Monday, March 29, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

E picked me up for work (THANK GOD HE CAME! I MAY STILL BE IN THE ELEVATOR CRYING OTHERWISE) and we headed over to the office.  While we were waiting a lady came in with the cutest baby bump ever.  Another lady came in skinny as a pole and said she just got a positive pee test and came in to get proof of pregnacy since they'd be trying for two years- please don't let me still be trying in two years.

Anyway, we get into the room and Eric sees the dildo-cam (sorry I know that's tacky I just don't know what else to call it) and gets a little weak in the knees.  I guess it is pretty scary to see!  Dr P gets in there and asks how long last cycle was I tell him 57 days and then he gets started... After pushing like crazy and him apologizing many many times he gets to my right ovaries that has 3 small follicles but says they're not what a good response from cl.omid looks like.  He did say that there is nothing on it that explains my pain and said that's probably just due to the PCOS or a muscle pushing on it since it's normally just when I lay on that side.  He then got to my left ovary that showed pretty much absolutely nothing.  I asked him about my lining and he said "that also is unresponsive and not where we need it to be, but I expected that from looking at your ovaries."  So I didn't get any because they were no where even close to being anything good. 

He asks me if I was spotting, I haven't, and said that I would now... I had streaked the cam and was cramping horribly.  We asked about a SA for E and he said he doesn't want to do it right now because there's still a slight chance that this could work ("I've seen crazier things happen") this cycle and we need to continue going every other night for a week or so.  I think when I get my BFN I'll call in and ask for one for him and if not send E to our primary care Dr and see if he'll order one.  As for my bloodwork he said that we will reevaluate next month if the 100mg of cl.omid doesn't work.  Unfortunately he said that if that and then 150mg doesn't work that he is going to refer me to Dallas.  Ugh!  I really need to be pregnant before then.

I go to check out and I see my chart there and in big plain letters Dr P had written INFERTILITY on my reason for the visit.  Ouch.  Up until that moment I hadn't coined myself with that... I was just needing some help.  I made it out the door and completely lost it.  I think I was in the bathroom for about 5 minutes leaving E standing at the elevator.  He was SO good and said all the right things but it kills me!  He didn't sign up for this.  He expected that when we were ready for kids it would happen and I can't give that to him.  I can tell he's really sad but he is trying his best to make me feel better about it and assuring me that we will do whatever we need to do to have a baby.

I went back to work but I wasn't too effective answering 911 calls in the weepy state I was in plus I was (and still am) cramping horribly so I had someone come in for me an hour early. 

First thing I did was update my blogger profile to include "IF" and "infertility"

I really didn't want to be this person, I know like anyone does...  I know that cl.omid doesn't work for many people and that if it does it's normally 150mg but it still hurts and I hate it. 

So the plan is to continue to try every other day and take ovulation tests if I want.  Wait until after my next expected period (April 15th) and if I haven't gotten a positive test, call in for pr.overa and 100mg cl.omid days 5-9.  I just wish we could fast forward...

Oh, I did lose 2.8 lbs this week. YAY!

I'm infertile, at least that is what my chart said

Nothing was even good enough/close to big enough to measure... Now I'm at work trying to hold myself together. I'll update more tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I need an answer!

Well here we are at cd11 and I have a question.  Based on my cute little iphone app (oh I need to post a picture, normally it's just a tree branch with leaves in the background but since I'm in my "fertile window" there are budding flowers on the branch!), if this is a textbook cycle I should ovulate on Thursday April 1st.  So, I think we should :ahem:  tonight, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in best chances of catching that egg.  My problem is that I go tomorrow for my cd12 internal ultrasound at 1:40.  Will there be any...left overs... from tonight when I go in for that?  I know you're not supposed to if you're going in for a pap but I'm not due for that so I'm thinking it will be ok.  Plus I don't think he's doing an exam other than using that wand...  If you all think I should wait until tomorrow then that's probably what I 'll do.  I doubt that I will "o" early if I even do at all but I'd hate to miss it by withholding tonight...  WHY CAN'T I JUST BE PREGNANT ALREADY!?!?

Here's my list of questions for Dr P Tomorrow-
  • How often should we be trying in the "fertile window," every other day? daily?
  • Will you order E a SA and how quickly will we get the results.  What will the plan be if there is a problem with his results?
  • How do you feel about supplements/acupuncture along with treatment?
  • How aggressive are we going to be?  I don't want to "waste" 5 cycles on cl.omid if it isn't doing me any good.
  • Are you able to code for diagnosis rather than infertility treatment?
  • Should I be taking Me.tformin even though I haven't had any results indicating insulin resistance?
  • Since I didn't get a cd3 workup (I think that was due to the miscommunication from the office staff) at the start of this cycle, do we need to do so if I don't get pregnant this cycle? - Do we need to recheck my thyroid levels? (thanks emi!!!)
  • If the ultrasound shows no follies how soon can we start next cycle; or if I do have one but nothing results when do we start again?
That's all I have written down, please let me know if you can think of anything else useful to ask, PLEASE let me know.  Also, please let me know what you think about our timing!  Thanks ladies, I really appreciate you!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Today started our local Just Between Friends Sale ... it's basically a huge garage sale.  I went looking for a pack and play, walker, and grocery cart cover for Mr W.  Unfortunately there were only two pack and plays left and one was way too pricey and one wasn't what I was looking for and there was only one walker left and W was already too big for it.  I did find a really cute cart cover for only $7. 

My sister's 1st grade classroom is ocean themed and she has fish everywhere and she's been buying these huge stuffed fish  that are about 4 ft long from Cabela's for $20 and guess what- I got him for $3!  He's a bluegill which aren't salt water but I don't think 1st graders care...

Then my most amazing find... you all know how crazy ovulation predictor pee sticks can be with those evap lines and everything.  Well I started looking at the Cl.ear.Bl.ue Fertility Monitor but could not bring myself to pay $150 for one new or even $100 for one used on ebay.  So as I'm browsing up and down the aisles I stop at the "expectant mothers" table and see a monitor laying on the table.. I figure it's around $100 but guess what... FIFTEEN DOLLARS!  That's less than a month's supply of ovulation pee sticks!!!  Granted, the box of strips it came with expired in June of 08 but what an amazing deal!!!  Unfortunately you have to wait until CD1 to start.  HOPEFULLY it was a wasted $15 dollars because we're getting pregnant this month but I can use it for our next go around :).  And, if this isn't the month for us I will be using it next month.  I'm so excited!  What a bargain!

I also did really well around the tons of cute bellied pregnant women shopping!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop

Fun and for a great cause too!!!

Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.

*Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
*Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
*Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
*Leave your link at comment section. You can also find the official rules of this better basket blog hop, and more information about Better Basket with Hershey’s there.
*Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to the Better Basket Blog Hop to Children’s Miracle Network (up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).
*Please note that only one blog post by each blog will count towards the donation.

That was super easy and I just got $10 donated!!!  Thank you to Paige at The Turning of Paige!  If you haven't read her blog, you should!  She is counting down the days until she receives her donor eggs and becomes a mommy!  She is an amazing person and a great blog!

I am giving a basket to Amy over at TTC Baby Blog.  She was one of my very first followers and the blogger that got me started!  She is trying to conceive on 150mgs of cl.omid this month and I have so much faith and hope that it's going to work for her!  Stop by if you haven't ever read her blog before!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clomid and chick flicks don't work well together

Hah! I doubt it's the meds but my eyes are still so watery I can barely see the computer screen!  I just got finished watching Time Traveler's Wife! What a good movie and from what I hear, the book is even better!!! 

Well I just took my 3rd dose and so far not too bad.  The only real side effect I've had is a pretty persistant headache but it's not massive.  I thought my boobs were sore earlier but I think it's just because my overweight rat terrier was standing on them!  I haven't noticed any mood swings, I always cry like a baby in movies, and I haven't had any hot flashes.  I just hope all of this doesn't mean that the dose isn't high enough to do any good.

So this morning I get a call from E's cousin's girlfriend.  She's crying and guess what, SHE'S PREGNANT!  It's crazy though, I am really happy for her!  Yes, I'm jealous but I don't resent her and didn't do my normal why her and not me thing!  I guess I'm just feeling like it is going to happen soon for me.  I sure hope at least.  One thing that really warmed my heart is I'm one of three people that she has told (other than her boyfriend of course!)  She took the test with him in the bathroom and then called me and one of her friends and told her boss at work because she needed to know about coverage and maternity leave.  E says it's because she looks at me like a big sister, and I love her to death!  Twins run in her family so we kidded that if there are two in there I get one.  So while I'm getting my follie check on Monday she'll be getting her first OB ultrasound. She's not sure if she's 4 or 8 weeks along because she's been on the pill.  Last month her period was really light and only 2 days instead of her normal 5 so that could have possibly been implant bleeding, who knows.  It does make me think- Why can people get pregnant while on the pill yet we ladies have to pump our bodies full of prescriptions, supplements, and get poked proded and exposed with no result?! 

I am really proud of myself though for not being mad at her, or my situation.  I am bummed that it isn't me but I'm glad I'm not resentful. 

Today we weren't able to go for a walk because it stormed but tomorrow we are planning on it and if not I'll get on the elliptical even though I can only make it about 10 minutes!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 months of TTC

but only 3 cycles... pretty crazy.  I don't think the first two count either.  The first was after my last birth control pill and it's our good ole' 90 day cycle and was ended by pr.overa.  Cycle #2 was induced by said pr.overa and nothing happened so it was once again ended by pr.overa.  So here we are, 5 months in and really just at our first chance of conceiving- that is IF the 50mg of cl.omid works.

I haven't felt any side effect of the 'mid yet but I'm only one pill in.  On Sunday I scratched the back of my mouth by my uvula-hangy ball thing- with a tortilla chip; well a little bit ago i felt like something was stuck in my throat so i looked and there was a tiny clear blister on the scratch.  I pushed it and it popped (yuck!) but I have no idea what it is?!?  I googled it and can't find anything like it.  I doubt it's a side effect but I'm flipping out about it so needed to share!  It was maybe the size of the top of a pin, super small!

Bff and I went for another walk today.  We only did 45 minutes today but it was 45 minutes of being out of breath and sweating so I know I did some good.  I had gained back 2 pounds when I weighed last week since I had eaten out 3 times a day for 4 days while at that school but am happy to report that I lost 2.2 pounds this week so I'm down 6.2 pounds and I'm sure now that I'm exercising it will continue coming off!

Oh and I really do love ICLW!!!  I am now following quite a few more blogs and have gotten 6 new followers so far!  If it weren't for this community I don't know what I would do! 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Insurance... and more

So when I went to Dr P and found out that I had PCOS at this appointment I promptly called HR when I got back to work to ask about fertility coverage.  She told me that she had just flipped through it with another employee and she believed it was all covered- HAH!  Today I decided I should double check by calling the provider and found out that I was told wrong.  All tests (blood work/ultrasounds/radiology) will be covered 100% after a 20 co-pay if coded correctly as being used for diagnostic purposes however anything further (IUI or IVF) is not covered.  The good news is that this Dr's office is really good about coding things for you so they're covered and if we have to have IUI's or go to IVF we will just have to pay for the actual procedure but two months ago I was under the impression it was all covered.  I sent E a text and he told me not to worry because 1, we aren't going to have to go that far (I sure hope so but know better than that) and 2, we'll start a baby fund and it'll work out!  I figured it and I can save $1600 by June so that could easily cover the first IUI if we have to do it.  I'm going to be positive though and say that cl.omid IS GOING TO WORK FOR ME AND I AM GOING TO GET PREGNANT THIS CYCLE!!!

In other news, you night time cl.omid girls won!  I JUST TOOK MY FIRST PILL!!!

I called Dr P's office first thing this morning (they were closed last week for spring break) and have my CD12 appointment for 1:40 next Monday!  What numbers should I expect?  I know they SHOULD tell me how many follicles and what size they are and how thick my lining is but I still don't know what range they should be in.

Today Dr Phil had someone on his show that had PCOS and was "obsessed" with getting pregnant.  Unfortunately someone just told me about it after the fact and I didn't get to see it... "Emerald says she's preparing for the pitter patter of little feet with a playpen, a baby swing, and enough baby clothes to fill a 40-pound tub. There’s just one small problem — she’s not even pregnant! Her husband, Jonathan, fears that her all-consuming desire to become a mom is taking a toll on their relationship. "  I'm curious to what they had to say but pretty sure it would have frustrated me, I can almost bet you they told her to relax. Granted I don't have a room full of baby gear but relaxing doesn't make you ovulate!  I was looking on the website but can't seem to find where to watch the episode...

Most of the snow has melted seeing as it got above 60 today and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow as well so my bff and I are planning on another walk tomorrow around the park!  I'm looking forward to it and her 2 girls are back in school so we should be able to go at a faster pace and burn some more calories!

Oh, and I love ICLW!

P.S.- E's cute thing of the day- I told him that I've read (from you girls) that the 'mid can cause major mood swings, hot flashes, and fatigue and he asked me how that was any different than any other day and busted out laughing two seconds after saying that.  I love him! I'm not moody, I promise, haha!  He also keeps asking about when I'll be "hatching an egg." Please, let me get pregnant and give my husband a child, he will be an AMAZING father!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The 'mid

Tomorrow is my first ever cl.omid pill!!!  LADIES-WHAT TIME OF DAY DO YOU TAKE YOURS?!  From what I have read, a lot of people do the best taking it at night before bed but then the hot flashes are worse.  Unless you all tell me otherwise I think I will take my first ever fertility medicine (pr.overa doesn't really count since it just makes you start!) tomorrow at 9pm!

Ok, three posts in one day... I'm done. Goodnight!

Snow in the Springtime --IN TEXAS--

So I live north of Dallas and we rarely get snow... If we get "snow" it's normally ice pellets or freezing rain but this year we have gotten beautiful fluffy white snow a few different times!!! Two days ago it was 70 degrees outside but yesterday a cold front blew through and this is what I woke up to at 4:45 this morning.

Opened the back door:
Front Driveway:
Easter yard decorations (Springtime in the snow!?):
House from the Street:
Van at work that had been sitting there over night:


Welcome to my first ever International Comment Leaving Week Post- WAHOO!!!!  If you haven't ever been involved before click the icon on the top right of my screen or go here!

If you're just finding me here's a quick update of where we are...  My husband, E, and I got married a little over a year ago and while I was pretty sure it would take a while for us to conceive he seemed to think it would happen as soon as we threw away the pills so we waited until we had all of our pre-marriage debt paid off and were in a good place in our life to be parents.  I quit taking birth control pills at the end of October and two months later NOTHING had happened.  I made an appointment with my OBGYN, Dr P, in January and that is when I was diagnosed with PCOS.  Since then, I took one cycle of pr.overa that ended my 90 something day cycle but that's all it did.  Currently I just finished another round of pr.overa and am on CD4.  Tomorrow I begin 50mg of cl.omid and then will go in around cd12 to see if I have any good looking follicles!  This is our last chance at a 2010 due date and we're hopeful but not getting ahead of ourselves!

Oh, and about temping... the first two days I forgot until I was in the shower (how the heck do you forget that!?!) and today we're in the middle of a blizzard YES, IN NORTH TEXAS AT THE END OF MARCH and I didn't sleep hardly at all so no go there.  Tomorrow is cd5, is that too late to start?!

Speaking of the blizzard- I took some pictures on my way to work this morning and will be sure to post them tonight.  What they teach in drivers ed, ya know the whole turn into your skid, really does work!!!  Some idiot thought it'd be fun to pass me on the highway and as I was trying to get out of their way I zigzagged back and forth about 5 times before getting things straightened out.  The whole time I thought I was going to throw up because I was so nervous but I survived!  My 11 minute drive took 35 minutes and I didn't get above 40mph but I made it.

Well thank you for stopping by, and to my faithful followers, thank you as always for reading my blog.  I am so amazed at how many strong and amazing women are on here and look forward to reading everyone's stories!  You all are wonderful!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goodbye CD57, hello CD1!!!

I guess I should have expressed my worry sooner and cd1 would've come then; it also could have been that I took a test this morning- that always does it! This cd1 is probably the last one that I will be excited about. This cycle is full of so much hope. This is the first cycle that I actually have a chance. I know that 50mg of cl.omid may not work but this is more of a chance than I have ever had before. This is the last opportunity we have to have a due date in 2010. I want this so badly and I want this to work but I am not going to get my hopes up too much, or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself.

So the game plan... tomorrow I will call Dr P's office and see if I need to schedule an ultrasound. So that should be the 29th and if I have a "normal" cycle due to the 'mid I think I should ovulate around the 1st. What will the ultrasound show? Just if I have any good sized follicles? You wanna hear something really cute- E asked me when I start taking "that medicine that makes you drop an egg" and he has also mentioned "the egg hatching stuff" hahah I think it's super cute. I guess his country roots are showing through. Ok, so I start the 'mid on cd5 which will be Monday and continue until Friday and then begin robitussin and pr.eseed! Then E and I will get to enjoy ourselves. Do YOU personally think it is better to do every other day or is daily ok too?! We'll see how it goes. I also will start temping tomorrow morning and I am planning on doing it :ahem: vaginally because I've heard it's much more accurate. I'm still wishy washy on if I want to use an opk because I've read in a lot of different places that it's not accurate for PCOSers and won't the ultrasound show if the ‘mid worked? I wonder if I should even mess with temping that case. Input please!!!

Today is BEAUTIFUL! It's about 65 and sunny so I took advantage of that and met my bff and her kids and of course took W and we went on a 2 mile walk around the park. It felt great to get out there and enjoy the air plus the exercise was refreshing. Now I just have to keep it up! Bff's girls loved W because he is so much more interactive than their little brother. There's a big difference between a 7 month old and a 3 1/2 week old baby! Her youngest even fed him a bottle while we chatted in the parking lot. I love Mr W but I couldn't help but think how much better the day would have been if I were pushing around my own little one! Hopefully by this time next year!

Oh, and of course I had to do it-we will be due December 23rd if this is our month. Merry Christmas to us!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I know I technically have 5 more days for the pr.overa to work but if I started after 3 days last time, why haven't I started yet this time?!  Today is 5 days after my last pill and the only signs of anything is I've had a killer headache for two days but that could be any number of things.  No cramps, no sore boobs, no nothing.  What do I do if there is no CD1?!?!  Do they just give me more pr.overa?  This is my last chance at a 2010 baby and I know I shouldn't be impatient but how can I not be. 

I have been VERY careful to not call myself infertile- to just say that I'm taking fertility meds and we're needing some help getting pregnant but with each obstacle that presents itself I am getting closer and closer to adding "IF" and "infertility" to my blogger profile.  It just seems too real and much harder to overcome than what I'm saying now.  I guess words don't change anything, it just feels like they do.  This is just the first time that I am really really down about it all and I hate it!  Being negative won't get me anywhere...

I also TOTALLY screwed up weight watcher.  After last week at school I still haven't gotten back on and I need to!  Today was going to be the day until I got ready to eat lunch at W's house and his dad had eaten my smart one's frozen meal (I'm sure he thought his wife had bought it since I left it in the freezer over the weekend) and they had nothing WW friendly in the house so I had a sandwich on white bread AND regular chips.  I was totally out of control too, I couldn't just eat the serving of 12 chips that the side of the bag told me to.  SELF CONTROL, WHERE DID YOU GO?!  I think that made me even more mad at myself.  ughhhhh!

Sorry for the gloomy post!  Good news is I get more and more followers daily and that makes me so happy!  I have a question though; when I click on it and see everyone listed on some of you I don't see the link to your blog.  How do I find where you are?  If you're taking the time to read me I want to read you too!!!  So, if you're following me and I'm not following you, it isn't because I don't want to, it's because I can't find your blog.  Help me out please!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing yet

Well today is 3 days after my last pr.overa pill and no AF.  She came after 3 days last time so I'm not sure what the deal is... Tomorrow I have jury duty so I'm sure things will happen when I'm in the middle of that.  As long as it comes soon I'll be happy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still waiting

This whole waiting for CD1 seems to be taking FOREVER!   I can't even believe that if this were last cycle I would just be past the halfway point here at 50 something days.

This past week work sent me to Athens (Texas, not Greece! It would have been nice to go internatioanl though!) for a Crisis Communications class.  It was ok but I hate being away from home.  There is only so much you can talk to someone about while you're driving through the country so of course TTC came up.  Oh, did I mention I went with the lady that called me sterile?!  Anyway, she sure got on the whole "if you just relax it will happen" and "make sure that you're not stressing, that will make it so much harder" and of course "God will give you a baby when it's time."  Well thank you mother of 2 who got pregnant without trying, I will take all of that advice and get pregnant asap!  OH!  I have been thinking that I might save up a few months of nanny money and use it to surprise Eric with a trip to Cozumel or a cruise this summer and mentioned that to her and she said that I should just quit taking my meds and the stress free trip will get me pregnant. WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND- I DO NOT OVULATE ON MY OWN AND CANNOT GET PREGNANT IF THERE IS NO EGG TO BE FERTILIZED! Seriously?! Ugh!

The good thing that came out of the trip was realizing how much E and I love and miss each other and one night before falling asleep I got a text that said "I can't wait to be a dad. I really want to take a 4 generation picture!"  What a sweetheart!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing man as my husband!

I took my last pr.overa on friday night so CD1 should come anywhere from tomorrow on.  Last time it was the 3rd day after my last pill so I really hope tomorrow is the day- I'm ready to get the ball rolling!  The plan is call and schedule day 12 ultrasound and bloodwork on day 1.  Take cl.omid days 5-9.  Take robitussin (what days do I take it and how much?!).  And of course, use pr.eseed!!!  I am also going to ask if we can order E a SA when I go in just to make sure we're ok in that area.

Oh- and I TOTALLY got off weight watchers while I was at that class.  It was really hard to follow it when I had to eat 3 meals out a day for 3 days... I can almost guarentee I've gained back some. We'll see tomorrow

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nothing new for me, just wanted to blog

Nothing new on the TTC front- tonight is pr.overa pill number 5 so I'm halfway to CD1!  My sister met with her RE today and she had already figured out what he was going to tell her based on his website.  So her plan is to call in on her next CD1 and schedule a hsg to make sure her tubes are all clear (should I ask Dr P if I need one of these?) and if they are all clear then go on a PCOS diet for 3 months and if nothing has happened then, he will start her on cl.omid.  She is a teacher so it would be great if she could have a baby in late spring that way she could get maternity leave plus the two months off for summer so if all goes as planned and she gets pregnant on the first cycle or two then it will work out perfectly.  She is pretty optimistic and keeps saying she wants me to be pregnant first so she knows what to expect.  We will see!

So pregnancy announcements were all over facebook this past week... it's an epidemic!  Two of the three are sisters which are due within weeks of each other so that's pretty neat and the third comes with a story.  My stepdad was married before my mom and had two children.  He caught his wife in bed with another man and the next day she packed herself and the kids (i think they were  3 and 1) up and left with the man.  Somehow she got the kids last name changed from their very unique last name (he and my mom are the only two that show up on facebook with it and he has said that they are the only in the nation with it) to SMITH.  Needless to say, he couldn't find the kids no matter how hard he tried or how much he spent.  He still does not know how their names were legally changed or how the stepfather was able to adopt them but that was over 25 years ago.  Anyway- my mom was on facebook a few months ago and had an email from his ex asking if my mom knew who he was- she responded with "yes, he's my husband".  Long story short, stepdad created a facebook, looked at his ex's page and found her only friend that had the first name of his daughter and after over 25 years he reconnected with his daughter.  Pretty amazing right!!!  Anyway, she announced that she is 6 weeks pregnant with her 3rd this week.  Oh, her oldest is just over two and then she has another one that's 8 months old!  I hate that I get so jealous but it is really starting to get under my skin! 

On the other hand, when people who have had a hard time ttc announce their pregnancy I get SO excited.  Like Kelly at Little Looman Log! I am so glad all the hard work has finally paid off for her!!!  If you haven't read her story-you should!  She's an amazing, supportive, deserving brand new expectant mother!

I suppose that's it for today.  Weigh in tomorrow and hopefully CD1 early next week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tmi but HELP!!!

So I JUST took my first dose of pr.overa and went to the restroom and when I wiped there was pink!!?!?!?!? I don't think it's period because normally on my first day I'm crampy and it's either brown or bright red to start... E and I ::ahem::ed earlier but I've peed a ton of times since then with nothing there (at least nothing that i noticed but i don't know if i looked?) but maybe it was from that?!? So what do I do?! Dr P's office is closed tomorrow as their normal day off but then they're also closed Friday for the move, I guess if it's still here tomorrow I consider tonight CD1 and start cl.omid on Sunday? If it's gone I'll continue with the pr.overa... This is so weird though. 8 hours of Active Shooter training tomorrow so I'm off to bed! Any advise is VERY welcome!

March Edition of PROJECT BABY


Yay!  I finally got both of my prescriptions and I came home to my package of pr.eseed!!!  Unfortunatley as I cut open the bag I cut open the pregnancy strip packages but they were free with the order so it's no biggie... It's not like I don't have a ton of dollar store cheapies stored up!  So I start pr.overa tonight, should expect CD1 around the 15th and then go from there!  I hope this is our month!!!  If it isn't, at least we've started moving in the right direction!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


First of all my phone has been all messed up today. I could make outgoing calls but I couldn't get incoming calls. I kept getting voicemails all day long though. It SEEMS to be working right now though, knock on wood!

Ok, so after lunch I still hadn't heard anything so I called Dr P's office and spoke with the receptionist. She told me that she thought that the nurse had called in the prescription yesterday (thanks for telling me it was ready!?!) and that I should call the pharmacy and see if they had gotten it. I then called the pharmacy and they told me that yes, they have a prescription for me for cl.omid but not the pr.overa! Well I can't start the 'mid until I'm in my cycle and obviously can't do that until I take the pr.overa! Anyway, I call the Dr's office back and this time got the voicemail so I told them that I needed the script for the pr.overa as well. Receptionist called back (but my phone didn't ring so she left a voicemail) and said that she misunderstood me and thought I was already taking the pr.overa so to call back and ask to speak to the nurse.

Me: Dr P diagnosed me with PCOS in January, started me on pr.overa and told me that if I didn't start again on my own to call back to get it again and cl.omid
Nurse: Ok, well call the pharmacy back and request a refill on your old prescription and they will call us and we will refill it.
Me: Ok, so when do I take the cl.omid
Nurse: All of Dr P's patients take it on CD5-10 (have any of yall taken it on those days?!)
Me: And then when do I come back in to see him?
Nurse: You come for your normal ultrasound on CD12
Me: Normal?! This is my first cycle
Nurse: Oh, well then just call if you don't start your period again or if you get a positive home pregnancy test...

She is a REALLY sweet lady but she sounded really frazzled and they're in the process of moving so I don't know how much attention she was giving to me. Plus, shouldn't she be looking at my chart and see that this is my first cycle?! I really feel like I should be going in for the ultrasound on CD12 if that's what is "normal" for the cycle. I think I am going to call in on CD1 and just tell them I'm confused on if I'm supposed to come in or not and go from there. The great news is that my cl.omid is at the pharmacy waiting on me and the pr.overa will be there tonight or tomorrow. I know I always get ahead of myself but if I start the pills tonight (last cycle I took them in the morning but I've heard it doesn't matter what time you take them) then CD1 should be around 3/14 and IF THIS IS THE CYCLE I'D BE DUE AROUND 12/20/10!!! Hey, positive thoughts can't hurt!

I got to the pharmacy and they didn't have my pr.overa ready so I'll go get it tomorrow and start then so we're tooking for CD1 around March 15th!  Also I had this piece of paper in the bag saying that my perscription insurance does NOT cover fertility meds.  Why dose it pay for pr.overa then?!?!  My MEDICAL insurance does cover fertility TREATMENTS as far as I've been told but evidently the meds will be out of pocket... Oh well, it will be worth it in the end! (oh and my 5 days of the 'mid was only 9 something so it's really no biggie- that response might change if/when we have to do shots!)

I overcame cookies and candy

...and somehow managed to lose another 2 pounds this week! They say that's the average for WW and if I can keep it up I'm on my way! 6 pounds down, 11 to go until I meet the first goal!

So this morning I remembered when I called the dr yesterday I left them my work number but I'm off tues-thurs. I'm sure they will think to call my cell, right? I guess it doesn't really matter because I will call after lunch if I haven't heard anything.

A girl I used to work with has pcos and she also went to Dr P and that resulted in a pregnancy and she now has a healthy 5 month old baby girl so I messaged her on fa.cebook asking how in depth you can go with him before having to go to an RE (which would also mean about an hour drive to the closest office) and she said he is able to do everything up to IVF!!! The cycle she got pregnant she was on cl.omid and fe.mara, received a hcg trigger and he did two iui's to better the chance of conceiving and bam! first go around they got their bfp! I'm hoping that we get pregnant before having to do an iui but I am relieved to know that Dr P can do more for me if needed! Now, if his office will just call me back!!!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

No call back

First thing this morning I called Dr P's office to see if I needed to come in or if he was just going to call in my prescription for pr.overa and cl.omid.  No one answered so I left a voicemail (about 8:30am) and by 1:30 I still hadn't heard back so I called again.  I spoke with the receptionist and she said that he had been in surgery all morning but she had given the message to the nurse and I would be hearing something by the end of the day.  5pm came and went with no phone call.  I figure I will give them until lunch to call me tomorrow and I'll call back.  I'm just ready to start a new cycle, get things going again!  If things were to work out this cycle we'd have a Christmas baby.  I have always said that I don't want a baby born around Christmas BUT now that we're running into problems I think it would be wonderful!

They are normally great about calling back promptly but they are moving so I'm not mad just ready to know what the plan is!

To all my veteran cl.omid gals-  if it doesn't work do you take pr.overa to start over?  If so, how long do you have to wait before the next cycle starts?  This time Dr P told me I had to be a month late but that was on pr.overa only so what happens when it's a cycle taking both meds?

In dieting news, this week E brought Easter candy AND girl scout cookies into the house and I have no self control so I'm not expecting much of a loss, if any.  I weigh in the morning so I'll let you know- good or bad!