he had already witnessed a vaginal ultrasound.  He was sitting in the corner of the room by my head and Dr P did my yearly exam and then the ultrasound.  After he left the room E asked me what in the world they were doing with that SHOEHORN? I had no idea what he was talking about and then I realized he was talking about the speculum! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It was one of the funniest moments of my married life.


  1. LOL!!! My hubby went with me and saw my vaginal ultrasound. I got new shoes out of it :-) Happy to know your bebe is growing well!

  2. hahaha! E cracks me up. I think my hubby will probably be the same way. I've tried to explain the horror of paps to him before... and he just doesn't get it. lol.

  3. LOL! It's NOT for shoes...that's for sure. Must have been a shocker...

  4. How funny is that!

    And also LOL at the comment about using the prenatals "somewhere else"...OMW. Haha.

  5. LOL your hubby is funny. The heart beat is the most amazing thing in the world! Yayy for 7 weeks.

  6. Hahaha! That made me LOL!! Men just have no idea what we go through, do they?!

  7. hahahahha, love love love it. Oh those darn shoehorns getting in places they shouldn't be ;)

    Looking forward to your big bump and you getting into those maternity clothes!

  8. Yay for 7 weeks!
    I'm 3 weeks behind you...thanks for the congrats on my post:)
    Your hubs is hilarious - what a whole new world for him!

  9. *snicker* Shoehorn... *snicker* Boys...

    I guess they don't have reason to see those things all too often so it shouldn't be surprising but funny all the same!

    Good to hear everything is going well! xxx

  10. A shoe horn....hahahaha!

    Glad everything is going great! :)

  11. LOL. I always think it looks like some sort of weird bird.

  12. I'm so excited that your little baby is growing and strong! So exciting!!! your H is too funny! I think J would pass out if he ever saw what they did with a speculum!

  13. DH's are funny-but-clueless when it comes to the inner workings (pun intended) of the OB-GYN. Just be glad yours wasn't on the other side of the speculum asking your doc about the shape of your cervix. Happy 7 weeks!

  14. LOL, that is too funny!!! So I'm totally craving fruit too, the juicer the better...I think I need some watermelon STAT after reading this, hah!! And we're almost to 8, I always find myself rounding up to the next week, hah!!

  15. Hey, girl. I couldn't respond to your comment because you don't have an e-mail address connected to your account. :(

    I was taking OTC ones all this time, and they worked great. Not a problem. She gave me samples of Prenate DHA as well, and that's what did it. However, I'm not convinced it's the prenatals. I think it may be the evil nausea itself. I took my last one this morning, so tomorrow I'm going to take an old OTC one and see how my day goes.