Monday, April 26, 2010

No numbers yet (again)

Well I went in today for my beta blood draw but unfortunately they have to use a send off lab because of my insurance so no answers today.  Today's pee stick was darker though so that makes me feel better!  I hope they call me tomorrow with the results and if not it better be Wednesday because they're always closed Thursday and this week on Friday too and I'll be a mess all weekend if I haven't heard.  Dr P's nurse said that they think everything will be fine and the only reason I'll have to come in for a second draw is if today's numbers are low.  She told me the cramping is completely normal, it's just my uterus already growing.  Based on what the numbers say we'll have my first ultrasound on May 12th at "7weeks 6days" or push it back for the next week.  I REALLY think I'm a week behind what my estimated due date from my last period shows because the test I took at cd32 was negative and then the one on cd37 was positive so I'm thinking I O'd (OMG I O'D!) about a week late.

So, get ready to get royally pissed off.  E's cousin (the older brother to the one who is newly pregnant) is married to a girl-we'll call her M- who is always better,smarter, prettier than everyone else kind of thing.  Tonight she called to congratulate us and was talking about her cousin who has been dealing with IF for three years.  M then goes to say that she is just as bad off as her cousin and I BECAUSE ANYTIME SHE GETS OFF THE PILL OR QUITS USING CONDOMS SHE INSTANTLY GETS PREGNANT...WHAT THE FUCK?! (Sorry, that word is completely necessary here!)  How the hell is getting pregnant whenever you want to anywhere close to not being able to get pregnant on your own or in her cousin's case, even with medical help?!?! I swear if we would've been talking in person I very well might have slapped her and I have never hit a person in my life.  Thankfully they live about 3 hours away and we rarely see them. Ugh, just ugh!

Oh, and I never mentioned because I got my BFP the same day I got E's SA results.  Apparently his count is low at 20 million swimmers (60-200 is normal)  but everything else looked ok.  I think if he'd change his undies and ditch the wrangler's his number would come out but it looks like we won't have to worry about that! 

As always, thank you so much for all the sweet comments and please keep praying that our bean is sticking around until December and is growing to be super healthy!


  1. I'm sure the number is going to come back amazing! FC for a great and healthy pregnancy =)

  2. M sucks! How is that remotely the same thing????

    And good job getting preggers even with the low numbers, obvi it didn't matter at all!

  3. Praying for nice numbers and a sticky baby for you.

  4. Here to great numbers coming back!

  5. Thinking great thoughts for good numbers.

    And, seriously, M sucks...

  6. M sucks. End of story.

    I'm so impressed you got PG with those numbers!!! I can't wait for you to get the beta results. Everything will be fine. :)

  7. Wow - some people just don't think before they spew do they? Poor M - no issues getting pregnant - you're right - LIFE IS AWFUL.

    Glad to hear things are going wonderfully with your bean!

  8. I'm #4 to say M sucks!

    I'm praying for your bean the stay sticky and healthy!!

  9. Thinking high beta thoughts for you. Waiting sucks big time. M. sucks crapass. Good thing you don't have to throw away the tighty whiteys and the wranglers. You have your miricle even with low sperm!