Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are you really yelling at me?

A post NOT about ttc...

So at my work (police/fire/ems/911 dispatch) I am the youngest by 12 years but evidently I am not the most immature. The way everything is set up is that we have our direct supervisor, Sgt, and then three under her Cpl#1, Cpl#2, and Cpl#3. Anyway Cpl#2 is a complete joke. She is VERY slow at her job and is always late. The way it is written in our policy is that you are to be at the console ready to work at the designated start of your shift. She will walk in the door (fast food in hand) straight up on the hour or up to 5 minutes after. I understand that doesn't seem to be that big of a deal but #1 she's a "supervisor" and #2 by the time I can get signed off and she can get signed in I'm not getting out the door until 10 or 15 after and that isn't enough time to claim on my time sheet-BUT when it happens every week that time quickly adds up. SO, I had talked to the Sgt about it before and nothing was done about it so last week I emailed the Sgt and also cc'd the next step supervisor, Lt, about it. Sgt calls Cpl#2 into the office to talk to her about it and I guess showed her the email where it shows I also sent it to the Lt. Normally I do not work with her and she only relieves me but today I was graced with working with her for two hours, just the two of us. Everything started fine (even though she walked in at 4:01) until I was correcting a warrant and she blew up at me. She STOOD UP and was shouting (in some times SCREAMING) at me about how dare I talk to the Lt about her coming late and how I set out to get everyone in trouble and that "he said you said" and "she said" and on and on!  Are we in high school?  Really, I thought I graduated 6 years ago and that you're over 50 years old... It was so bad that I couldn't even here the police radio going off and had to have the officers call again. Anyway, I am normally a very emotional person and my eyes start to well at any possible confrontation but all that happened was my heart sped up a bet. She continued to yell and shout and everything I said wasn't even being heard. She finally shut up after the radio kept going on and didn't say anything the rest of the shift. When I got off I called Sgt to tell her that I was really bothered at how inappropriately Cpl#2 handled things... I don't want to make it worse but really, yelling!? Like that will resolve anything! I know I look pretty conceited saying this but I feel like she is intimidated by me and that's why she lashed out. I just wish I would have been able to record it somehow, I should've told her to hold that thought while I pulled my phone out! Haha! Well, I already talked to my husband about it on and on for an hour but feel better typing it out. Thanks for listening ;)!

On the dieting front- so far so good! Did you know a large sonic cherry limeade is only worth 1.5 points! What a steal!!!  Is it soda?  I think it has sprite in it, if so it's my first soda since Monday! I am still refraining from weighing hoping that I will see a big loss come Monday, one week from starting. Glory or shame, I'll be sure to fill yall in.

My best friend is due on Monday and after dilating to a 1.5 at 35ish weeks her cervix has refused to dilate anymore. She went to the ER yesterday and again a little after midnight because she has a kidney stone AND her baby is laying on that kidney so she has been in excruciating pain. After the dr saw her this morning she was sent home and told to come in tomorrow at 4pm for cir.vidil and then the pit.ocin will start Monday morning so it looks like her little man is going to come on his actual due date. She still hasn't said if she has decided if she wants me in the room or not during delivery so we will see, I'll be fine either way.

And of course I have to throw some ttc info in here... Today is CD31 with no end in sight. It's ok, I was expecting this.

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