Friday, April 30, 2010


Just wanted to wish congrats to some of my blog ladies that have just gotten their BFP!

Rebecca over at Trying Not to Scream got her surprise BFP while taking a "break" and waiting to get in to start IVF!

Dear Diary at Dear God we Want a Baby Please got her digital BFP today!

Patrish at Big Belly or Bust also got her BFP this week

I could have sworn there was a 4th but cannot think of it to save my life... please remind me and I am so sorry that I forgot.  It's this pregnancy brain!  I am really thinking that we'll be reading about another BFP next week over at The Baby Race!

I came home to a delicious grilled supper and now the hubs and I are watching Avatar.  He told me he knows the baby likes ice cream so we're having pecan cobbler and vanilla ice cream in a bit.  I know I shouldn't but it's ok to do it every once in a while.

Oh, and today I told my boss we're expecting so that she'd understand the dr appointments, frequent bathroom trips, and constant yawning!  She was very supportive and excited for us and promised to keep things quiet until I'm ready to let everyone know.

Lord please let our bean keep growing!


  1. Thank you! And a big CONGRATULATIONS right back at you! Hopefully we can all be a wealth of support for each other as we embark on this adventure.

    What a sweet hubby.....hope you guys have a wonderful evening.

  2. Thank you!!! :) YUM for peach cobbler and ice cream. Seriously, all I want right now is ice cream and salt -- it's like PMS*50 and I know I probably shouldn't do it...

  3. Wow - Spring is in the air! So glad you're one of those who are expecting. (Was your #4 Kate at Busted Plumbing?)

  4. Congrats too all of you guys! Hoping I can join the club soon.

  5. Thank you so much!!!!!! I pray that we have awesome pregnancies and very healthy babies =)