Friday, February 26, 2010


Today I had my first horrible trying to conceive comment.  So, as I have mentioned before I am a police/fire/ems/911 dispatcher.  We are a semi-rural county with a LOT of livestock that gets loose all of the time.  Today we were dealing with a donkey and the deputy called in on the phone to give me some more information on it... I asked the difference between a donkey and a mule and then I asked which one is sterile and a lady I work with is listening and says  "OH, I KNOW- IT'S SAMANTHA!" and then laughs for a good few minutes. WTF?! I really almost climbed over the desk and punched her in the face.  That was my initial reaction, the next was to bawl my eyes out but luckily I managed to keep my words to myself and got out of it with just some really watery eyes.  But seriously, how can you call ANYONE sterile and it be funny- fertility problems or not!

Second below the belt comment today.  I went to the doctor because I had a horrible sore throat and my ears were killing me.  The nurse takes my blood pressure and weight, asks if I'm still on the or.tho tri.cyclen and I answer no, that we're trying but aren't pregnant yet.  She then asks when my last period was and I told her January 21st and she says "and you're not pregnant?!!".  I know it's not THAT bad (well this wasn't I still think the first comment was unforgiveable!) but it really got to me after I'm feeling crummy anyway, have been called sterile, and just want to have a baby!  GEEZ!!!  Oh and the rapid strep came back negative but the dr still thinks that's what it is so 20 big ol pink pills for me!


  1. Aww. Sorry that lady at work is such a b*tch. That comment made me angry!

  2. My goodness people can be insensitive idiots sometimes. Operate the mouth before engaging the brain. :-( -hugs-

    Sorry it has been such a woeful day... Chin up, those that do the long haul appreciate what they receive so much more. That other chick can go leap!

  3. Some people are so ignorant! I hope that those comments are something you can forget, hugs.