Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maybe a bit early, but I'm ready!

So I guess I've done it-I've made a TTC blog. I'm sure everyone probably thinks this is really premature but I'm ready for it and my journey is just beginning so here we go, and thank you for joining the ride.

I suppose I should start with a little history... My mom had very irregular periods and was placed on the pill at a very early age. She was told that it would probably take some time for her to get pregnant after getting off of the pill but it happened her first month off (why not for me too!?) with my older sister, J, and again with me 5 years later. My sister and I both had problems with late periods growing up and all tests were done. J's blood work came back showing she had high testosterone and some other issues but mine was all normal. We were both put on the pill, J on some other things, and all was fine. That was back about 10 years ago and here I am today. J being almost 30 decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and start trying (early '08) before she got married (may '08) and still has had no success. Although she had one period a month after quitting the pill everything has been quite sporadic sense. After the wonderful "1 year of trying on your own" she was diagnosed with PCOS by an endocrinologist last summer and is finally going to a Fertility Specialist in March after months of metformin and other meds. This immediately raised a red flag for me having known my family history as well as knowing that PCOS and many other fertility problems are genetic so I talked to my doctor last year and he said there was no need to worry until we ran into problems. I expressed my concern with my then fiancé, E, and he didn't understand why I was already talking about it and seemed to think it would happen right when we wanted it. After getting married in February I was ready to start trying, knowing it may take a while and then we'd already have our 1 year worth of trying in by the time we were planning on a baby, but my husband, E, wanted to wait until we were "ready" and then get off the pill since he just knew it would happen right away. --If we would have tried then it seems by now, now that he's ready, we'd be close to getting help IF there is a problem.--

SO, here we are 2 months after quitting the pills AND I STILL HAVEN'T HAD A PERIOD. After 6 weeks (being 2 weeks late) of nothing I called my Dr, Dr P,'s office and was told to wait until I had nothing for 8 weeks/2 months late and then come in. That appointment is for next Friday, January 8th and I am a ball full of nerves. I am so anxious and hoping that he'll just induce a period and then everything will fall right into place but I'm sure it can't be that easy. I am pretty sure he'll tell me to lose weight, quit worrying, and come see him after I've tried for a year but I'm not even worried about not being pregnant right now- I JUST WANT A PERIOD!!! Luckily, while he isn't a RE he does specialize in fertility at the local hospital so he is definitely the one I need to see for now.

I know that I shouldn't even worry about it because we are just starting to try but I am so ready to be a mom and to make E a dad, I know he will be AMAZING! Now that we've been married for almost a year the wonderful "when are you two gonna have a baby?" question is always asked. I wanna shout out "AS SOON AS MY BODY DECIDES IT'D BE A GOOD IDEA TO OVULATE!!!" To make things even harder it seems like EVERYONE I know is either expecting, has a newborn, or is about to start trying for #2 (3 or 4!). But here I am, just waiting, reading other blogs for support and trying not to get ahead of myself. I have read through a few blogs already and am so amazed with the strength that women trying to conceive display through all of the heartache and trials on their journey to parenthood

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