Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I overcame cookies and candy

...and somehow managed to lose another 2 pounds this week! They say that's the average for WW and if I can keep it up I'm on my way! 6 pounds down, 11 to go until I meet the first goal!

So this morning I remembered when I called the dr yesterday I left them my work number but I'm off tues-thurs. I'm sure they will think to call my cell, right? I guess it doesn't really matter because I will call after lunch if I haven't heard anything.

A girl I used to work with has pcos and she also went to Dr P and that resulted in a pregnancy and she now has a healthy 5 month old baby girl so I messaged her on fa.cebook asking how in depth you can go with him before having to go to an RE (which would also mean about an hour drive to the closest office) and she said he is able to do everything up to IVF!!! The cycle she got pregnant she was on cl.omid and fe.mara, received a hcg trigger and he did two iui's to better the chance of conceiving and bam! first go around they got their bfp! I'm hoping that we get pregnant before having to do an iui but I am relieved to know that Dr P can do more for me if needed! Now, if his office will just call me back!!!
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  1. I get so frustrated when my call doesn't get returned. Hopefully you'll get to hear back from this time so you can get the ball rolling! :-D

  2. What a great weight loss! I hope the meds do the trick for that soon to be BFP!!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss...I wish I could get my rear in gear like that! Dr.P sounds good...I have to drive an hour to my RE and it is a DRAG. Keep us posted.