Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nannying dilema

As I've mentioned many times before I watch W, an 8 month old boy, on my day's off which are Tues-Thurs.  When I first agreed to do so his dad was off normally one of those three days each week and I would only watch him all three days about once a month.  Since then, his dad got a promotion so he's pretty much working all week every week which means I work 7 days a week.  I love watching him but my sleep habits and house work is starting to suffer.  In addition to that, I am having more and more dr appointments to go to for this whole infertility business and hopefully I'll soon be having montly pregnancy appointments.  Also, when I do get pregnant (hopefully sooner rather than later) I'm going to want to enjoy my pregnancy and I think that will be hard to do working 40 hours at my real job Fri-Mon and then chasing a baby for 7 hours a day Tues-Thurs. 

I don't want to schedule all my appointments for days at my real job and use all my sick time (plus you can't decide what day of the week cd12 is going to be)  but I feel so guilty telling her I need someone else to watch him or I need to leave early.  With the summer coming up, we're planning on spending a LOT of time on the boat and we can't do that with a baby too well either. 

So, I've pretty much decided that I am going to ask his mom to find new arrangements but I don't know how to say it.  I am SUCH a chicken and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but it has really gotten too much to handle for myself.  I have no timeline on when I really need her to find someone else so I won't be putting her in a desperate situation.  Any advice on how to bring it up?!


  1. Just tell her the truth, it's just too much and your sleep and home are suffering. One full time job is more than enough for anyone. You could soften it by offering to be her back up in case the new person needs a day off or something. I'm sure you'll still want to see W from time to time anyway. It's a tough thing to bring up but I'm sure they will understand.

  2. I think you should tell her the truth as well. You need time to rest specially if you get pregnant soon you are going to be so tired after working 40 hours, and taking care of a child is a full time job..you don't stop! I'm sure she will understand.

  3. I agree with the other girls. Honest and straight forward is the best approach. Given that she has employed you because managing her own life is difficult, it would be quite profoundly hypocritical to give you a hard time for requesting the opportunity to manage your own life better! And of course, give her all the feel goods about how much you have enjoyed the experience etc. :-)

  4. I agree as well! Be honest, tell her you are burning out working all those days and things in your own life are suffering.
    It'll be worth it in the end, and I'm sure they'll find someone to replace you.
    Good luck!!