Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nannying dilema Solved

I had to add this in here but was so tickled by my candy reference I couldn't get it in that last one.  I really hope someone got a kick out of it because I think it's hysterical!

I told W's parents I was pregnant because I thought I was going to have to go to the get another blood draw on Wednesday so I would have had to drop him off with someone else.  His dad told me that he understands how hard pregnancy can be on your body and how much there is to be done and that I needed to not feel guilty about telling them if I couldn't watch him much longer.  I told him E and I would talk about it and I would get back with him.  Well today he told me that there is a daycare in their town that has an opening in June and if needed, they'll sign him up.  Tearfully I told him that'd probably be best.  This way I can get our house ready for our baby and have enough time to take care of myself as well.  I won't have to worry about scheduling my dr appointments around when I am watching him.  I made his dad promise me that he and his wife will go on dates once or twice a month so I can watch him still.  I love that little man so much and am so sad that I won't be seeing him every week but I know it'll be for the best.

W's mom texted me saying how sad she was because W is so happy around me!  Made me cry again!

Oh, on the way down to watch him Tuesday I saw a billboard that I'm sure I've driven past a million times but had never read.  The verse differs based on which translation you use but the billboard said...

"Give all your worries to Him  for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Just what I needed to see!  It is amazing how you see things right when you need to see them!


  1. I'm glad you got that worry all figured out!

  2. I am glad everything worked itself out. Maybe you can still take him out now and then even if the parents don't go on a date.

  3. One less thing to worry about. Hey I'm pregnant too!!! WOHOOOOO

  4. One less thing, more time to prepare for baby. You'll still see the little guy from time to time.