Saturday, April 10, 2010

Told you so! It's ok though, really!


But it wasn't a surprise to me.  As I said before, I really don't think I O'd therefore there is no chance of pregnancy this month and even if I did it would probably be too early for a positive home test.  So the plan- today is cd23 so I will test late next week and if I haven't gotten a positive test or started by a week from this Monday I will call Dr P for a refill on pr.overa and beg ask for 150mg of cl.omid rather than the 100mg we orginally talked about.  I will also ask if he can go ahead and order E's SA since we'll have plenty of revovery time before needing to put those little guys to work.

MAYBE the 50mg of 'mid gave me enough hormones that these symptoms are just PMS and I'll be starting on my own without pr.overa. Even that would be nice.  Not anywhere close to a BFP but at least it's better than having to wait through 10 days of meds and then waiting for those meds to make me actually start.

I took half a day off today because my cousin's daughter's 1st birthday is at 11 today and it was SO nice to be able to lay in bed and talk with E this morning. On days he works I'm still sleeping and then on the weekends I'm waking up for work when he is still sleeping so it was really REALLY nice!  It cooled back off outside after a few days in the 80s so we had the windows open and woke up all nice and toasty under the covers in a chilly room- I love it!  Thankfully this part of the family (my mom's brother's family) never has kids until their 30s so they if anything think E and I should wait a few more years to start trying and they have no idea we are already trying so I shouldn't get the question at all.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Sorry girl =( Don't give up!! Keep trying!! =) Lots of baby dust your way!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry about the BFN, but even if you did O it would probably be too early.

    I hate to rain on your parade, but I really doubt your doc will skip 100mg and go on to 150mg. You run the risk of OHSS and if that happens, it can be very painful and you have to go on a TTC break.

    I know that it's really hard to be patient, but really it's what's best for you and the 100mg is enough for tons of people.

    Best of luck and baby dust!

  3. I'm so sorry! I hope AF starts on her own! Next month will be the month, especially with the higher dose of clomid! Good luck and have fun at the birthday party!

  4. Well, yay, for your good attitude! So difficult to be patient and work through the steps of IF. Hope you won't have too many steps to go through. Have a great weekend

  5. So sorry. :( But, definitely a good attitude and I hope things move forward quickly!!

  6. Hope AF shows up soon so you can get on to the next cycle!

  7. Snap! Well nothing lost and at least know for sure where you stand. Was thinking, for a little while there I used to get PMS symptoms right before ovulation as well. I still do to a degree, just limited largely to the emotional fluxes. But I did used to get sore, swollen boobs, emotional rediculousness and constipation a little more than normal although not necessarily enough for me make note of it. So maybe there is still some home ahead?? Either way, if your body is doing hormonal things it is a good thing... they just need enough of a suggestion to walk the walk as well! :-)

    It will happen Sam - power on!

  8. I'm sorry, but it will happen. I think 150mg of Clomid is a great idea. Keeping my fingers crossed for you =)

  9. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate your support more than you probably know!