Sunday, March 21, 2010


Welcome to my first ever International Comment Leaving Week Post- WAHOO!!!!  If you haven't ever been involved before click the icon on the top right of my screen or go here!

If you're just finding me here's a quick update of where we are...  My husband, E, and I got married a little over a year ago and while I was pretty sure it would take a while for us to conceive he seemed to think it would happen as soon as we threw away the pills so we waited until we had all of our pre-marriage debt paid off and were in a good place in our life to be parents.  I quit taking birth control pills at the end of October and two months later NOTHING had happened.  I made an appointment with my OBGYN, Dr P, in January and that is when I was diagnosed with PCOS.  Since then, I took one cycle of pr.overa that ended my 90 something day cycle but that's all it did.  Currently I just finished another round of pr.overa and am on CD4.  Tomorrow I begin 50mg of cl.omid and then will go in around cd12 to see if I have any good looking follicles!  This is our last chance at a 2010 due date and we're hopeful but not getting ahead of ourselves!

Oh, and about temping... the first two days I forgot until I was in the shower (how the heck do you forget that!?!) and today we're in the middle of a blizzard YES, IN NORTH TEXAS AT THE END OF MARCH and I didn't sleep hardly at all so no go there.  Tomorrow is cd5, is that too late to start?!

Speaking of the blizzard- I took some pictures on my way to work this morning and will be sure to post them tonight.  What they teach in drivers ed, ya know the whole turn into your skid, really does work!!!  Some idiot thought it'd be fun to pass me on the highway and as I was trying to get out of their way I zigzagged back and forth about 5 times before getting things straightened out.  The whole time I thought I was going to throw up because I was so nervous but I survived!  My 11 minute drive took 35 minutes and I didn't get above 40mph but I made it.

Well thank you for stopping by, and to my faithful followers, thank you as always for reading my blog.  I am so amazed at how many strong and amazing women are on here and look forward to reading everyone's stories!  You all are wonderful!


  1. It's my first ICLW too...stopped by to say HI and give you a hug!

    ICLW #29

  2. im not understanding this iclw thing! haha
    anyways, SNOWW? ewww. we had snow in forecast but it has been sunny all day! try staying warm! sending some spring dust to you ;)

  3. Sorry you're stuck in a blizzard. I detest snow. Good job driving in that mess! Stay safe!

  4. Never too late to start temping. Could give you some patterns to look for in the next cycle if nothing else. Be careful out there in the Texan Winter!

  5. So sorry about the snow, especially since it's spring now! I used to like snow, but not anymore.LOL

    Not too late to start! Good luck, I hope your sleep pattern gets better!

  6. Hey Sam!

    Agreed, not too late at all! In fact probably better now than during AF because while your hormones are reseting you'll find your temp bounces around a fair bit. Long as you've started a few day before ovulation then you'll see everything you need!

    Good luck! :-D