Thursday, April 8, 2010

IPS, really?

So first of all I am pretty positive I did NOT ovulate this month due to my horrible ultrasound and the lack of any O symptoms (no twinges or positive OPKs or anything) but for some reason I still have imaginary pregnancy symptoms...
  • I am EXTREMELY tired.  I have been sleeping at night same as always but have had the hardest time keeping my eyes open.  Yesterday I took an hour nap when I got home from watching W and today I feel asleep while he was napping.  I'm normally up until about 10:30 but here it is 8:30 and I am ready for bed.
  • I almost threw up yesterday while brushing my teeth and then the smells of Wa.lmart made me SUPER queasy this evening.
  • Mood.Swings.  Poor E, I am up one minute and down the next. I haven't taken cl.omid in two weeks so I know I can't blame that but I feel like something has taken over my emotions.
  • I have been starving but I go to eat and nothing sounds good- except for peanut butter which I have been craving all week long.
  • My boobs are sore.  This may be from pushing on them to see if they're sore but I think the soreness came before the pushing.
My 2ww has turned to a 1ww but today is only cd22 and even if I did O on or around day 15 it'd still be too early to have symptoms so why the heck is my body doing this to me?!  At first I had thought I would test on this Saturday, cd24 but I'm going to try and wait until next Wednesday, cd28.  We will see how that turns out because I have a drawer full of dollar store cheapies and they are really tempting plus well all know about my POAS addiction. I have pretty much zero hope for this cycle sadly but I need that BFN to start pr.overa again.  I will wait until I'm around cd34 just in case I O'd late and if I still have a BFN I will call for the prescription.  I hate that it will be another close to 50 day cycle but Dr P wants me to be a week late before starting the pr.overa. 

Oh!  I went to the drug store to buy the strips for my fertility monitor that I got for $15 and the strips were 50 bucks! WHAT!??! So I got some on ebay (new box that expires in '11) for $32 including shipping.  They should be here in the middle of next week so I'll have the lovely monitor to show me WHEN the cl.omid works next time.  I figure if I'm so down about this cycle being a bust I can at least be hopeful for next!


  1. If you're using the CBEFM, and usually have pretty decent deals on the sticks.

    I know what you mean about IPS - I'm trying not to get all crazy analytical during my 2ww. Trying being the key word. Urggh...

  2. You never know.... our bodys are imperfect machines when it comes to reproduction. Must also remember that you introduced a new drug into your system for a short time and although it may not have had the degree of desired success, it may have impacted on how you experience things...

    I don't want to put potentially false hope but what just be aware that you can't necessarily rule it out and justifiably so. :-)

    I'm not so secretly hoping that you'll be posting about a surprise BFP soon from those Easter eggs!

  3. Yeah, I wish that our bodies would only give us those symptoms when it really means something!! I really hope it means something for you and your body is just tricking you with the "lack" of O'ing. :)

  4. Holy crap that is $$$ for strips! Good for you for finding that awesome deal on them. I hope it works for you. I hope those IPS are actually something!

  5. I feel you on the symptoms. Hard not to analyze every little twinge. never know......that was a lot of baby dancing and it was Easter and eggs ARE everywhere.