Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little more that I forgot to add...

Here's a bit more that I forgot to add to my history. About 5 years I noticed that I was going to the bathroom A LOT and I had really painful intercourse. I went to my then GYN and she did blood testing and ultrasounds and everything was okay. She then decided she thought that it was Interstitial Cystitis (basically your bladder gets inflamed because minerals/fluids/wastes are permeating through the lining and in turn irritating your pelvic cavity--lovely, right!?) so I was referred to a Urologist who treated me for a few months and everything has been fine since. When I was getting the internal ultrasound for that diagnosis however I told the Dr and the tech that I had experienced on and off right sided ovarian pain since high school and they checked it out, telling me everything looked normal.

A few years ago I went to my GYN (different Dr from the previous one due to graduating and getting on my own insurance) for the same symptom of the right sided pain. I was seeing a nurse practitioner and she believed it was possibly due to a small cyst so she took me off of ring and placed me onto high dose fem.con. She said to try that for 3 months and then if no change to come in for an internal ultrasound. Of course there was no change (other than horrible side effects from that nasty pill) so the ultrasound was ordered and done by a doctor in the medical group. He spent a long time looking at both ovaries and my uterus and said that everything looked perfect, no cysts or anything else that shouldn't be there. He said that the pain could be from a few different things such as endometriosis but if that were the case I'd be having a lot more symptoms especially if it was bad enough to cause ovarian pain, cysts but they should have showed up on the ultrasound, or and most likely that I just had a muscle that was pushing on my ovary. That made most sense to me as well because it only is noticeable when I'm laying on my right side...

The other bit I forgot to add was that my half sister (same dad different mother) has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, basically hypothyroidism. However (before she found out she had this) I had a yearly appointment with the family doctor and in his blood work he did check my thyroid and there was no problem...

So that's all for now and probably will be until after Friday's doctor visit. I am however turning into a POAS (pee on a stick) addict I think. Up until now I've just taken a wal.mart brand res.ponse test once a week since I've had no period. I know that since I'm now on cycle day 73 it'd be no good to use an ovulation predictor but yesterday the hubs and I were at dol.lar tree and I bought 5 ovulation predictors(for after I finally have a period) and 5 HPTs. The teenage checker looked at us like we're crazy. $5 for 5 sure beats $10 for 3!

Oh and another thing. My sister, J, lives in another state and as I mentioned yesterday she's finally going to see a RE after trying for quite some time. I was texting her about buying all the tests and how I was just ready to start my period after 72 days and was hoping the Dr would at least help me do that. I've tried to make it very clear that I'm not going to the Dr because I'm not pregnant yet. I know it has only been two months and it normally takes longer than that, even for people who have no problems. She got very hostile and asked why if I'm not worried about not being pregnant yet then why I'm worried that I'm not ovulating/having a period and then said that "at least it hasn't been 18 months of trying and you aren't almost 30!" I feel badly for her thinking that I'm taking her difficulty in conceiving lightly and then it made me realize that many of the blogs I am following have been trying for many many months if not years and they may feel the same way as J does. I wanted to let everyone know that I am not calling myself infertile because I have had no period; I in absolutely no way take your struggle to start a family lightly; and I am in no way comparing my 2 months of no period to your months or years of trying to conceive. I am only wanting to share with you what is going on with me and learn from what you all have gone through to help my journey along. I think J's reaction is why I'm keeping this blog private from my friends and family and to anyone I have offended, I am sorry!

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