Sunday, May 30, 2010

9 Weeks!!!

How Far Along: 9 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a GREEN OLIVE to a PRUNE! That's bigger than an inch long!

Total Weight Gain: Zero

Maternity Clothes: YES!  This week I bought some maternity jeans with the full belly panel and they feel FANTASTIC!  They're still a bit too big in the bum and legs so I have to pull them up but it's so much nicer than my tummy feeling smushed!

Sleep: I am slowing down to only getting up about twice overnight rather than 3 or 4 times so that's a relief.  This will be my first week not watching W so I'm looking forward to sleeping in and midday naps!

Movement: Not able to be felt yet though baby is moving his/her arms because elbows are present now!!!

Food Cravings: FOOD AVERSIONS-  I normally LOVE Chinese food so we went out for it on Friday night... I took about one bite of each thing I normally love and that's how far I made it.  My stomach wasn't happy.  I guess sweet baby doesn't like Chinese!  Also, I can tell my tolerance for portion size is very different.  Yesterday we went to our favorite Mexican place and literally ate half of what I normally eat- at least I have leftovers for lunch!

What I Miss: Nothing really other than the sleeping

What I'm looking forward to: Our next appointment, hearing the heartbeat, getting a baby bump!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This that and the other

So my sister J got her HSG last month and all was clear so they told her she'd start meds on her next cycle which began on Sunday.  She went in yesterday for her cd3 baseline ultrasound and all was good to go so she starts the meds.  They have her taking 10 2.5mg Fe.mera pills ALL AT ONCE tonight and then she goes in next Wednesday for a follie check and when she's ready they'll do an HCG trigger.  Has anyone every heard of taking all 10 pills in one night?!  It kinda blew my mind but he has a really high success rate so hopefully it'll make for a good follie or two.

E's cousin M (the nice one that's pregnant not the stupid one who said she has things off just as bad as those having problems TTC) is exactly 5 weeks ahead of me so she's 13 1/2 weeks now.  She has been REALLY sick and getting progressively worse as the days go by.  I think she's already had over 10 ultrasounds because she has been to the doctor and ER so many times.  Well two weekends ago she was visiting her dad and ended up in the ER due to severe dehydration.  When she went to her first OB appt at 4 weeks she weighed 184lbs; at the ER visit she was down to 153!  Finally last week they did an ultrasound of her gallbladder and found it was packed solid of stones and needed to come out immediately.  I was terrified for her but she got out of surgery about an hour ago and she and the baby are both doing great now.  They're keeping her overnight to montior the baby (and I'm sure her) and then she'll get to go home tomorrow.  I can't imagine being that sick but hopefully this is the end of it and she'll start feeling much better!  I had mine out about two years ago and can't imagine having that pain on top of being pregnant.

And finally, yesterday I broke down and bought some maternity jeans.  At work I wear jeans and all of my current jeans are too tight in the belly for the bloat so I go to work with them unbuttoned and end the day with them unbuttoned AND unzipped so drumrolll please....
I tried on quite a few pair but the ones with just the short panel that rests under your belly are impossible to keep up and then the mid panel is uncomfortable across your belly button so this is the winner.  They're a little big in the bum and upper legs but the size down was a tad tight so I figured I'll grow into these.  Now the big test is to see if my shirts are long enough to cover the belly panel.  Good thing we don't have to tuck them in... how would you pull that off?  I just hope that my belly doesn't get super sweaty.  The material is really light so I think I'm ok but I am in Texas and it's already in the 90's and we're not even to June yet!

Oh, and I mentioned the hellaciously huge vitamins so here they are.  The pink are Once A Day Women's Prenatal with DHA... The wonderful packaged once are my nasty prescription Prenate DHA.  I told you they were huge!


I'm at the halfway point to my next visit so I'm hoping these next two weeks fly by!  I don't think I'll get another ultrasound but he will do the doppler so we can hear our sweet bean's heart beat!  I'll also be scheduling my NT scan.  I have to drive to Dallas for it because Dr P doesn't do it but I hear you get some AMAZING ultrasound pictures out of it and we will know more on how our baby is developing!

And lastly, one thing this hot Texas weather is great for-  OUR GARDEN!  Well it's at E's parent's house because it's huge and it's started producing.  So far we have green beans, onions, and yellow squash.  Soon to come: purple hull peas, black eyed peas, white squash, okra, tomatoes, hot peppers, and sweet peppers!  We also have apple, peach, plum and nectarine trees but we just put them in the ground last years so they probably won't produce until next season.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

8 weeks (finally!)!!!

How Far Along: 8 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a RASPBERRY to a GREEN OLIVE! Also, this week baby is about an inch long!

Total Weight Gain: None still, wahoo.

Maternity Clothes: No, I did buy some really cute cotton dresses last week that will accommodate a bump!

Sleep:  I had one good night where I only woke up once (I think I was dehydrated) but I'm still pretty much waking up every 2-3 hours...Naps are wonderful and this is my last week to watch W so I'll be taking advantage of midday naps VERY soon.

Movement: Still a few months away :/

Food Cravings: Fruit and Simply Orange orange pinneapple juice. YUM!

What I Miss: Sleeping though the night.  I guess it's time to get used to it though, body getting ready for baby!

What I'm looking forward to:  Our next appointment, still 3 more weeks away!  I am also ready to be able to tell more people but I want to wait until 12 or so weeks!

Milestones: We're finally 8 weeks!  Based on the original calculations we were 1 day away from being 8 weeks and then we were pushed backed to 6 weeks 3 days so it seems like it look forever to get here!

E story:  I got a text saying "did you know they make diapers that look like blue jeans?!?!?" I'm surprised he didn't already buy a box!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 weeks!!!(again) and Funny E Story

How Far Along: 7 weeks!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a BLUEBERRY to a RASPBERRY!

Total Weight Gain: Strong and steady at my pre-baby weight.  Dr P didn't say what he wanted me to not go over during the pregnany either. I am still trying my hardest to watch what I eat

Maternity Clothes: I'm not wearing them yet but I went to Target and was looking at the regular clearance clothes and they had a TON of maternity shirts for $4 each!  I got 3 long sleeved shirts, one in white, gray and then pink and then I got 3 more dressier shirts, black, pink and then purple.  I am really excited to get a bump in a few months to wear them!!!

Stretch Marks: No new ones- I think I'll leave this out until I start getting a bump from now on.

Sleep: Working nights the past two days REALLY messed things up but I was so tired I slept for about 4 hours at a time this morning!  I still can nap at the drop of a hat!

Movement: None felt but seeing the heartbeat was AMAZING knowing our little bean is growing in there!

Food Cravings: Still peanut butter!  This week I ate watermelon and oranges like crazy too!

What I Miss: My over the counter prenatals!  Dr P switched me to prescription ones and they are twice the size (and cost) as the ones I was taking.  I am not kidding- these things are huge! So much so that E asked if I was supposed to swallow them or use them somewhere else... Hahahaha.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  So many things! Our next appointment at 10 weeks, getting a bump, being able to feel our sweet baby, getting to find out boy or girl... it goes on and on.

Milestones: Seeing the heartbeat!  It was the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen in my life!  
Ok funny story time!  So we all remember how E got a bit nervous when we went in for that internal scan and he saw the wand so I figured this appointment would no big deal since he had already witnessed a vaginal ultrasound.  He was sitting in the corner of the room by my head and Dr P did my yearly exam and then the ultrasound.  After he left the room E asked me what in the world they were doing with that SHOEHORN? I had no idea what he was talking about and then I realized he was talking about the speculum! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It was one of the funniest moments of my married life.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing Cletus The Fetus!!!

Here is our sweet baby happy and healthy in the right spot!  Before the scan I told Dr P I felt like I may be about 10 days behind the "7weeks 6days" calculation from my last period since we had no follicles on the CD12 scan and my late BFP.  He started the ultrasound (as I held my breath) and told me I was right!  Our baby is measuring 6wks 3days AND WE COULD ALREADY SEE THE HEART JUST FLUTTERING AWAY!  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life!  Our new adjusted due date is 1/2/2011!  He said everything looks absolutely perfect for where we are and I go back on June 9th.  He said we will measure and hear the heartbeat so I'm not sure if that mean another ultrasound or if it means just measuring my uterus.  Regardless I am through the roof!

Enjoy our sweet baby:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've been a bad blooger!

Sorry for the lack of commenting lately, I have been reading everything but I just haven't had much time to comment.  I'm still thinkin of yall and praying for you daily!

I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers. I think they worked because since that one frantic post on Saturday (Thank God!) I haven't even had the slightest tinge on the toilet paper!  I'm thinking that when I got sick I must have just popped a blood vessel or something because I haven't had any problems since.  I hope everything stays that way. 

OUR FIRST ULTRASOUND IS TOMORROW so I'm praying we will see our bean snuggled in tightly and growing right on track!  Hopefully we really are 8 weeks Thursday and we'll be able to see the heartbeat but I'm expecting to only be 6 1/2 or 7 weeks and not quite big enough  to see that flutter yet.  I'm also due for my yearly so I'm sure we'll be at the Dr's office for quite some time. 

As symptoms go, I haven't had any major nausea since Saturday overnight and when it does start to come on it's just when I haven't eaten for a while and some crackers curb it.  I am still INCREDIBLY tired and struggle to make it through my 10 hour shifts at work.  I just woke up from sleeping 11 1/2 hours and I will probably take a nap here in a little bit!  My boobs are incredibly tender and I think my nipples get bigger (and darker) by the day.  I woke up from laying on my stomach (don't worry, I'm normally always on my sides!) and my chest was so sore it made me gasp!  Emotions are a bit up and down but E seems to be hanging in there pretty well.

I don't have W for the next two days so I'm going to enjoy sleeping and getting the house cleaned up.  E has already started moving things out of the bedroom that is currently set up as the office into the spare bedroom because the old office room will be the baby's room!  Right now E's mom, my mom, and my grandma have already offered to buy the crib!  I told them that one can get the crib, one the dresser and one the bedding.  It is such a blessing to have family that is so excited!

And I leave you with this... E had been talking about selling his 4-wheeler for a while because we never have time to ride it anymore and Sunday when I was reading the paper I saw this... "Like new w/warranty left, ‘08 Polaris Sportsman X2 500 H.O. EFI 4x4. Baby on the way, no time to ride."  That man still finds ways to melt my heart.  I knew he was putting it in the paper but had no idea he'd throw our sweet little bean out there!  I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I just went to the bathroom and there was brownish pink when I wiped.  I know the doctor said not to worry if it's not bright red but what if this is the start of bright red?  How do I NOT worry?  I called in today after being up all night and I told E we're going to the hospital if anything changes.  I hope my bean is ok... please be ok.

Flu or Morning Sickness?

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had been run over.  My whole body was sore and achy but as the day went on I got better. 

About an hour ago I woke up feeling SUPER beat up and nauseous and then went on to throw up so badly i busted a blood vessel in my eye.  Ouch.

I'm really not thinking this is morning sickness though because does morning sickness wake you up in the middle of the night? AND the aches and chills... so I'm thinking maybe flu?  I don't have a fever (I'm watching that closely) so I guess right now it's just a wait and see what happens. 

So I'm sipping on ginger ale, cuddled in a heavy blanket and catching up on TV!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 7 weeks!!!

How Big is The Baby: This week baby is growing from the size of a BLUEBERRY to a RASPBERRY!

Total Weight Gain: I gained last week's 2 pounds back so I'm back to what I was before we found out.  I know it's too early to gain weight but maybe last week was just a wrong scale reading

Maternity Clothes: I did have to buy a new bra so I went ahead and got a maternity bra but otherwise we're still good to go.  I do have a few pair of pants I've already put away though. Baby bloat!

Stretch Marks: No new ones

Sleep: Since E bought me the body pillow I don't have much problem falling back asleep.  No matter what time I go to bed I pretty much wake up like clockwork at 11:30pm, 2:30am, and 5:30am to pee.
Movement: We're still a while away but I am so excited for when I feel the first flutter!

Food Cravings: PEANUT BUTTER!  On toast, on waffles, with bananas... with anything, YUM!

What I Miss: Having sex?  I'm scared to.  I know it's ok but I'm terrified of something going wrong and thinking that I caused it. I have read over and over that you can rarely physically do something that will cause you to miscarry but I still am not comfortable enough with that thought to try something.  Plus, I'm tired and my boobs are so sore that I don't even feel in the mood.  Poor E!


Milestones: 7weeks! I think that sounds good! This week baby bean is over half an inch long and already is getting toes and fingers and baby's brain is growing... E and I are so brilliant so I know it's quite busy making room for all of those smarts!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best Husband In The World!!!

At night I wake up like clockwork to pee.  11:30pm, 2:30am, and 5:30am.  It doesn't bother me at all because I know it means my little bean is producing hormones to make my kidneys work in overdrive as well as my uterus is growing and smushing my bladder. The problem (please don't think I'm complaining, I'm just setting up this story to tell you how great E is) is it has been taking me 30-45 minutes to fall back asleep each time.  I know I don't have anything near a baby bump yet but I'm still pretty bloated and my boobs are so sore it makes it pretty difficult to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep.  Yes, I know it will only get worse!

Ok, so last night I was so tired we went to bed at 8pm; it was still bright outside!  Anyway, I'm about to lay down and E said before I turned off the light he needed to give me something and he pulled this out!
He said he knew I was having a hard time sleeping and thought this may help.  He said it was going to be my Mother's Day present but he didn't want me to toss and turn all week!!!  I of course busted out crying and then we layed in bed (with me spooning my amazing pillow) and talked about nurseries and baby names and everything.  I am so blessed to be experiencing this with such an amazing man.  I cannot wait to see him with his child!!!

I don't know if it was all in my head but last night I was able to fall back asleep immediately and today I took a great nap on the couch- all with the help of my great pillow.  It was $50 at Target but I would have paid twice that!

I still haven't gotten sick although W's parents did some landscaping over the weekend and I nearly lost my breakfast walking to the door because it reeked of dog poo.  They said there was no manure but I promise you there is something.. Eck!

Oh... so when I went bra shopping a few weeks ago I told you my shock to find out I was really DDD rather than a double... Today I went to Motherhood because I'm busting out of my brand new bra (luckily I only took the tag off of one so I can return the other one now) and tried on some... I now wear a F.  F as in are you FREAKING kidding me?!  I'm not even two months along!!! At least the rest of the boob is starting to catch up to those expanding nipples.  The new one is a LITTLE big but I'm sure it'll be filled in the next few months!

Oh- so my tracker up top says 6wks and 5days yet my how big is baby says 7wks... They both have my due date set the same so I'm really confused.  Any explanations?  I really think after our appointment next week we'll be pushing back the due date closer to 12/30 though...

Monday, May 3, 2010


I think it sounds low... especially if we're going with a normal ovulation but if I ovulated on time (cd14) then I don't think my tests on cd28 and cd 32 would have been negative.  Since I got a very light positive on cd37 I think that I probably ovulated about 2 weeks before that (meaning I O'd around cd23/9 days late) which would be around 4/9 and that puts my beta draw at about 17dpo which I think 135 is a low number for.  I could be calculating completely wrong though and could have O'd even later.  Dr P's office seems to think that everything is ok and that level is perfectly ok and they don't think we need to do draws for a doubling time and they don't want me coming in until MY FIRST ULTRASOUND ON MAY 12TH!  I guess that's good news. 

Now I'm worried though that since the number was low I'm a week if not more behind what I'm calculated to be based on my last period and we won't be able to see as much at the ultrasound.  Based on my last period I'd be 7wks 6days.  Hopefully we'll get to see our sweet little bean's heartbeat!  I know that will make me feel better.

I STILL haven't gotten sick (maybe I'm just one of those lucky women like my mother that never gets morning sickness) but have the extremely sore (and growing) boobs, frequent trips to the bathroom, restless nights, extreme fatigue and crazy emotions so I hope that means all is ok and our bean is growing nice and strong. 

Please continue to pray that everything is going well for us!!!

Still no numbers, Really!?

So here we are ONE WEEK after my blood draw and I still don't even have anything.  I am a BIT ticked off... I understand the office was closed Thursday and Friday but they should have gotten the results by Tuesday or Wednesday and even if they didn't you would have thought they would have called me earlier today. 

Even if, Heaven forbid, my levels were low it will mean nothing now because it has been a WEEK and we will have to start all over with a new blood draw and then another in 48 hours and I may not get those answers for who knows how long.  Ugh!  I know it's not the office's fault that they had to send it off but you'd think the nurse would have checked on it by now...

 I was thinking about calling them if I haven't heard anything by 3 and asking for them to draw again and use the hospital lab (so I'd have the results tonight) and I'll just pay out of pocket but if they already drew it last week and billed my insurance why should I have to pay to get it done again?!