Thursday, January 7, 2010


My best friend of 18 years is currently pregnant with her THIRD child and due in 7 weeks. I am doing her shower by myself (not out of greed but out of the fact that no one has offered to help.) Not only is it getting very expensive it is a ton of work! Today when ordering the decorations I found myself buying one extra item so I qualified for free shipping! I might as well get something for the money I was having to pay!  I also have a big hot glue gun blister on my thumb and pointer finger because the ever so cute ribbon on the invitations was ever so difficult and I had to glue it to keep it down! Anyway, this of course just makes me want to have my own baby shower and be about to have my first baby, let alone 3rd!

Oh, and also adding to the baby fever is the fact that I nanny a 4 month old baby boy Tues-Thurs and he was all grins and giggles today! I WANT MY OWN BABY!

Anyway, like I said, tomorrow is my doctor's appointment to try to figure out why I'm on cd77 (78 tomorrow) with no period!  I pray he is proactive and begins to figure out what the problem is rather than making me wait a few more months to begin everything. I know I sound horrible right now because so many people try for years to get somewhere and I'm just in a  few months but I want to get things figured out as soon as possible.

We recently got a "no facebook, personal email..." memo at work and I assume blogger falls under that so it will be tomorrow night before I can update... Wish me luck!!!

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