Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today should be CD1

But instead it is CD29 which I was expecting all along.  I really do not want this new two week wait, ya know the one from the day I should have started to the day I can call Dr P to come in for the "next step" appointment.  I am really supposed to wait a month but again, why wait?!  I went to the dollar store yesterday and bought 10 tests and was looked at like a crazy lady but it doesn't phase me anymore! I took one this weekend and then again yesterday morning.  Now, I'll just take them once a week until I'm able to get in to the doctor.  I don't even wait for the results now though, I just leave it on the countertop, do whatever and then come back later.  I wonder if it will be different when I have some hope that it will be positive?!  I sure hope so although by not getting excited, I don't get let down. 

On the dieting front- so far so good!  Today is day 3 and I'm keeping from weighing myself until Monday that way I can see if anything happened over the course of a week.  This afternoon was the first time I really wanted to snack on bad food but I think that's just because I was watching W and his parents (both skinny minnies) had all kinds of yummy things in the house but I refrained!  I haven't felt cheated out of anything really and have stayed full throughout the day.  I just really hope this is going to be what I needed.  If I can lose 10 pounds in the next few weeks before seeing Dr P I will feel a whole lot better about it all.  Only time can tell!!!

Oh and on a side note that I even feel guilty about mentioning... E's brother (T) is newly out of a bad bad marriage.  He and K started dating before his divorce was final (although after he and his ex were seperated) and she was also just out of a relationship.  Anyway, last night we were out to eat with them and my in laws and the CUTEST little 3 or 4 year old girl came in and sat behind us.  She had a big bow on that matched her outfit and even had her nails painted!  Anyway, K said how adorable she is and how badly she has baby fever!  Ugh, I told E that if they get pregnant before us I don't know how I will deal with it.  They aren't married and still aren't even legally divorced to their ex's!  I REALLY like her, and his brother, but I just know that it's going to happen for them before us.  I'm so selfish!!!

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