Monday, February 8, 2010


Today I called in sick. This is the first time I have ever called in at this job and I have been there for over a year. Now, I have called in INJURED before. This past summer I fell in the shower and managed to cut myself badly enough to need 6 stitches in my pinky toe and 2 more in the bottom of my foot. The day (I'm not making this up) that I mailed off the remaining balance on the bill for that ER visit, I was unloading the dishwasher and our silverware is in a removable basket. I took the basket across the kitchen and placed it on the countertop above the silverware drawer and it fell and a steak knife fell and hit me right in the ankle joint. There was very little blood but I lifted my leg up to see how bad it was and my second and third toes just hung...Another visit to the ER (my husband asked if frequent flyer points were given, seriously! Oh, and he was afraid to go with me because he was worried it may look like spousal abuse) and a visit to the specialist and I found out the knife cleanly severed the tendons to my 2nd and 3rd toes. During surgery they saw that not only did I cut those 2 tendons, I cut the one to my fourth toe as well... Back to the initial point though, other than being on pain killers for those and unable to work, I've never called in. Yesterday about halfway through my shift I got a horrible headache and just dizzy. After work I took an hour nap and the dizzy turned to vertigo. I haven't had vertigo in over a year since I had my tonsils out so I thought that was the problem... So, I took a valium (what I was prescribed in the past) and hoped that I would sleep it off. That didn't happen and I was up every two hours so dizzy I felt sick... So about 3am I called in. I was able to sleep until 10 and am still dizzy!

Now, on the babymaking front- I have NO idea what is going on with my body. Temping was absolutely unsuccessful due to the fact I wake up so much through the night and I have done daily ovulation tests around 7pm and have yet to get a positive on any of those. I did read that the spike can come and be gone within 10 hours so you should really test twice a day so IF I did ovulate there is a good chance that I could have missed it with the tests but I am pretty sure that pro.vera alone didn't do the trick. IF I were to have a 28 day cycle then I could expect CD1 to come on the 18th which means I could take a first response test a week from today! I'm not expecting anything but would be elated if this was our month. If it isn't then I will go back to Dr P the 3rd week in March and will start on clo.mid. My sister goes to her new RE in march too, so we may give our mom her first grandbabies at almost the same time!!!!

It has been raining (or snowing but in north Texas when we say snow we normally mean sleet or ice) at least twice a week since Christmas I think. This morning it has been thundering since I was up at 3am and our neighbor’s backyard as well as the property behind our fence is completely flooded. I miss the sun!!!


  1. It is possible that you missed your surge, but *most* women catch it even if only testing once a day. It's more than likely that you are right and the provera didn't kick start ovulation like the doctor hoped. It didn't work for me either. :(

    I hope I'm wrong though!! Good luck!!

  2. Yah, I'm not expecting anything but hoping can't hurt! Where's our fast forward button!?

  3. That would be so cool to be pregnant with your sister. I have a sister, so I understand how fun it would be. :)

    I wake up a lot through the night too, but I try to check the time and have gotten in the habit of taking it then because most times I've been asleep for more than 3 hrs, so I remember it. Then I take it again when I wake up, just to see what it is. I usually use the middle of the night, 3hrs one. Hopefully I'm not acrewing something up.LOL