Wednesday, January 13, 2010

all about other people's babies!

So I work in a 911/dispatch center for local law enforcement and since I'm one of the lowest on the seniority scale, I work days Friday-Monday.  Last year I found out that one of the officer's (from an agency I worked with before this current one) wife was pregnant. A few months before baby W was born his mom posted something on facebook saying she was having a hard time finding good childcare; I commented saying I was available Tues-Thurs and amazingly, those were the days she needed help. So anyway, I started watching W when his momma went back to work at 12 weeks and he's an absolute joy! He's almost 5 months old and already in 6-9mo clothes! Oh, and today he rolled over for the first time ever!!! I know 5 months is a little late but I think it's because he's so chubby he couldn't get enough momentum to roll over! Haha! I called his mom at work to let her know and while she was glad he finally did it and glad I called to let her know I could hear the sadness in her voice that she missed it.  I hate that and that's a main reason why I pray that when it is our time to have a baby that I'll be able to stay home for the first few years!

Other big baby news is that my best friend is already dilated to a 1.5! It's too early! She was 34 weeks monday so they baby would be fine but it's still too early! After having some discharge and cramping throughout the weekend the doctor finally saw and checked her today.  All he did was cut her work hours in half and tell her she needs to atleast make it to 36. I figure if he was too worried about it happening too soon he would have put her on bedrest.  I'm throwing her shower on the 23rd so she better make it that long!  All of the shower stuff was delivered today. I figured that 60 dollars worth of stuff would have been in a bigger box but it is super cute! She better pay me back by throwing me an awesome shower! And hopefully that shower will be sooner rather than later!

The only other thing that's going on is I'm halfway done with my first dose of pro.vera. I'm really getting nervous about what is to come though because, gross I know, but there is 3 months of gunk built up and this will be my first non birth control one in forever... Oh well if it mean we're closer to pregnancy then I'm ready!

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