Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly weight update

Gained .6 pounds.  I'm ok with that.  This week is "telecommunicator appreciation week" and this year's theme is Fiesta so yesterday my boss brought us mexican food and that is my major weakness.  Also, I went to that birthday party over the weekend and all they had were burgers and chips so I wasn't expecting anything- oh and since I didn't go to work E made a pancake breakfast!  Looking back on all that I'm surprised I didn't gain 6 pounds!  The way I see it is they say you'll lose on average 1-2 lbs a week and most weeks I lose more than that so it's to be expected that some weeks I won't lose any and if I slack I'll gain. But it's a new week and next week I will lose weight!

W's dad is a police officer and his days off rotate. Lately though, he has been working every tues-thurs so I haven't had a day off in forever.  Today W's dad is off and has him and it was very much needed for me!  I slept in until 9:30 which was wonderful and have spent the past two hours deep cleaning the house.  It's cool outside and super breezy so I have the windows open and the house smells so fresh!

Sunday the wire in my last bra popped in half so I'm about to have to go out and throw down some major money for new ones.  I think my problem is I only buy 2 at a time normally so they wear out pretty fast.  E told me to go out and induldge and buy 5 so they last longer.  I will either get 4 or 6 because I get them at la.ne br.yant thanks to the DD's I sport and they're buy one get one 1/2 off so it only makes sense to get an even number of them.  I hate to buy so many though when I'm losing weight but they haven't gotten any bigger since I've put on weight and just like my mom, whenever I lose weight they NEVER get smaller.  I guess it's a good thing I'm not a skinny minny because I'd be super top heavy!  My around size may change though so I might just get my normal 2 for now.  We'll see.

TTC front is the same. I think I was a day off on my last few posts; today is cd27 and I'm almost positive nothing is coming on its own.  On Monday I can start pr.overa and that means my last pill will be the next Thursday and then cd1 should be anywhere between May 1st and May 8th making a 45+ day cycle.  At least each month is progressively shorter but I just hate that we're waisting that much time before going on to the next cycle.  You'd think they'd figure out a med that would make you start the next day or something!

As far as IPS go my boobs are still super sore (bra shopping should be fun) and that's about it.  I'm guessing it's just hormones. Whomp whomp!

The mail JUST came and my test strips were delivered for my fertility monitor!!!


  1. My DH and I have the same conversation about bras! I hate buying bras...

  2. I agree, bra buying isn't always fun. DH bought me four new ones for Christmas which was wonderful!

    I hate wasting time in between cycles as well - totally not fair or good time management. haha!

  3. Yay for maintaining weight! That's just as hard for PCOSers as losing weight! So definitely something to celebrate!

    Sorry for the super long cycle, I completely get the feeling of waiting and feeling like you're wasting time. Hoping the Provera works super quickly for you!

  4. I buy at Ln Brnt too and always wait for those sales. You're lucky you don't lose from the boobs. If I lose 10 pounds it's 5 out of each cup. So glad you had some time off! Sounds like you needed it. Wouldn't worry about the weight, ups and downs...that's life all over.

  5. Awww man, I was hoping we'd be cycle twins this month. They've already got me on the 'mid, so I'll be mid-cycle by the time you start.

    Ugh, don't get me started on clothes buying right now. But a good bra is sooooo important, so I hope you get yourself a couple of great ones.

  6. My DDD's make me shop at Lane Bryant too. I know what you mean about only buying two at a time, but isn't it the best when you actually get new ones? Hope your AF shows up before you have to take provera!