Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week one of dieting-

I lost 4 pounds! Wahoo! It's a great start and if I can throw some exercise in there and start drinking more water and eat fewer carbs (I read that really helps PCOSers lose weight) then hopefully I can keep it up! I know on WW it says to expect 2 lbs a week but if I can get down 15 rather than just 10 before I go back to see Dr P I will be super proud of myself!  I will be proud if it is any weight but 10-15 will be amazing!

I just got back from the hospital seeing Baby A and he is super sweet! Him and Momma are both doing great and they get to come home in the morning! I am so happy for them and I am ready for it to be my turn!

Oh and today is CD34 and no signs of anything... I'm not even taking hpt's anymore. I'm just ready to get going on the cl.omid!  I'm also going to ask him about my increasing ovary pain and see if it is anything significant.  I can almost guarentee you though that he is going to say to come back for an ultrasound.  Maybe I can just tell them to schedule me for one for this next visit- I doubt they'd listen though...

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  1. Congrats on the 4 lbs! That's incredible!!!!! Keep it up!