Friday, January 8, 2010

Drumroll please... we have a diagnosis!

And the winner is-PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Not so much a winner, but at least an answer. It's odd feeling slightly relieved when you're diagnosed with something that will make having a baby difficult but at least it is an answer! I was completely convinced that I would get in there and Dr P would tell me to lose 30 lbs and come back and see him in 6 months if nothing has happened. Well instead he spent a good half hour talking/listening/writing/studying with me and at the end came to the finding of PCOS. I am so thankful that I do not have to try in vain for a year before getting to this point!

So the plan!

Take a pregnancy test tomorrow morning and then begin taking pro.vera for 10 days. Dr P said it's unlikely but it MAY jumpstart my body into acting correctly and I could COULD ovulate on my own. (The baby I nanny during the week was a pro.vera induced ovulation on the first cycle baby!)

Chances are that will not happen so if I go 2 months after cd1 then I go back in for Clo.mid. I called our HR dept at work today and they told me that fertility is covered yet the prescription website says clo.mid isn't. Luckily it only costs $24 a cycle starting out so we will see.

After that he said it is at my discretion how fast and how intensive things get but he's very hopeful that clo.mid should do it which in turn made me very hopeful.

Once again, I'm getting way ahead of myself but if we get pregnant from the pro.vera alone then we'd have a baby at the end of October. If we go on to clo.mid and the first round works we could expect a great Christmas gift! Ideally the husband and I are expecting/hoping/wishing for a spring/summer '11 baby!

For all of you who take pro.vera, is there a certain time of day I should take it? I know it needs to be the same time daily but no one specified if it should be morning noon or night. Also what, if any, side effects are common?

It is now time to eat chili and cornbread. In lovely mild Texas it is currently 22* with a windchill of 13!!!


  1. Yay for a diagnosis! Now you can get on with treatment! I have PCOS too and have taken Provera more times than I can count. I really didn't have any side effects on the Provera. It doesn't matter either what time of day you take it at, as long as your consistent. You should start your period anywhere from 3-10 days after your last pill. (I always start around 3 days after my last pill) I have more side effects from the Clomid but even then, if you take that right before you go to bed you should sleep through most of them! Good luck with everything! I hope all you need is a jumpstart and you don't have to move into Clomid!

  2. thank you SO much! I know I'm so so naive about it all but a good spirit won't hurt! I've decided on 7:30am for the pill and have 10 days worth of alarms set... Can't wait to hear your GOOD NEWS!!!