Monday, March 22, 2010

Insurance... and more

So when I went to Dr P and found out that I had PCOS at this appointment I promptly called HR when I got back to work to ask about fertility coverage.  She told me that she had just flipped through it with another employee and she believed it was all covered- HAH!  Today I decided I should double check by calling the provider and found out that I was told wrong.  All tests (blood work/ultrasounds/radiology) will be covered 100% after a 20 co-pay if coded correctly as being used for diagnostic purposes however anything further (IUI or IVF) is not covered.  The good news is that this Dr's office is really good about coding things for you so they're covered and if we have to have IUI's or go to IVF we will just have to pay for the actual procedure but two months ago I was under the impression it was all covered.  I sent E a text and he told me not to worry because 1, we aren't going to have to go that far (I sure hope so but know better than that) and 2, we'll start a baby fund and it'll work out!  I figured it and I can save $1600 by June so that could easily cover the first IUI if we have to do it.  I'm going to be positive though and say that cl.omid IS GOING TO WORK FOR ME AND I AM GOING TO GET PREGNANT THIS CYCLE!!!

In other news, you night time cl.omid girls won!  I JUST TOOK MY FIRST PILL!!!

I called Dr P's office first thing this morning (they were closed last week for spring break) and have my CD12 appointment for 1:40 next Monday!  What numbers should I expect?  I know they SHOULD tell me how many follicles and what size they are and how thick my lining is but I still don't know what range they should be in.

Today Dr Phil had someone on his show that had PCOS and was "obsessed" with getting pregnant.  Unfortunately someone just told me about it after the fact and I didn't get to see it... "Emerald says she's preparing for the pitter patter of little feet with a playpen, a baby swing, and enough baby clothes to fill a 40-pound tub. There’s just one small problem — she’s not even pregnant! Her husband, Jonathan, fears that her all-consuming desire to become a mom is taking a toll on their relationship. "  I'm curious to what they had to say but pretty sure it would have frustrated me, I can almost bet you they told her to relax. Granted I don't have a room full of baby gear but relaxing doesn't make you ovulate!  I was looking on the website but can't seem to find where to watch the episode...

Most of the snow has melted seeing as it got above 60 today and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow as well so my bff and I are planning on another walk tomorrow around the park!  I'm looking forward to it and her 2 girls are back in school so we should be able to go at a faster pace and burn some more calories!

Oh, and I love ICLW!

P.S.- E's cute thing of the day- I told him that I've read (from you girls) that the 'mid can cause major mood swings, hot flashes, and fatigue and he asked me how that was any different than any other day and busted out laughing two seconds after saying that.  I love him! I'm not moody, I promise, haha!  He also keeps asking about when I'll be "hatching an egg." Please, let me get pregnant and give my husband a child, he will be an AMAZING father!


  1. Your insurance is like mine too, No IUI, Injectables, or IVF coverage. The good news is I called our provider to find out how much IUIs are, and everything total for one IUI cycle, would only be a little under $700, so that's not too bad! I don't think you'll need to get that far though! Good luck!! I hope you "hatch an egg" soon! lol

  2. that episode sounds interesting, i will try to look it up for you!!
    Good luck & the dr's! & dont fear you will "hatch an egg" soon, hey horton did it ;)

  3. Ours doesn't even cover the RE visit. We thought with a referal we were partly covered, but that's not the case.

    yes, clomid side effects are less than fun. My husband dislikes the medication and it's side effects greatly.

  4. Your hubby sounds like a sweet guy. He is too funny!:)
    I hope 'mid will treat you nice and helps you to 'hatch' some beautiful eggies;) FX crossed for a great cycle!!!
    And Yay! for finding some good coverage. That makes a huge difference when it comes to ART.
    Happy ICLW

  5. Hope all goes well with the clo.mid!


  6. Our insurance and RE were the same. Insurance covered any and all tests - even if they were testing for IF related things - if the office coded them as diagnostic. The office made every effort to code it like that for me. I LOVED THEM for it. The only out of pocket expense we had was the IUI's themselves.
    And I hope you don't have to take Met.formin in combination with the Clo.mid. It makes for a SUPER BITCH. Just ask my husband!
    Good luck to you. Can't wait to follow through your cycle.

  7. LOVE your blog design, it's so cute! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! If you are going 60+ days between cycles, your doctor can put you on Provera to kick start them. Usually after taking Provera for a week, my period starts within a week or so. That way, you don't have to go so long between cycles!

    My RE likes my follicles to be 18mm+ before we do a trigger shot. Somewhere between 18-25 is ideal, I believe!

    Good luck!!

  8. My husband's always joking he can't tell the difference between me on or off Clomid :)

    Keeping fingers, toes, eyes, everything crossed for you this cycle!

  9. Agree with Blondie - my RE likes them at 18mm+ with a lining of at least 7mm, though 8-10mm is ideal.

    My first Clomid cycle resulted in a 21mm follie but only 6.4mm lining. He said it was on the low side but not to give up because he'd had twins implant in a 6mm lining. I'm drinking pomegranate juice, raspberry leaf tea, and acupuncturing to see if it'll help this cycle.

  10. My goodness, your insurance over there is so complicated! :-O

    Good luck with your first clomid run! I am feeling very optimistic for you! -hugs-