Sunday, March 28, 2010

I need an answer!

Well here we are at cd11 and I have a question.  Based on my cute little iphone app (oh I need to post a picture, normally it's just a tree branch with leaves in the background but since I'm in my "fertile window" there are budding flowers on the branch!), if this is a textbook cycle I should ovulate on Thursday April 1st.  So, I think we should :ahem:  tonight, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in best chances of catching that egg.  My problem is that I go tomorrow for my cd12 internal ultrasound at 1:40.  Will there be any...left overs... from tonight when I go in for that?  I know you're not supposed to if you're going in for a pap but I'm not due for that so I'm thinking it will be ok.  Plus I don't think he's doing an exam other than using that wand...  If you all think I should wait until tomorrow then that's probably what I 'll do.  I doubt that I will "o" early if I even do at all but I'd hate to miss it by withholding tonight...  WHY CAN'T I JUST BE PREGNANT ALREADY!?!?

Here's my list of questions for Dr P Tomorrow-
  • How often should we be trying in the "fertile window," every other day? daily?
  • Will you order E a SA and how quickly will we get the results.  What will the plan be if there is a problem with his results?
  • How do you feel about supplements/acupuncture along with treatment?
  • How aggressive are we going to be?  I don't want to "waste" 5 cycles on cl.omid if it isn't doing me any good.
  • Are you able to code for diagnosis rather than infertility treatment?
  • Should I be taking Me.tformin even though I haven't had any results indicating insulin resistance?
  • Since I didn't get a cd3 workup (I think that was due to the miscommunication from the office staff) at the start of this cycle, do we need to do so if I don't get pregnant this cycle? - Do we need to recheck my thyroid levels? (thanks emi!!!)
  • If the ultrasound shows no follies how soon can we start next cycle; or if I do have one but nothing results when do we start again?
That's all I have written down, please let me know if you can think of anything else useful to ask, PLEASE let me know.  Also, please let me know what you think about our timing!  Thanks ladies, I really appreciate you!


  1. Sorry, Samantha, I never could figure out the timing thing when I was trying the old fashioned way. I don't think the "leftovers" will effect the u/s. Sounds like you have great questions lined up for your appointment. Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. Your questions sound good! And you're BD'ing schedule is correct too (every other DH's "little guys" a chance to re-charge). And no, there shouldn't be a problem if you two BD tonight and go in for an exam tomorrow! Enjoy!!

    My 2 cents...
    Have you had your thyroid levels checked? My RE had this work-up done immediately after joining his care b/c he'd read some research linking thyroid levels & fertility.

    Best of luck with this next appt!

  3. I figure if you can go in for an u/s with AF, no problem going in after BDing :)

  4. Emi, I had my levels checked by my primary dr last April and they were fine. When I went to this dr (he's not a RE he's my gyn but he specializes in fertility) in January he said that we would retest after a year if needed. I am adding "recheck thyroid" to my list! Thank you!

  5. My doctor recommends every-other-day starting a few days before and ending a week later. But then again, some people say that if your husband's sperm count/quality are excellent, you can shoot for every day!

    We did Clomid 3x before moving on to other things (Follistim). I was all for that -- I didn't want to waste any more time on something that didn't seem to be working.

    Good luck!! :) It's great that you have questions written down. Otherwise it's really easy to forget everything once you get in there.

  6. Agree with Blondie in regards to BD timing. Only really need to worry about every second day if there is a sperm problem otherwise everyday is fine... or how ever often you guys can cope without burning out!

    Have you had the whole works done bloods wise? My FS had me do LH, Progesterone, E2, TSH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Chromosome studies as well as Hep B & C, HIV, Syphilis and Rubella.

  7. My RE says every other day, and DH has a normal sperm count...but I've cheated before around my peak days. Can't get away with it this time, though, as we're going to do IUI, so he'll suspect something's up if the sperm count is off. ;)

    As for umm...leftovers, I wouldn't worry about it. Our REs have probably seen just about everything, not to mention that they probably conduct post-coital exams there, so they're used to it.

  8. Just stopping in to say hi and good luck with the appointment! We are cycling at pretty much the same time -- hopefully we get our BFP's together this month!

  9. super cute blog. keep your head up high... we have another mommy in our blog that is going through the smae troubles. You are in our prayers!

  10. just a quick question ... what iphone app do you use? I have MyCylces and it works ok. I just wasn't sure what else is out there.