Thursday, February 11, 2010

No, it is too early to POAS!!!

Why is there such an urge! I know that it'd be a wasted test but I REALLY want to poas in the morning! First of all, I highly doubt I even ovulated from pro.vera alone. Secondly, today is only cd22 so even if I were to have a normal, productive, 28 day cycle I probably wouldn't have enough hcg to get a positive yet. Saturday will be 5 days before my next expected period so I am going to test on Sunday... well, I'm going to try to wait until Sunday! I don't even know why I do this to myself, I KNOW it'll be negative! If I can reason on here why can't I do it when I have the test package in my hand? I guess because the test is just a  and it really is an addiction, but still!

One of my best friend's from high school found out what he and his fiancé are having and sent a mass text out to everyone with foam stickers on her belly saying "it's a boy!!!" with his big smiling face next to her belly. It was too sweet and made me tear up. He was SO happy and proud. They weren't jealous tears, I am REALLY happy for them! It just makes me want our happy announcement so much more!!! I have always thought that I didn't want anyone to know until we go in for our 8 week ultrasound and then tell our family and a few close friends but now my close family, 3 best friends, and coworkers know that we're trying with medical help so I don't know if I could keep it a secret when they keep asking weekly if we're pregnant yet (if only they knew how much waiting is involved!) I do know that I'm not going to announce it on fa.cebook or anything or that sort or to the majority of the world-except of course, this blog!-until we are in the second trimester. OH! And speaking of fa.cebook- a girl I went to high school with announced two weeks ago that she was pregnant and then a few days ago updated that she had gone in for her first appointment and was 6 weeks along due in October. On her fa.cebook today there is a video where she runs full speed at a snowman, tackles it and falls on the ground (face/stomach first)... everyone keeps putting comments about how funny and everything it is but do they not realize there is a tiny baby growing in there?! Maybe when pregnancy comes so easy you don't worry about everything... who knows! It made me mad to see that though, like she didn't even think twice! Ugh! Ok, enough of that!
Today, DFW airport has already gotten a record breaking 8 inches of snow! I know a lot of my blogroll is on the east coast and snowed in but this is TEXAS!!! Here, we get a 1/4 inch of sleet and the whole town shuts down! It started snowing at my house this morning around 7am and hasn't stopped yet. It's nice fluffy snow too which also is very rare around here. While it is beautiful to look at I am absolutely terrified of my drive to work in the morning. Everything that has fallen is currently slush on the highway and is going to freeze overnight meaning I will be driving to work on a sheet of ice! Also, there is a slightly steep hill between my house and the highway that I'm not sure my small (non-4wd) suv will be able to tackle. The good news is that I'm a dispatcher so I can call an officer to come help me out... the bad news is that they will all probably be super busy! I'm giving myself twice as much time as it normally takes and hopefully I will make it ok...

Last week E asked me if I knew what his favorite season was, I shrugged and he said "whatever season is next! When I'm fishing I want to be hunting and when I'm hunting I want to be fishing!" Isn't that the truth!


  1. Oh, I hope you get a positive Sunday. That would be too sweet, finding out on V-Day. :):

    LOL @ your husband. That was funny, whatever season is next, so he can go to the next!

  2. I would be so ticked, too, if I saw that video. I'd have to refrain from leaving a nasty comment.

    Hope you get your BFP on Sunday!! :)