Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I know I technically have 5 more days for the pr.overa to work but if I started after 3 days last time, why haven't I started yet this time?!  Today is 5 days after my last pill and the only signs of anything is I've had a killer headache for two days but that could be any number of things.  No cramps, no sore boobs, no nothing.  What do I do if there is no CD1?!?!  Do they just give me more pr.overa?  This is my last chance at a 2010 baby and I know I shouldn't be impatient but how can I not be. 

I have been VERY careful to not call myself infertile- to just say that I'm taking fertility meds and we're needing some help getting pregnant but with each obstacle that presents itself I am getting closer and closer to adding "IF" and "infertility" to my blogger profile.  It just seems too real and much harder to overcome than what I'm saying now.  I guess words don't change anything, it just feels like they do.  This is just the first time that I am really really down about it all and I hate it!  Being negative won't get me anywhere...

I also TOTALLY screwed up weight watcher.  After last week at school I still haven't gotten back on and I need to!  Today was going to be the day until I got ready to eat lunch at W's house and his dad had eaten my smart one's frozen meal (I'm sure he thought his wife had bought it since I left it in the freezer over the weekend) and they had nothing WW friendly in the house so I had a sandwich on white bread AND regular chips.  I was totally out of control too, I couldn't just eat the serving of 12 chips that the side of the bag told me to.  SELF CONTROL, WHERE DID YOU GO?!  I think that made me even more mad at myself.  ughhhhh!

Sorry for the gloomy post!  Good news is I get more and more followers daily and that makes me so happy!  I have a question though; when I click on it and see everyone listed on some of you I don't see the link to your blog.  How do I find where you are?  If you're taking the time to read me I want to read you too!!!  So, if you're following me and I'm not following you, it isn't because I don't want to, it's because I can't find your blog.  Help me out please!


  1. Hey, there WILL be a CD 1. Having patience for stuff like this is extremely frustrating! It seems hard right now but that can all change very fast and without warning. Hang in there. Cut yourself some slack on the diet, sometimes life give us situations where we can't eat as we want, that's all. 12 chips? Who can eat that few? Be nice to yourself.

  2. I agree with Paige, 12 chips? Seriously, that sounds impossible! I know I have no willpower with chips, so I can't buy them anymore. Sadness. Don't get to down on yourself. It's only one day in the scheme of things. I know you can do it!

    I've still got my fingers crossed for CD1 to start for you soon!