Friday, April 30, 2010


Just wanted to wish congrats to some of my blog ladies that have just gotten their BFP!

Rebecca over at Trying Not to Scream got her surprise BFP while taking a "break" and waiting to get in to start IVF!

Dear Diary at Dear God we Want a Baby Please got her digital BFP today!

Patrish at Big Belly or Bust also got her BFP this week

I could have sworn there was a 4th but cannot think of it to save my life... please remind me and I am so sorry that I forgot.  It's this pregnancy brain!  I am really thinking that we'll be reading about another BFP next week over at The Baby Race!

I came home to a delicious grilled supper and now the hubs and I are watching Avatar.  He told me he knows the baby likes ice cream so we're having pecan cobbler and vanilla ice cream in a bit.  I know I shouldn't but it's ok to do it every once in a while.

Oh, and today I told my boss we're expecting so that she'd understand the dr appointments, frequent bathroom trips, and constant yawning!  She was very supportive and excited for us and promised to keep things quiet until I'm ready to let everyone know.

Lord please let our bean keep growing!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nannying dilema Solved

I had to add this in here but was so tickled by my candy reference I couldn't get it in that last one.  I really hope someone got a kick out of it because I think it's hysterical!

I told W's parents I was pregnant because I thought I was going to have to go to the get another blood draw on Wednesday so I would have had to drop him off with someone else.  His dad told me that he understands how hard pregnancy can be on your body and how much there is to be done and that I needed to not feel guilty about telling them if I couldn't watch him much longer.  I told him E and I would talk about it and I would get back with him.  Well today he told me that there is a daycare in their town that has an opening in June and if needed, they'll sign him up.  Tearfully I told him that'd probably be best.  This way I can get our house ready for our baby and have enough time to take care of myself as well.  I won't have to worry about scheduling my dr appointments around when I am watching him.  I made his dad promise me that he and his wife will go on dates once or twice a month so I can watch him still.  I love that little man so much and am so sad that I won't be seeing him every week but I know it'll be for the best.

W's mom texted me saying how sad she was because W is so happy around me!  Made me cry again!

Oh, on the way down to watch him Tuesday I saw a billboard that I'm sure I've driven past a million times but had never read.  The verse differs based on which translation you use but the billboard said...

"Give all your worries to Him  for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Just what I needed to see!  It is amazing how you see things right when you need to see them!

6 weeks pregnant!

How Far Along:  6 weeks!!!

How Big is The Baby:  Depending on the website, somewhere between a SWEET PEA  and a BLUEBERRY!

Total Weight Gain: Lost 2 lbs.  I'm not dieting anymore but I don''t have much of an appetite... Crackers are really tasty and I don't really have any food "aversions" but I find myself just picking at bland food all day long

Maternity Clothes: Not anywhere close although my jeans that normally sit low are uncomfortable so I've been wearing work out pants or clothes that are too big so thye don't push on my lower tummy!  There's no way our blueberry bean is making me bigger yet, it's just bloat!

Stretch Marks: No new ones

Sleep: I am absolutely exhausted and naps go over well but no matter how tired I am at night it takes a very long time to get comfortable and then I wake up once or twice to go to the bathroom.  I am so also considerably hotter than I ever have been and find myself waking up kicking off the covers!

Movement: Nope. I can't wait for that day though!!!

Food Cravings: Something will sound good and then it's gone.  It's still early and I have plenty of time for these to come along!

What I Miss: A good night's sleep.  It is worth it but if you're asking that's all I can think of!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Getting my beta levels back although I feel much better about everything since I got my super dark test and of course our first visit.  I can't believe I have to wait 2 more weeks!

Milestones: 6 weeks! I think that sounds good!  This week baby bean is busy developing eyes and a sweet little nose!

Well Dr P's office called yesterday only to say that they hadn't gotten the blood levels back yet and they're always closed Thursday's.  Of course the week I'm waiting for an answer they're closed Friday too so I won't hear anything until Monday.  Like I said though, since I got that super dark pee stick I feel so much better.  The cramping is almost gone, I only feel it once or twice a day.  I am extremely tired and I think I pee at least hourly if not more. ****TMI ALERT**** I always used to think I wouldn't be able to nurse because my actual nipple was pretty small.  Well not anymore!  I was trying to think of a comparison and I guess they used to stick out like M&M's... now they're like Dots!  Sorry I had to share!
Haha and if that wasn't enough of a mental picture- here you go!
Photobucket Photobucket
I hope I made you giggle and didn't completely gross you out!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The difference 5 days makes

Sorry, the old tests are turning yellow but I am so excited.  Lets just hope they call today with my blood results and they support this!

I am so glad it finally got so dark because it was my last test!

First test and this morning's test (which today's I don't even know if it is considered FMU because I woke up twice before to pee)

The progression!

Monday, April 26, 2010

No numbers yet (again)

Well I went in today for my beta blood draw but unfortunately they have to use a send off lab because of my insurance so no answers today.  Today's pee stick was darker though so that makes me feel better!  I hope they call me tomorrow with the results and if not it better be Wednesday because they're always closed Thursday and this week on Friday too and I'll be a mess all weekend if I haven't heard.  Dr P's nurse said that they think everything will be fine and the only reason I'll have to come in for a second draw is if today's numbers are low.  She told me the cramping is completely normal, it's just my uterus already growing.  Based on what the numbers say we'll have my first ultrasound on May 12th at "7weeks 6days" or push it back for the next week.  I REALLY think I'm a week behind what my estimated due date from my last period shows because the test I took at cd32 was negative and then the one on cd37 was positive so I'm thinking I O'd (OMG I O'D!) about a week late.

So, get ready to get royally pissed off.  E's cousin (the older brother to the one who is newly pregnant) is married to a girl-we'll call her M- who is always better,smarter, prettier than everyone else kind of thing.  Tonight she called to congratulate us and was talking about her cousin who has been dealing with IF for three years.  M then goes to say that she is just as bad off as her cousin and I BECAUSE ANYTIME SHE GETS OFF THE PILL OR QUITS USING CONDOMS SHE INSTANTLY GETS PREGNANT...WHAT THE FUCK?! (Sorry, that word is completely necessary here!)  How the hell is getting pregnant whenever you want to anywhere close to not being able to get pregnant on your own or in her cousin's case, even with medical help?!?! I swear if we would've been talking in person I very well might have slapped her and I have never hit a person in my life.  Thankfully they live about 3 hours away and we rarely see them. Ugh, just ugh!

Oh, and I never mentioned because I got my BFP the same day I got E's SA results.  Apparently his count is low at 20 million swimmers (60-200 is normal)  but everything else looked ok.  I think if he'd change his undies and ditch the wrangler's his number would come out but it looks like we won't have to worry about that! 

As always, thank you so much for all the sweet comments and please keep praying that our bean is sticking around until December and is growing to be super healthy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spilling the beans (about our baby bean!)

So E and I decided that we wanted the people most important to us to know ASAP.  My mom's birthday was Saturday so when I got off work I ran to Target and got her a card and a onesie... when we got to her house she came outside and began reading the card and she said "I'm not a grandma!?!" then it hit her.  It was perfect and just as I would have hoped!!!


As you long time followers know, I am VERY accident prone and tend to have to go to urgent care often for stitches and what not so E decided that he wanted to tell his parents by getting in the truck and saying, "well I thought we'd paid off all of the hospital bills for a while but ol' accident prone went and got pregnant!"  I have never seen his dad smile as big as he did!  His mom was already talking about going shopping for our little bean!

My best friend and I have been besties for 17 years so I sent her a picture of my tests and said Goodmoring Aunt Bestie!  She texted me back and forth in complete shock and then called me a few hours later to make sure it wasn't a dream!  The other friend that I wanted to know didn't answer her phone when I called her this afternoon so I texted her husband and asked him to have her call me.  She called from his phone saying she'd left her phone at home and I asked her "why did you leave your phone at home the day I call to tell you I'm pregnant?!??!"

We told E's grandparents by telling them we may miss Christmas Eve because we'll be in the hospital having their great grandbaby.  We told my Grandma and Uncle by telling my uncle that this October may be E's last out of state hunting trip for a while because we're expecting and my nana squealed!  It was so cute!!!

As for the test, yesterday's was a LOT darker than Friday's but I don't think today's has gotten any darker.  I go in tomorrow at 10am for a beta level so pray I get a good number and an even better number on Wednesday.  E says I've taken more tests since I've found out than I ever took before.  You only thought the POAS additction went away after you saw the double line!  I'm still really worried because the line isn't as dark as the control...

They look much darker than what they show in the picture but still not as dark as the control...

I am EXTREMELY tired but somewhat restless at night and I am much hotter than normal.  Today I walked past someone's lunch that had a pickle on the tray and almost lost it right there.  I'm not nearly as crampy as I was Thursday and Friday but have felt a few twinges.  Every time I pee I check for spotting... I hope I get over that.  Please Lord, let our bean be sticky and growing well!

Tonight E asked to walk through the baby aisles at Walmart!

I will update as soon as I have my blood results back.  They should also schedule my first ultrasound tomorrow!

Please keep praying for this pregnancy and know that I pray for each one of you every day!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

You all are AMAZING!

Thank you SO much for the wonderful thoughts and wishes.  You mean so much to me!  I understand how hard it is to read about pregnancy when you're dealing with IF and understand if you choose to not follow my blog anymore.  I still pray for all of you daily and can't wait to see your BFP!

I am still slightly panicked because I'm having quite a bit of dull cramping down there and everytime I go to pee (which is more often than normal) I check for spotting on the toilet paper.  I am terrified about the effect of pr.overa because of the chance of birth defects or miscarriage but as Dr P's nurse said, it's already been taken and there's nothing we can do about it now so try not to worry... if only it were that easy!  I am going to take another test with my first morning urine tomorrow and I hope the line is darker.  I go in Monday for a beta blood draw to check out my numbers.  I just wish I wouldn't have been so impatient and would have waiting until cd35 to start pr.overa rather than cd32 and then I would have only taken 2 pills.  It will be ok!

We have decided we want our parents to know what's going even so early because if heaven forbid something does go wrong, we want them to know.  So tomorrow for my mother's birthday we will be going over to see her to tell her we are pregnant with her first grandchild!  I am going to go try to find a onesie or bib that says something about grandma :D. 

Tomorrow night we're going to E's cousin's engagement party and riding with his parents and he is going to break the news to them then!

As for everyone else we will wait until our first ultrasound and tell close friends and the rest of the family and then come out to everyone once we get to my second trimester.  As for my first ultrasound, Dr P doesn't do one until 8-10 weeks along and I had my yearly appointment set up for 5/12 which would put me at 7 weeks 6 days so hopefully I can just keep that appointment! 

According to almost every site I'm due 12/23/10 and 5 weeks 1 day pregnant! Some sites are saying 12/22 so I'm not sure.  Why iphone app "what to expect when you're expecting" shows the 23rd and that our baby is the size of a sweet pea!!!

Please continue to pray for a healthy sticky pregnancy!


My IPS never have gone away and I have had a lot of cramping and "fullness"... This morning I took a dollar store cheapy just because I needed some peace of mind and went to sleep after taking it without looking (I woke up at 5 to pee) and when I woke up THERE IS THE FAINTEST SECOND LINE!  I just took a first response test AND THERE IS A FAINT SECOND LINE.  What in the world?!  This has NEVER happened!  Am I really pregnant?! I have been on pr.overa for 5 days, is that going to hurt me?  I know it says do not take while pregnant, but I also know they used to give it to you to find out if you were pregnant or not.

WHAT DO I DO?!  E said to Call Dr P and see if I can come in for a blood draw and see if I got two three false tests or if I really am.  What if I am and this doesn't stick?

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO WORK NOW.  Why isn't it showing in the picture?!


Do you see the second line?  Am I crazy?!?!  I just want an answer.  They barely even show in the picture. I swear they are darker in real life.

Does this show up on the camera?!?!?



I have ONE friend who reads this blog, Hi M!, and she works with Dr P at the hospital on the Post-partum floor and she told me to call ASAP because he was on the floor- I called L&D and they said CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE PREGNANT!  Quit taking the Pr.overa and call Dr. P's office for your first appointment!


Lord please let this be my sticky bean!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No numbers yet

I was hoping to be posting about E's SA results but no such luck... I'm hoping I'll get them tomorrow morning.  Last night I had FIVE dreams about getting horrible results.  In the first one he had 3 million swimmers, in the second dream he had ZERO and then there were other various problems in the other dreams.  Needless to say, I did not sleep well and have felt on edge all day.  The lab told us that they would fax the report to the dr last night so I'm thinking if I haven't heard from them after lunch tomorrow I will be calling.  When I picked up the cup I asked if we needed to "wait" a while before the sample and he said no but when we went to drop it off the lab sheet said that there shouldn't have been any "release" for the past 3 days. What?!?! The lab girl said it wasn't a big deal and that she would just note that on the results. We did 2 nights prior but the way I see it is if you're supposed to have sex every other day while you're in your fertile window the best sample would be one that replicates that timing.  As for parking lot drama, we had none.  E was paranoid so he went into a single occupancy locked bathroom while I waited in the lobby.  I am just SO nervous about the results.  I want to know if we have a shot as it is or if we have to go to the next step.  I don't want to waste anymore time than we already have.  He, and everyone else who knows, is convinced his numbers will be great but I'm the kinda gal where if it can happen, it will happen.  I just want numbers!

Tonight is pr.overa number 5 so I'm half way done and then a few more days away from cd1.  I have some HORRIBLE painful zits from it this time... like those awful ones that are under the skin and just a huge hard mound with no relief.  Sorry, gross but seriously, if it could just pop it'd feel better but not this kind.  UGH!  I'm also super grumpy but I think that's just a combo of everything, not just the meds.

Sorry for the downer post. I swear to all of you ICLW'ers I'm not normally this bad...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Welcome to all of you stopping by from ICLW and to of course to all my faithful followers!  At the start of this week I am currenlty following 45 blogs and I have 29 followers; I can't wait to see where I am at the end of the week.  This is my second month participating and last month's experience was great!  I can't wait to "meet" more amazing women!

I am 24 and have nasty ol' PCOS and my wonderful husband E is 28.  We ditched birth control pills last October and after 90 days in one cycle I started a new cycle thanks to my good friend pr.overa.  Said cycle lasted 56 days and was again brought to an end with pr.overa.  Currently I'm on cd34 of my first cl.omid cycle but the 50mgs was a bust and didn't produce ANY sizable follies so once again I'm waiting on pr.overa to bring me a new cycle.  We are doing a SA tomorrow for E *read two posts ago- it's hysterical* so we can make sure the only thing we are dealing with is my PCOS.  Once cd1 decides to come around I will be taking 100mg of the 'mid on cd5-9 and then going in for a monitioring ultrasound on cd12.  I REALLY hope that this is our cycle!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nannying dilema

As I've mentioned many times before I watch W, an 8 month old boy, on my day's off which are Tues-Thurs.  When I first agreed to do so his dad was off normally one of those three days each week and I would only watch him all three days about once a month.  Since then, his dad got a promotion so he's pretty much working all week every week which means I work 7 days a week.  I love watching him but my sleep habits and house work is starting to suffer.  In addition to that, I am having more and more dr appointments to go to for this whole infertility business and hopefully I'll soon be having montly pregnancy appointments.  Also, when I do get pregnant (hopefully sooner rather than later) I'm going to want to enjoy my pregnancy and I think that will be hard to do working 40 hours at my real job Fri-Mon and then chasing a baby for 7 hours a day Tues-Thurs. 

I don't want to schedule all my appointments for days at my real job and use all my sick time (plus you can't decide what day of the week cd12 is going to be)  but I feel so guilty telling her I need someone else to watch him or I need to leave early.  With the summer coming up, we're planning on spending a LOT of time on the boat and we can't do that with a baby too well either. 

So, I've pretty much decided that I am going to ask his mom to find new arrangements but I don't know how to say it.  I am SUCH a chicken and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but it has really gotten too much to handle for myself.  I have no timeline on when I really need her to find someone else so I won't be putting her in a desperate situation.  Any advice on how to bring it up?!

Hahahah SA

I went to Dr P's office to get the cup and prescription for E's SA.  I get home and before I pull it out of my purse I tell E that they said the cup needs to be approximately 3/4's full.  His eyes get a little wide and then I pull out the cup and he almost passes out.  I'm so mean but it was SO funny and totally worth it!!!  They sure do give you an awfully big cup though!

The problem we're facing is that they said they want it to the lab in 30 minutes (not the hour I thought we'd have)!  We live about 25 minutes away and the lab is in the brand new hospital so I have NO idea where it is once we get inside.  I asked E what he thought we should do and he said we can do a "driveby"... I can just see us getting arrested in the back corner of the parking lot of the hospital for public lewdness in the process of collecting a semen sample.  Hahahahah! I'm not sure what we're going to do yet but I'm sure I'm going to have a great story for yall tomorrow!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Edition of PROJECT BABY!


This month we have DOUBLED the cl.omid to 100mg a day cd5-9. I am using the Fertilty Monitor and going to try my hardest to temp every day so we can see if the 'mid is working and if/when I ovulate.  I have been taking the vitamins for a while but forgot to include them in the picture last month.  Hopefully this is our winning combo!!!

I will start the pr.overa tonight and hopefully cd1 will be around the first of May.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A bit of everything

I forgot to update about the bra shopping.  I only bought 2 because I figure I'll need some nursing bras sooner rather than later (positive thinking people) and even after the getting one half priced- it was still $55 for the two.  CRAZY!  So I'm in the dressing room and NOTHING is fitting so the girl asks what I wore before and I told her the cotton full coverage and she said it runs a size big so I really wear a DDD in the other styles. What?!?! Oh well!  So I got two (boring) new ones but they're very supportive and look great under clothes!

Today I refilled my pr.overa script so I will start it tomorrow or Monday depending on when the pharmacy sent the request to the Dr's office.  I'm just ready the get everything going again.  I completely forgot to ask him about a SA for E so I'll call on Monday and see if he'll order that and if not I told E to call our primary dr and ask for one.  We'll see.  I'm hoping for super swimmers so we don't  have to worry about it.  I asked her about skipping 100 but she said he won't let me do that so we'll be taking 100mg on cd5-9 with an ultrasound on cd12 again.  Grow follies, grow!

Last night was the banquet for National Telecommunicator Appreciation Week and I ended up on the local news (just for about 1/2 a second) but I'm reaching to shake someone's hand and my mouth is open... it looks HORRIBLE!  I was hoping no one would have seen it but E's dad called and to let us know they saw it. Ugh!  Hahaha oh well, it could be much worse!

Are you following Julia over at "Just Relax!"?  If you aren't you REALLY should be (and not just because it puts me in the running for a giveaway!) because now she's back from her blogging break that was horrible for me to endure and is getting ready for her first IUI!  She is extremely funny and just a great blog to follow so you should and of course tell her I sent you!!!

Oh, and my sister J had her HSG yesterday and it went really well; no blockage or anything wrong.  She still has to wait until June until starting meds and I believe her doctor is going to start her on fe.mara rather than cl.omid.  Thank goodness she hasn't said anymore rude comments to me since that last one I posted about!
Lastly I'm going to leave you with some pictures from this week!  I'm sorry for the quality, they were from my phone!  Enjoy!

My first crawfish ever- AND IT WAS SO GOOD!

How we spent our Wednesday afternoon- I loooove the lake!

That isn't my Emma- it's E's brother's girlfriend's dog.  Isn't it crazy how much they look alike?!?!!? (And isn't E adorable?!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One word only!



Here goes....
1. Yourself: Samantha
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend husband: Amazing
3. Your hair: Natural
4. Your mother/stepmother: Hero  
5. Your dog: Children
6. Your favorite item: iPhone!
7. Your dream last night: unmemorable (it is a word- i looked it up and this does NOT count as explaining!
8. Your favorite drink: Tea 
9. Your dream car: Suburban
10. The room you are in: Living
12. Your fear: Infertility
13. What you want to be in 10 years: Happy
14. Who you hung out with last night: Family
15. What you’re not: Skinny
16. Muffin: Any!!!
17: One of your wish list items: BABIES! (does that count- if not, Acreage)
18: Time: Evening
19. The last thing you did: Type
20. What you are wearing: Shorts!
21. Your favorite weather: Spring
22. Your favorite book: Differs
23. The last thing you ate: Resses :(
24. Your life: Blessed
25. Your mood: Sleepy
26. Your best friend(S): Wonderful
27. What are you thinking about right now? Tonight
28. Your car: Vue
29. What are you doing at the moment?: Typing
30. Your summer: Busy
31. Your relationship status: Married :D
32. What is on your TV?: Commerical
33. What is the weather like?: Warm
34. When is the last time you laughed?: Earlier
Not as easy as you might think… a few of those I wanted to throw some more in there!

I should be showering, repainting my toenails, and getting ready for tonight's appreciation dinner for work but I am still sitting on the couch...  I hope you all do those questions; they were fun and I look forward to reading your answers!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly weight update

Gained .6 pounds.  I'm ok with that.  This week is "telecommunicator appreciation week" and this year's theme is Fiesta so yesterday my boss brought us mexican food and that is my major weakness.  Also, I went to that birthday party over the weekend and all they had were burgers and chips so I wasn't expecting anything- oh and since I didn't go to work E made a pancake breakfast!  Looking back on all that I'm surprised I didn't gain 6 pounds!  The way I see it is they say you'll lose on average 1-2 lbs a week and most weeks I lose more than that so it's to be expected that some weeks I won't lose any and if I slack I'll gain. But it's a new week and next week I will lose weight!

W's dad is a police officer and his days off rotate. Lately though, he has been working every tues-thurs so I haven't had a day off in forever.  Today W's dad is off and has him and it was very much needed for me!  I slept in until 9:30 which was wonderful and have spent the past two hours deep cleaning the house.  It's cool outside and super breezy so I have the windows open and the house smells so fresh!

Sunday the wire in my last bra popped in half so I'm about to have to go out and throw down some major money for new ones.  I think my problem is I only buy 2 at a time normally so they wear out pretty fast.  E told me to go out and induldge and buy 5 so they last longer.  I will either get 4 or 6 because I get them at br.yant thanks to the DD's I sport and they're buy one get one 1/2 off so it only makes sense to get an even number of them.  I hate to buy so many though when I'm losing weight but they haven't gotten any bigger since I've put on weight and just like my mom, whenever I lose weight they NEVER get smaller.  I guess it's a good thing I'm not a skinny minny because I'd be super top heavy!  My around size may change though so I might just get my normal 2 for now.  We'll see.

TTC front is the same. I think I was a day off on my last few posts; today is cd27 and I'm almost positive nothing is coming on its own.  On Monday I can start pr.overa and that means my last pill will be the next Thursday and then cd1 should be anywhere between May 1st and May 8th making a 45+ day cycle.  At least each month is progressively shorter but I just hate that we're waisting that much time before going on to the next cycle.  You'd think they'd figure out a med that would make you start the next day or something!

As far as IPS go my boobs are still super sore (bra shopping should be fun) and that's about it.  I'm guessing it's just hormones. Whomp whomp!

The mail JUST came and my test strips were delivered for my fertility monitor!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

*****Spoiler Alert- Do NOT read if you do not want to know about the end of this movie*****

You've been warned. 

SUPER cute movie, SUPER cliche infertility ending.  In case you have no idea what it is about- Paul (Hugh Grant) and Meryl (Sarah Jessica Parker) Morgan are married but separated and witness a crime so they're sent off to Wyoming under federal witness protection.   Anyway a little while into the movie they start arguing and mention about how infertility is part of what caused their marriage to fall apart and she mentioned the horomones, injections, and scheduled sex.  I busted out laughing and swore to E that I had NO idea that they talked about IF in the movie (seriously, I didn't know!).  So Meryl tells Paul that since the separation she has been working with an adoption agency for placement so she can finally be a mom.  During the movie they get back together so at the end when the scene faded away I told E that the next scene would be them back at home in the bathroom with a positive pee stick but I was nicely surprised when instead it said "six months later" and an airplane is landing and they're coming off the escalator with an adorable Asian baby girl!  I was so excited until the camera pans out and Meryl is sporting a damn 6 month baby bump. UGH!!!! NO WONDER EVERYONE TELLS US TO JUST RELAX AND IT WILL HAPPEN.  That's how it is in all of the movies so tha't has to be how it really works too.

Other than that it was a good movie!  It's time for bed but I just HAD to blog about this!

Told you so! It's ok though, really!


But it wasn't a surprise to me.  As I said before, I really don't think I O'd therefore there is no chance of pregnancy this month and even if I did it would probably be too early for a positive home test.  So the plan- today is cd23 so I will test late next week and if I haven't gotten a positive test or started by a week from this Monday I will call Dr P for a refill on pr.overa and beg ask for 150mg of cl.omid rather than the 100mg we orginally talked about.  I will also ask if he can go ahead and order E's SA since we'll have plenty of revovery time before needing to put those little guys to work.

MAYBE the 50mg of 'mid gave me enough hormones that these symptoms are just PMS and I'll be starting on my own without pr.overa. Even that would be nice.  Not anywhere close to a BFP but at least it's better than having to wait through 10 days of meds and then waiting for those meds to make me actually start.

I took half a day off today because my cousin's daughter's 1st birthday is at 11 today and it was SO nice to be able to lay in bed and talk with E this morning. On days he works I'm still sleeping and then on the weekends I'm waking up for work when he is still sleeping so it was really REALLY nice!  It cooled back off outside after a few days in the 80s so we had the windows open and woke up all nice and toasty under the covers in a chilly room- I love it!  Thankfully this part of the family (my mom's brother's family) never has kids until their 30s so they if anything think E and I should wait a few more years to start trying and they have no idea we are already trying so I shouldn't get the question at all.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

More IPS

  • I almost threw up twice today, once while I was in the middle of a 911 call (I bet if you heard the play back you could hear me gagging to keep it down)
  • TMI ALERT- I am SUPER constipated.  I am normally the complete opposite ever since getting my gallbladder out 2 years ago.  I haven't changed any of my habits so I have no reasoning on way things slowed down.. (Eww! I just talked about poo on my blog!)
  • My boobs are REALLY sore.  So much so that E hugged me and I cringed back.
E is convinced I am pregnant and wants me to test tomorrow morning since we will both be home.  I am trying to rationalize and know that 1- I did not ovulate so there is no chance I am pregnant and 2-Even if I had a miracle Easter Egg, it would be too early for a positive hpt.  I will probably test anyway just so the urge goes away for a week or so and I won't test again until I'm late and need to start pr.overa again.  I don't know if it is good or not that I don't even get nervous before taking a test anymore.. maybe next cycle once I know I have a chance I'll be more excited!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

IPS, really?

So first of all I am pretty positive I did NOT ovulate this month due to my horrible ultrasound and the lack of any O symptoms (no twinges or positive OPKs or anything) but for some reason I still have imaginary pregnancy symptoms...
  • I am EXTREMELY tired.  I have been sleeping at night same as always but have had the hardest time keeping my eyes open.  Yesterday I took an hour nap when I got home from watching W and today I feel asleep while he was napping.  I'm normally up until about 10:30 but here it is 8:30 and I am ready for bed.
  • I almost threw up yesterday while brushing my teeth and then the smells of Wa.lmart made me SUPER queasy this evening.
  • Mood.Swings.  Poor E, I am up one minute and down the next. I haven't taken cl.omid in two weeks so I know I can't blame that but I feel like something has taken over my emotions.
  • I have been starving but I go to eat and nothing sounds good- except for peanut butter which I have been craving all week long.
  • My boobs are sore.  This may be from pushing on them to see if they're sore but I think the soreness came before the pushing.
My 2ww has turned to a 1ww but today is only cd22 and even if I did O on or around day 15 it'd still be too early to have symptoms so why the heck is my body doing this to me?!  At first I had thought I would test on this Saturday, cd24 but I'm going to try and wait until next Wednesday, cd28.  We will see how that turns out because I have a drawer full of dollar store cheapies and they are really tempting plus well all know about my POAS addiction. I have pretty much zero hope for this cycle sadly but I need that BFN to start pr.overa again.  I will wait until I'm around cd34 just in case I O'd late and if I still have a BFN I will call for the prescription.  I hate that it will be another close to 50 day cycle but Dr P wants me to be a week late before starting the pr.overa. 

Oh!  I went to the drug store to buy the strips for my fertility monitor that I got for $15 and the strips were 50 bucks! WHAT!??! So I got some on ebay (new box that expires in '11) for $32 including shipping.  They should be here in the middle of next week so I'll have the lovely monitor to show me WHEN the cl.omid works next time.  I figure if I'm so down about this cycle being a bust I can at least be hopeful for next!

My sweet little girls

This has been a long time coming so here it is!  Emma and Sophie are my sweet dogs who think they are, and are treated as if they are, children.  Just under 3 years ago I got a call from a friend saying that her boyfriend's boss was selling puppies and I needed to come see them.  I got there and he only had two left and I couldn't decide which one I wanted and couldn't stand leaving one alone so I got both of them.  They are 3/4 rat terrier and 1/4 jack russel.  They have the best personalities ever and are super sweet.  Here are some pictures of my girls through the years!  Emma has the upright ears and she's bigger.  Sophie has floppy ears and her spots on her back almost touch as well as she has a spotted tummy.  My best friend's daughter remembers them by saying Enormous Emma with Ears and Spotty Sophie.  Enjoy!

The day I brought them home, look how they were itty bitty wittle puppies!

A few months old

Once we moved in with E (and when they started getting fat!)

Last summer

Halloween '09. Hahaha they were roosters!

Christmas '09

Christmas Card Picture '09

Snow!  I only put them in clothes if it's a holiday or cold!

One of the funniest pictures ever!  Emma was mid yawn and Sophie was in the process of licking her nose
And yes, they sleep with us, under the covers!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First milestone met!

In spite of all that good food and candy, I managed to somehow lose another 2.4 pounds this week pushing my total weight loss to 12.4 pounds!!!  First 10 down, many many more to go!  I figure ten pounds is pretty impressive and it was my first milestone so here's to meeting many more!  I have a co-worker who is doing the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred dvd and seeing great results from it so I have been watching some on ebay and will probably be buying it in the next few days.  I hear it really kicks you into gear but each session is only 20 minutes and I THINK I can make it, even if I stay on the easy level for a long time.  Bathing suit season is quickly approaching and my arms (and everything else) need some major toning!

Mr W's mom called me last night to give me a warning about today... the poor little guy has 6 teeth coming in all at once!  I have been here for two and a half hours and he hasn't cried this much ever before.  He is normally an extremely happy baby and rarely fusses unless he's made a mess in his diaper or is super sleepy but today he has already thrown three all out fits.  He's got to be miserable!  Ty.lenol and Baby Or.agel are helping a little but he still is not comfortable.  I have a lot of errands to run but don't want to be out in public when he's sobbing.  We'll see how he feels when he wakes up from his nap and eats.  He normally loves being out riding in the stroller so maybe it will make him feel a little better.  I sure hope so!

So E and I have been very good about having "fun" every other day since cd11 and today is cd20.  I did notice I have some creamy cm and I'm not too sure if that means anything.  I have heard that sometimes cl.omid makes you O late so we're still doing our part at night but due to the lack of symptoms I'm really thinking that those stubborn follies stayed as tiny as they were last week in the ultrasound and this month was a bust.  If I were to have a 28 day cycle AF would be arriving next Thursday the 15th so I will wait until then and if I have a negative pregnancy test I'll be calling Dr P for the pr.overa refill and begging asking to jump to 150mg rather than waste time on 100mg.  I'm not expecting him to go for it but I can at least ask!

Oh, and today's other great news is I got an email saying my insurance claim had been finalized for my most recent visit and even though he coded the last ultrasound as "fertilty medicine monitoring" the insurance paid for it!  We weren't sure if it would or not because he had already entered it as infertility rather than diagnostic but it did!  That's $285 that gets to stay in my baby makin' savings account!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today's laugh courtesy of E's text message

I'm still giggling as I'm typing... here is our text coversation from earlier after texting about E's cousin telling the family about their pregnancy and everyone being so excited:

Me:  "I can't wait to tell everyone that we're pregnant"
E: "We will soon, remember my super sperm and last night?" (How they are super, I'm not quite sure but he seems to think so even without the proof of a SA-I'm hoping he is right!)
Me: "Yah but if there is no egg to find..."
E: : "It's Easter, there are eggs everywhere!"

hahahah!  If you're not laughing, I think there is possibly a problem with you.  It made me laugh out loud and then I told my and his mother who both thought that it was pretty dang cute!

I spent the first 10 hours of my Easter working and then we went to E's grandparents to visit and then to my grandma's for our normal Sunday dinner.  E made a delicious ham and green beans and my mom had made yellow squash cassarole and sweet potatoes.  Thanks to all of that I'm expecting a weight gain this week but I'm not stressing it- that squash is absolutely my favorite dish in the world!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend no matter what you do or do not celebrate and I'm praying that this spring brings as all healthy pregnancies and that we're all welcoming babies by this time next year!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So I ALMOST outed my blog to my sister... since she too is going through TTC with PCOS and I talk to her about pretty much everything I talk about here but thank goodness I didn't because I get this text from her... "I think yall need to slow down with the baby stuff.  You have barely been married a year.  You are still young and have plenty of time unlike me (she is 29).  I think yall are stressing your marriage.  If you just enjoy yourselves it may just happen on its own."  HAPPEN ON IT'S OWN?! She of all people should know that cannot happen.  Also, who's to say- heaven forbid- that we won't have to go on to IUI and IVF and that WILL take years.  Ugh!  Absolutely crazy.  So thankfully I did NOT tell her about my blog and will not be doing so.  And stress our marriage, whatever!  I came home from work today with a hot supper on the table and flowers in the bedroom.  E is extremely supportive and I am beyond lucky to have him in my life! 

That's about it...just needed to throw that out here!

I haven't gotten a positive opk and thought I had some EWCM yesterday but it could have just been leftover pr.eseed so I'm not quite sure.  We're keeping up with the every other day business until probably then end of this week.  E is really enjoying it ;)

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter!