Monday, May 3, 2010


I think it sounds low... especially if we're going with a normal ovulation but if I ovulated on time (cd14) then I don't think my tests on cd28 and cd 32 would have been negative.  Since I got a very light positive on cd37 I think that I probably ovulated about 2 weeks before that (meaning I O'd around cd23/9 days late) which would be around 4/9 and that puts my beta draw at about 17dpo which I think 135 is a low number for.  I could be calculating completely wrong though and could have O'd even later.  Dr P's office seems to think that everything is ok and that level is perfectly ok and they don't think we need to do draws for a doubling time and they don't want me coming in until MY FIRST ULTRASOUND ON MAY 12TH!  I guess that's good news. 

Now I'm worried though that since the number was low I'm a week if not more behind what I'm calculated to be based on my last period and we won't be able to see as much at the ultrasound.  Based on my last period I'd be 7wks 6days.  Hopefully we'll get to see our sweet little bean's heartbeat!  I know that will make me feel better.

I STILL haven't gotten sick (maybe I'm just one of those lucky women like my mother that never gets morning sickness) but have the extremely sore (and growing) boobs, frequent trips to the bathroom, restless nights, extreme fatigue and crazy emotions so I hope that means all is ok and our bean is growing nice and strong. 

Please continue to pray that everything is going well for us!!!


  1. Will def keep you in my prayers girlie! I know this is easier said than done believe me....but try not to worry! I have so been there and it is so hard not to but the less you are stressed the better! Your little bean is all snug as a bug and is doing well I am sure....can't wait to see your first ultrasound pic....Congrats
    Summer :0)

  2. You and your little bean are in my thoughts and prayers!!! I know he/she is just going to thrive!! Think positive!!! Can't wait to watch you grow!!

  3. Thinking all sorts of positive thoughts!! And, I'm obviously not one to talk, but I think that number sounds good -- especially if you're not sure how late you may have O'd. And, the fact that the doctor is confident is definitely a good thing.

    And, all your other symptoms sound spot on!! Hopefully you'll luck out and not get m/s. I know my mother always goes on about how she never did!

  4. Sounds very confusing and frustrating. Hopefully the ultrasound will answer some questions.

  5. I think this is one of those occasions where you need to try and trust your doctor. If there were concerns there would be losts more blood tests happening. *nods* Besides, while you are symptomatic and free of any type of haemorrhage, things should be progressing normally! As far as the U/S goes... what's the worst that can happen? You do in, it is a little too early and you back again a little while later. More opportunities to see your little *looks at guide* blueberry. :-D

    This is the one Sam! xxx

  6. Our ultrasounds are a couple of days apart how awesome! I'm sure you are a week or so ahead of me. I think Im 4 weeks and 3 days. My blood work on friday came back at 190 and my doctor also didn't want to do a second BETA. I have faith that both of our babies are perfect and growing =)

  7. May 12th is so early! You are lucky... most docs wait until 9 weeks at least unless you are considered high risk.

    Also, I think you ovulated much alter than CD 14. For someone that doesn't O on their own and took clomid, I bet it was at least a week later if not further back in your cycle. On my first ovulatory cycle on clomid I O'd on CD 22.

    Don't stress about the number. Also, if you are actually a few weeks behind, you might not see what you hope to see in the ultrasound, just remember that it is probably really 5 and a half-6 weeks pregnancy and you might not see a heartbeat, but you should see at least a gestational sac by then.

    Like Green Sprout said, more opportunities to see the baby!!!

  8. Sending well wishes your way!

  9. I've been keeping you in my thoughts!

  10. I'm going to guess that you're just a little off on your "O" date. Considering you had such a slow response to the Clomid on your CD12 ultrasound, I would think that you ovulated later than CD14 in your cycle. I know for me, I don't ovulate until CD16/17 on Clomid.

    So that's my guess. I'm sure your numbers are rockin', and I wanna see ultrasound pictures next week!