Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sick Day

I have worked at the same place for over a year and today was my second time calling in (even though the first time was just a few weeks ago).  As I said last time I posted, I got a horrible sore throat on Friday went to the doctor and started antibiotics.  Yesterday I was miserable at work and my ears were so plugged up I couldn't hear anything which is very counterproductive for the kind of work I do SO last night I called in for today.  I took some night time cold meds and slept from 9pm-8:45am even though I was up ever few hours with a parched mouth because my nose is stopped up!  Ugh.  Today I feel just as bad even though I've been on the antibiotics for 36 hours but I think it's finally moving out of my head and into my chest.  At least that way I can hear and breathe out of my nose again.  I really think that is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world.  Not only can I not breathe, I have horrible chapped lips from breathing out of my mouth!

Enough complaining.  I just ordered some pr.eseed!!!  I am really excited and hoping it is one step closer to that BFP!  I did the free shipping option because there's no hope of getting pregnant really on cd39 and beyond but at least I will have it for next cycle. I can't decide if  I should try to call Dr P's office this week to get in for my cl.omid or if I need to wait another week.  I guess there's no harm in calling and getting told I need to wait rather than waiting and not needing to, right?  Also, do you think I should asked for it to be a monitored cycle or just wait and see if it works?  From what I understand, my insurance covers it all so hopefully he'll go ahead and monitor it so we don't waste time if it isn't working....


  1. I would go ahead and do monitored if your insurance covers it - lucky girl!

    My doctor monitored all my Clomid cycles.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Preseed is funky stuff. Feels a bit like EWCM but more... slippery I guess. We used the individual tubes last cycle and found they were a little bit difficult to empty but there is heaps in there anyway. Probably a little too much and DH didn't like that much. (loss of sensation and all the rest).

    Boo @ being sick. :-( Not pleasant at all. I know as soon as I get a blocked nose my brain ceases to function so I'm onto the anti-histamines very quickly. Chest infection is yucky too but like you say, clears the head out! Hope it starts to clear out quickly for you!